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‘Mr. Excitement’ Unable to Holster ‘The Gun’ in Action Packed Affair Sunset Speedway Race Report (May 29th)

‘Mr. Excitement’ Unable to Holster ‘The Gun’ in Action Packed Affair
Spencer Lewis

May 29th would see a mix of old and new play out in front of a packed Sunset Speedway crowd. The Mini Stock and Limited Late Model divisions would welcome a brand new winner to their ranks, while the Super Stocks would once again see Kyle ‘Wheely’ Donaldson dominate in the same fashion he has all season long.

The Owens Corning Mini Stocks have been a Nissan dominated class thus far in 2010. All 3 of their events have ended with a Nissan 240sx in victory lane, in the form of rookie Kevin Vande Beek (No. 51 Highland Collision Centre/Custom Steering Nissan) and defending champion Doug Butler (No. 10 South Barrie Collision/Jeff’s Towing Nissan).

But heading into the 25-lap A Main on May 29th, it seemed as though the deck had been shuffled considerably. Vande Beek would see the powerplant underneath his winning ride blow sky high in a qualifying heat, while Butler would find his #10 starting from deep in the 27-car field.

The division seemed destined to welcome a fresh face to 2010 victory lane, and from the drop of the green, a bevy of drivers made it clear they were looking for victory. ‘The King of Hearts’ Brian Love (No. 04 Fox’s Bakery & Deli/Tire Depot Honda) and Ben Melenhorst (No. 26 Tire Guys Nissan) would do battle early, with Melenhorst winning the exchange – opening a 10-car length lead over 2nd place in the process.

The former Barrie Speedway Mini Stock champion would catch the back-half of the field early, forcing the youngster to navigate lapped traffic for much of the first 15 laps.

While Melenhorst dealt with slower traffic, a steady stream of challengers were zig-zagging their way through the field, looking to add their name to the list of 2010 winners.

Leading the charge was 2009 Rookie of the Year Warren Paxton (No. 33 Blue Mountain Honda of Collingwood/CB Services of Newmarket Honda) and 2x 2010 winner Doug Butler.
Shortly past the halfway mark, Paxton would find a way past Melenhorst after a short side-by-side tilt.

With Butler and 2010 Rookie of the Year contender Ken Donaldson Jr (No. 03 Custom Steering Nissan) on his tail, Paxton would cruise to victory – his first in almost a full calendar year. Following Paxton across the stripe would be Donaldson, Butler, Dan `The Bandit` Britt (No. 41 Dr. Parts of Barrie/Douglas Ford Collision Centre Honda) and Rob Krystal (No. 99 Taurus Property Maintenance Honda).

After climbing from his winning ride, an elated Paxton explained, “This Blue Mountain Honda of Collingwood #33 was fast right off the trailer”.

“We’ve been changing a couple of things. Trying to get the car where we need it to be. We’ve definitely touched on something here, because this thing was great tonight. Alot of guys, myself included, felt the track was a little slick during practice, but we made the necessary adjustments and were fine from there on out”

When asked about how the heavy traffic influenced his choice of lane throughout the 25-lap affair, Paxton replied “The car was most comfortable in the second groove of the race track, although sometimes with the lappers you have to run up high, but as you was pretty good up there too”

While the Mini Stock division crowned its third winner of 2010, the Tim-BR Mart Super Stocks were still looking for a fresh face to infiltrate victory lane, as points leader Kyle ‘Wheely’ Donaldson entered the evening having won all 3 previous Super Stock races.

Donaldson (No. 53 Planet Recovery Co./Custom Steering Chevrolet) would roll off from the rear of the field, making a 4th straight victory a potentially tall task.

The first half of the 30-lap A-Main would see the returning Rick Walt (No. 99 Classic Pro Tube/The Frame Shop Chevrolet) lead, despite having his Monte Carlo nearly destroyed only 6 days earlier.

Walt would eventually be overtaken by long-time Sunset veteran Paul Maltese (No. 28 Graham Contracting & Landscaping/Presto Applicance & Repair Chevrolet), who would bring a train of up-and-comers to the top-5, including sophomore Ethan Courneyea (No. 71 Sergio’s Pizza/Simcoe Barge & Break Wall Chevrolet), Rob Morrison (No. 07 Steve’s Towing/Weld-It Creations Chevrolet) and – from the back of the pack – points leader Kyle Donaldson.

As Maltese brought the field to the race’s first caution of lap 16, Donaldson crossed the stripe in the runner-up position.

The ensuing restart would see the pair line up side-by-side, resulting in a battle that would bring the capacity crowd to its feet, with Donaldson supporters and detractors making their voices known.

After a trio of laps side-by-side, Donaldson would assume sole control of the lead, cruising to his 4th straight win of the season after the most spirited battle he had been faced with all season long.

For his efforts, Maltese would pick up a well-earned 2nd place, with Courneyea, Mark Adams (No. 51 Racin’ Stuff/Rankin’s Auto Chevrolet) and Morrison completing the top-5.

In victory lane, ‘Wheely’ was happy to notch another victory, but still interested in improving. “We weren’t completely happy with how loose the car was heading into the corners last week, we’ve improved it a bit, but as any driver or crew member could tell can always be better”

When the topic of his spirited battle with Maltese arose, Donaldson gushed “Paul’s a real great guy. He’s awesome to talk to in the pits and he’s a really, really talented driver”

“These wins definitely aren’t getting easier, and as everyone starts figuring out this new track, it’s only going to get tougher”

Finally, when asked if his current win streak is beginning to present the possibility of a perfect season, Donaldson refuted, “I’m still not looking that far ahead. I’ve been racing a long time, and I know exactly how fast things can go bad”.

The CGC Sheetrock Limited Late Models didn’t even need a complete lap for the fireworks to fly in their 30-lap A-Main. Heading into the first corner of the opening lap, a dustup between Taylor Holdaway (No. 41 Holdaway Automotive/Snap-On Ford), 7-time Sunset champion Chris Morrow (No. 11 Morrow Electric/Douglas Ford Collision Centre Chevrolet) and 2x 2010 winner Brandon Watson (No. 9 Smart Exchange Propane/W. Gethons Pumping Chevrolet) would lead to Watson nosing his ride into the wall, with Morrow suffering right rear sheet metal damage.
Watson would make a quick stop on pit road, and though he would return to action, would be forced to restart at the very back of the 22-car lineup.

The ensuing restart would be much smoother, and would see sophomore Brandon Crumbie (No. 63 California Dave’s Autobody/Alliston Rads Chevrolet) snatch the lead immediately, fending off a hard charge from Robbie Inglis (No. 22).

Unfortunately for Crumbie, the Cinderella story would come to an end on lap-10, when the young upstart would back his ride into the turn-4 wall, after attempting to defend his lead against a surging Chris Morrow.

As the field returned to green, Morrow would control the top spot, and whilst battling Tony ‘The Gun’ Tiemersma (No. 7 Chevrolet) would carve through nothing but clean air, the two cars opening up a 5-car gap over the rest of the field.

Tiemersma, a winner earlier this season at Peterborough Speedway, would eventually pull up beside Morrow and, door-to-door, the two veterans would exchange the lead back and forth for the final 10-laps.

The turning point would come with only a pair of circuits remaining. Tire wear would appear to become an issue when Morrow, using the track’s inside groove, would begin to taper off, while Tiemersma maintained his torrid pace on the high-side of the 3/8s mile oval.

With Morrow’s nose nudged underneath his bumper exiting turn-4 for the final time, Tiemersma would claim his first Sunset Speedway victory of 2010.

With his helmet and safety restraints removed, Tiemersma took a deep breath, turned to the packed stands and sighed, “What a great battle!”

“I was worried about Chris on the inside, I knew he was fast, and man, it came right down to the end”

“I wasn’t really worried about my tires. I saw Chris kinda started to slow, but sometimes when you’re running the high-side it’s a little easier on your rubber”

When the question of setup arose, ‘The Gun’ explained, “We had a different setup in the car earlier today, for when it was hot, but changed it for the feature, and man did it work. I was real happy with it, we were quick right from the start, just like Peterborough [earlier this year]

On wether or not the win will lure Tiemersma into becoming a full-fledged regular, the victor’s answer was a simple one, “Nah. It’s almost cottage time.”


HEAT 1: Ken Donaldson Jr Queensville, ON
HEAT 2: Rob Krystal Holland Landing, ON
HEAT 3: Doug Butler New Lowell, ON
HEAT 4: Ben Melenhorst Stayner, ON
HEAT 5: Warren Paxton Holland Landing, ON
HEAT 6: Terry Clodd Holland Landing, ON

B MAIN: Shawn Ryan Holland Landing, ON

1) Warren Paxton Holland Landing, ON
2) Ken Donaldson Jr Queensville, ON
3) Doug Butler New Lowell, ON
4) Dan ‘The Bandit’ Britt Midhurst, ON
5) Rob Krystal Holland Landing, ON


HEAT 1: Jason Elliott Angus, ON

HEAT 2: Kyle ‘Wheely’ Donaldson Queensville, ON

HEAT 3: ‘The Loon Ranger’ Donny Brandon Barrie, ON

HEAT 4: Kyle ‘Wheely’ Donaldson Queensville, ON

1) Kyle ‘Wheely’ Donaldson Queensville, ON
2) Paul Maltese Innisfil, ON
3) Ethan Courneyea Lefroy, ON
4) Mark Adams Burlington, ON
5) Rob Morrison Barrie, ON


HEAT 1: Jason ‘Bam Bam’ Witty Queensville, ON

HEAT 2: Bruce Rankin Mississauga, ON

HEAT 3: Brandon Watson Stayner, ON

HEAT 4: Keith McLeod Barrie, ON

1) Tony ‘The Gun’ Tiemersma Newmarket, ON
2) ‘Mr. Excitement’ Chris Morrow Anten Mills, ON
3) Stompin’ Tom Walters Bradford, ON
4) ‘The Bully’ Dwayne Baker Stayner, ON
5) Jamie Horner Bowmanville, ON


- ‘The Upgrade’ Rick Walt returned to action on Saturday night, despite his Monte Carlo needing a full 20-hours on the frame rack to straighten its damaged chassis after an incident on Sunday, May 23rd.

- Former Super Stock mainstay Rob Morrison returned to action, piloting the #07 normally driven by ‘Doomsday’ Danny Archibald. Morrison was acting as a substitute while Archibald served a 1-week suspension stemming from an on-track dispute at the conclusion of the Super Stock A-Main on Sunday, May 23rd

- Both ‘The Professional’ Rob Poole and Dario Capirchio were absent on Saturday evening. The pair were involved in a wreck in a qualifying heat race on Saturday, May 22nd that left both cars badly damaged.

- Mini Stock driver Bill Pearsall announced he will make his 2010 Super Stock debut in the coming weeks. Pearsall’s Monte Carlo was a former contender at Spencer Speedway in Williamson, NY

- 2009 Super Stock Rookie of the Year Runner-Up ‘Too Quick’ Kenny Britt made his 2010 debut on Saturday. The car sported a brand new 2009 Ford Shelby Mustang body. Designed specifically for Britt by Paint By Watson founder Josh Watson

Seibert scores solid top-10 result at hometown track; Williams Lake racer also tests NASCAR stock car at Thunder Mountain Speedway

May 31, 2010, WILLIAMS LAKE, BC – Ryley Seibert finished eighth on Saturday night at his hometown track Thunder Mountain Speedway. The Williams Lake, BC, teenager overcame adverse conditions in the 100 lap main event to score the impressive finish.
After qualifying fourth of 16 entries in time trials the rookie Seibert started the main event in 12th position. ARCA Series rules state that a rookie driver must start behind the experienced competitors.
“We knew we’d have to start deep in the field,” said Seibert. “But on top of the tough starting spot I got trapped behind some slower cars and lost a lot of ground to the leaders.”
Seibert nearly fell a lap down early in the race, but he started advancing in the middle portion of the event. He battled tough competition and an ill-handling race car to earn a solid eighth place result.
“I’m pleased that I got more seat time,” said Seibert after the race. “Every lap in these powerful race cars is a learning experience. To score another top-10 finish is something to be proud of.”
Seibert entered the weekend’s event second place in the ARCA OK Tire Challenge Series. The result should keep him near the top of the standings.
Helping Ryley through radio communication was his spotter and father Trevor Seibert who is a veteran car racer. Trevor Seibert competes on the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, and his voice is a comforting presence for Ryley in pressure situations.
“It makes it easier for me to focus knowing that I have dad’s experience to rely on,” said Ryley. “Having a good spotter is key to being successful in longer races.”
Trevor Seibert’s NASCAR Canadian Tire Series season starts on Father’s Day Weekend at Mosport International Raceway near Toronto, Ontario.

Ryley tests NASCAR Canadian Tire Series car

Ryley got more valuable seat time Thursday night at Thunder Mountain Speedway when he turned practice laps in Trevor’s NASCAR stock car. The younger Seibert hopes to compete on the national series in coming years, and Thursday’s practice went quite well.
“There’s a lot more horsepower in dad’s NASCAR series car,” said Ryley. “My goal is to compete in the Canadian Tire Series within the next year or two, and the car felt really comfortable.”
Seibert’s next racing action will come at the other end of the radio when he spots for dad Trevor at Mosport. For more information on Ryley Seibert, search Ryley Seibert Racing on Facebook. The launch of Ryley Seibert’s website is coming soon.

NHL Betting – Interesting Offseason Coming Up For Trio Of Teams

Hockey BettingWhile most are focusing on Blackhawks Flyers betting, it would be a good thing to start looking ahead for a few times, and here’s a look at three teams who could be going through some big chances, including the top two teams in the NHL during the regular season.

Los Angeles

The Kings emerged on the scene this year, but some were even surprised that they ended up with a sixth seed. Los Angeles fell to Vancouver in six games in the first round of the Western Conference finals, but the duo of Drew Doughty and Jack Johnson served notice that they could be the best defensive duo in the league in the next few years, and offensively, they may be next year as they quarterbacked the Kings’ No.1-rated power play that ripped through the Canucks. They’re still a little young: half of their top-six forwards are 25 or younger led by captain Dustin Brown, while Johnson and Doughty are 23 and 20, respectively, and goalie Jon Quick is 24. See what Chicago is doing? That could be the Kings very, very soon.


The Capitals let a lot of Stanley Cup betting players down when they were upset by Montreal in the first round, as they were the first No.1 seed to fall to a No.8 seed after leading the series three games to one. The Capitals don’t need to make wholesale changes, but the defense could stand to use one more defensive-minded player. The Capitals’ big players will have to think about their efforts. Even though Alex Ovechkin had 10 points, he often appeared frustrated and out of ideas. Alex Semin didn’t score a single goal in 44 shots, and Mike Green had another poor postseason. Also, is Semyon Varlamov a No.1 goaltender in the NHL?

San Jose

If the Sharks were a World Cup betting option, they would be Spain: all the talent to be considered the favorites, but instead, they’re known as the underachievers of the NHL. They did manage to make it to the Western Conference finals before getting swept by Chicago, and it may be time to blow it up. The line of Joe Thornton, Dany Heatley and Patrick Marleau would good in spots, but were outplayed by the second line for most of the playoffs. Heatley just finished his first year in San Jose, and even though he may be the worst of the trio for shying away in big games, the Sharks will probably hang on to Thornton, which leaves Marleau, their former captain. If Rob Blake doesn’t play next year, the Sharks will have to replace him as well. Also, after this year and his performance for Russia against Canada in the Olympics, is Evgeni Nabokov a big-game goaltender? The Sharks could be a different team by the time next season’s online betting odds are released.

Top 3 NHL Playoff Disappointments for 2010

NHL OddsThe 2010 NHL betting in the playoffs is as interesting as the 2010 World Cup betting. The teams that are supposed to win cannot get the job done, and we are left wondering how some of the elite teams will figure into next year’s Stanley Cup betting. Let’s take a look at the three biggest disappointments for the 2010 NHL playoffs, and what these teams have to do to redeem themselves in 2010-2011.

Washington Capitals

As you bet on Blackhawks Flyers games in this year’s Stanley Cup finals, you have to wonder why the Washington Capitals are not there. The Capitals got side-tracked by a lot of things in the 2010 playoffs, but fixing their problems can be complicated.

One of the Capitals biggest assets is fiery forward Alex Ovechkin, and one of the Capitals biggest liabilities is fiery forward Alex Ovechkin. As it gets down to crunch time, the entire Capitals team is constantly looking to get Ovechkin the puck, or they stand around trying to see what Ovechkin will do next. Ovechkin is the polar opposite of a team player, and until he starts believing in the talent of his teammates the Capitals will be in trouble.

The other problem for the Capitals is in net. Jose Theodore is a good goalie, but if he was a playoff caliber goalie then the Canadiens may have kept him. Theodore was awful in the playoffs, and was pulled in lieu of Semyon Varlamov in game two of the first round. Varlamov got the team rolling in the playoffs, and then the Capitals just could not score on the Canadiens. In order for the Capitals to win in 2010-2011, Varlamov needs to be healthy all season long and be in the nets for the beginning of the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Penguins

How much longer are the Penguins going to cling to the illusion that Marc-Andre Fleury is a playoff goaltender? With a roster that includes players such as Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal, you would expect the Penguins to win their second Stanley Cup in two years. But when the team needed the goaltender to close the door, he could not.

All of the Crosby nay-sayers need to wake up and look at the games that were played between the Montreal Canadiens and the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. Crosby had 19 points in the playoffs, better than a point a game, and did everything he could to push the team into the next round. The Penguins were undone by terrible goaltending, and until they fix that problem they will have trouble getting their championship back.

San Jose Sharks

What keeps happening to the Sharks in the playoffs after they consistently have one of the best regular season records in hockey? The problem for the Sharks is that they cannot score in the playoffs. When the crunch was on in the Western Conference finals against the Chicago Blackhawks, top San Jose guns Patrick Marleau and Dany Heatley were nowhere to be found. Joe Thornton was neutralized by being double-teamed wherever he was on the ice, and he was powerless to help the Sharks win.

Marleau’s contract is up this season and the Sharks would do well to let him go. The Sharks need to surround Joe Thornton with young talent that has size and speed just like Thornton has. Thornton does not have many years left, so if the Sharks want to win the Stanley Cup they need to make some changes and bring in some new offensively-capable players now.


By Carol Haynes

Waterford, CT – Canadian Mike Lichty is no stranger to victory lane by any means, but when it came to winning an ISMA supermodified event, he has been stymied each time he appeared to be headed for victory lane. The chances were many over the seven-year career but always something happened to prevent the 23-year old from notching that first big one. The spoiler on many occasions was Chris Perley. Saturday night at Waterford Speedway began to look like a sequel, but the ending this time was different. Lichty, starting eighth on the field, worked his way up behind race leader Bob Magner by lap 15, and on lap 21 darted by the 41 for the lead. Within 10 laps, however, Perley had put his 11 into second and the duel began. But, this night, it all came together for Lichty and Perley would stand on the podium, outside the new winner.

Lichty had a smile of relief on his face in victory lane. “Finally, we were able to pull it off. I want to thank everyone on the crew for how much work they put into this deal. Earlier today we broke a rear end and had to replace it. We didn’t have any practice. We came blind into the heat race and finished second. When we came into the feature, the car was good. I think we got into Belfiore a bit and I apologize for that. When I saw on the lapboard that Perley was there, I said ‘man not again’.

“I always felt we’d get this win and honestly I was disappointed that I didn’t get it earlier. But, we have changed a lot of things and you know ISMA is no slouch. There are a lot of good cars racing with us – probably 10 or 12 – every time out that can win. I’d really like to thank my mother and father and everybody on the crew who work hard throughout the year; and Paul MacNamara from Stage Door Transportation. I also want to thank everyone at Waterford to for coming out to see us.”

Perley, who tried several outside moves on Lichty as the race wore down, was almost as relieved that Mike had prevailed. “It took a long time to get started tonight. I mean I had a pretty good race and I stayed out of the shrapnel I guess. It was fun. I thought I had a pretty good car and we did. We were able to kind of catch Michael a little but he had a really good car too. Although I’m running a somewhat limited schedule this year, I’m happy that I was here tonight and to have Mike beat me fair and square. I gave him a run. We had a blast racing with him as I always do. I’m really happy to see him win and I was happy to bring home a second. Unfortunately, our other car looks like it ‘s a little nicked up. Hey, the R&R Machine, Vic Miller, Shea Concrete machine really ran great tonight.”

Rob Summers won the battle for third behind the two front-runners in his first outing in the Holbrook 35. Summers said of his podium finish, “I can’t thank Jeff Holbrook and his whole JWJ racing team, Brian Allegresso, Butch Valley and New England Motor Racing Supply for giving me the opportunity. This is an awesome race car and they are a bunch of great guys to work with. I’m looking forward to learning a lot with these guys.”

A rain delay and a full moon might have been a forecast of unfortunate things to come for the winged ISMA supers. Before the green flew on the 50-lapper, yellow flew for the 17 of Ben Seitz who lost a brake line. The field jumbled up front and Mark Sammut’s 78 was against the wall in one while Vern Romanoski braked to avoid. Hooks came out for Seitz and Sammut. The 2 of Eric Emhoff pulled pit side as did Dave Duggan and Larry Lehnert. Romanoski restarted in his original starting position with Duggan going tail.

Eddie Witkum Jr. took up the early lead when things got started but relinquished it to Bob Magner in the Holbrook 41. Magner pulled away quickly with Witkum soon challenged by Mike Lichty for second. Danny Lane and Summers closed in for the top five.

Lichty moved into second by lap 15 when one lap later the yellow flew for the Dave Shullick Jr who slowed with motor problems. Vern Romanoski pitted at this juncture as Shullick was towed off.

Back under way, Lichty was now glued to the 41 but only a few laps were in the book before yellow flew for the 98 of Justin Belfiore who was forced into the front wall by an attempted outside pass by Mike Ordway Sr., damaging the 98 heavily. Justin commented later after talking with Mike. “Mike thought he had enough room on the outside, but he didn’t end up having enough room. By the time he lifted it was kind of too late. I’ve been racing a long enough time to know if you are faster than me, you will get the spot. There is no reason to make the move down the straightaway. And Mike kind of agreed. Hopefully we won’t have any more incidents. Really, it was no one’s fault; just people racing hard.”

This restart gave Lichty the opportunity to size up Magner to make a pass and that he did on lap 21 just off the second turn. But, with the full moon rising, yellow flew this time for the 10 of Lou Cicconi who, after a brush with another car, was planted into the fourth turn wall.

Lichty was off like a shot again on the green leaving Magner to contend with Summers, Perley, Ordway Sr., Russ Wood, Witkum and Locke. With less than 20 laps to go, Lichty had his sites on the victory, but past experiences did not guarantee him the win. And, he would have to survive a couple more damaging yellows.

On lap 44, red dropped immediately as the 44 of Bobby Haynes went up in flames on the backstretch. Said Haynes, “I heard a knock coming out of one. I lifted to shut it down and as soon as I lifted, it just blew out the base on the motor.”

Refueling was allowed while the cleanup ensued. Thirteen cars remained of the original 23-car starting field. And, on the restart, Lichty’s nemesis Perley now was right behind the 84. Magner, Ordway Sr., Summers and Wood trailed.

One more flag flew on lap 42 to set up a Lichty-Perley shootout. It was for the 1 of Ordway Sr. who hit hard in the first turn wall. Going to the infield at the same time was early leader Magner, taking out the third and fourth place cars.

Perley made several outside attempts at Lichty after the cleanup, but couldn’t get by the determined Lichty. Victory came quickly in the remaining eight laps with Perley settling in for second. Rob Summers, Russ Wood and Danny Lane crossed under the checkers to complete the top five.

Said Wood, who had followed his teammate over the line, “I actually had a good car. I just couldn’t get my rhythm going. I picked the grooves and I fell back. I worked my way back up and missed three or four big wrecks there. I saw those happen. A couple guys were out of control out there tonight. Luckily we got through it all. We survived and were there at the end. Fourth, right behind my new teammate Rob. He had a good race. We’ll take it. The cars are all in one piece and now we’ll head to Stafford.”

Danny Lane, who piloted and survived his way into fifth, was happy with the spot. “My first top five this year. I don’t know how it happened. We were just hanging on and fighting. They started dropping off me and crashing in front of me. I was lucky to pick up that one last spot at the end there for a top five. It was good. I tried to stay out of trouble. I’d just like to thank the guys on the crew. Those guys work hard on the cars all year and we haven’t been getting the best results. I was really trying to fight through it and not get discouraged because the car wasn’t the best. It worked out good.”

Jeff Locke, Eddie Witkum Jr., Brandon Bellinger, Bobby Bond and Joey Scanlon rounded out the top ten.

Summary ISMA Event #2 May 29, 2010 Waterford Speedbowl

Heat 1: Eddie Witkum Jr., Vern Romanoski, Russ Wood, Mike Ordway Sr., Jeff Locke, Ben Seitz, Dave Duggan, Eric Emhoff

Heat 2: Bob Magner, Mike Lichty, Danny Lane, Chris Perley, Lou Cicconi, Joey Scanlon, Bobby Haynes Jr.

Heat 3: Justin Belfiore, Mark Sammut, Dave Shullick Jr., Rob Summers, Brandon Bellinger, Eric Lewis, Bob Bond

Lehnert 92 dns

Feature (50): 1. Mike Lichty (84), 2. Chris Perley (11), 3. Rob Summers (35), 4. Russ Wood (29), 5. Dan Lane (97), 6. Jeff Locke (37), 7. Eddie Witkum Jr. (9), 8. Brandon Bellinger (02), 9. Bobby Bond (25), 10. Joey Scanlon (88), 11. Dave Duggan (51), 12. Bobby Magner (41), 13. Mike Ordway Jr. (1), 14. Bobby Haynes (44), 15. Lou Cicconi (10), 16. Justin Belfiore (98), 17. Dave Shullick Jr. (61), 18. Vern Romanoski (5), 19. Mark Sammut (78), 20. Ben Seitz (17), 21. Eric Lewis (28), 22. Eric Emhoff (2), 23. Larry Lehnert (92)

Mosport counts down to the Vortex Brake Pads 200 Race Weekend (June 11-13)

NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, Castrol Touring Car Championship, F2000 Championship and Ontario Formula Ford Highlight Mosport's Vortex Brake Pads 200 WEEKEND

(BOWMANVILLE, ON – May 31, 2010)  In just under two-weeks, Mosport International Raceway continues its 50th anniversary celebration with the exciting Vortex Brake Pads 200 Weekend on June 11-13.  Stock cars, touring cars and open wheel series' take to the 4-km circuit for what promises to be a memorable weekend.

Headlining the three-day weekend is Canada's top stock car championship, the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series.  These machines will take to Mosport's road course for their second race of the season on Sunday June 13.  With defending Series champion Andrew Ranger spending most of his season stateside, the title picture is wide open.  Series veterans such as 2008 champion Scott Steckly, DJ Kennington, Don Thompson Jr., Ron Beauchamp and Kerry Micks will try to hold off the hard-charging rising stars like Jason Hathoway, Anthony Simone and Joey Hanssen.  NASCAR Canadian Tire Series kicks off their season on June 5 in Delaware.

The country's top sedan road-racing series, the Castrol Canadian Touring Car Championship, makes its second of three season stops at Mosport, boasting a 40-car field competing in Touring and Super Touring classes.
This is a doubleheader weekend for the Championship.  In their first races of the season, which were held as part of the Victoria Day SpeedFest, Quebec's Marc-Antoine Camirand and Thornhill's Anthony Rapone swept both races in the Super Touring and Touring Classes respectively and will be the favourites to repeat.

The F2000 Championship Series continues their season with rounds five and six.  Points leader Keith McRone looks to hold off Ardie Greenamyer and Mark Defer who currently sit within two points of the top spot after four races.  St. Anne des Lacs, Quebec resident Remy Audette currently sits in ninth place in the points standings despite missing two of the four races run this year.

Another open-wheel series will also hold a Saturday-Sunday doubleheader. The Ontario Formula Ford Championship for F1600 returns to Mosport for the second of five trips this season.  Winners of the first two races - rookie driver Spencer Pigot and veteran Dean Baker look to continue on their success at one of the most challenging road courses in the world.

Racing starts Friday (June 11) with a full-day of testing for all series' but the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series.  Saturday (June 12) will have both practice and qualifying in the morning, followed by races for the Castrol Touring cars, F2000 Championship and OFFC-F1600. Sunday (June 13) morning opens with more qualifying and then races in F2000, NASCAR, Castrol Touring and OFFC-F1600 to close out the weekend.

The three-day weekend SuperTicket is just $50 until June 9 ($60 at the Gate). Single-day tickets are also available.  Each ticket includes parking, access to the race team paddock, Motorsport Expo and Marketplace and admission to Mosport Speedway's Saturday Night Stock Car racing at the half-mile paved oval located on the grounds.  As with all Mosport events, children 12 and under are admitted for free when accompanied by a paid adult admission.

Camping is a popular part of the Mosport experience, with advanced general camping passes just $35 for the weekend when purchased before June 9 (tents or pop-up trailers).  Advance RV passes are $55.

For those who would like to get closer to the action, the Grand Prix Club offers a VIP hospitality package which includes a fully catered BBQ lunch, beverages and bar service (beer and wine) on Race Day.  The GP Club Chalet tent is located trackside overlooking the start/finish straight and corner one.  Passes are just $100 and are also good for admission to the event on Friday and Saturday.

For more information and to purchase tickets call the Mosport Hotline at 1-800-866-1072 (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm ET), visit online at, or email

From Ryan Chalmers, Mosport // // 800-866-1072 (office) // (519) 981-3394 (cell)


May 31, 2010. As usual it has been a busy off season for Beauchamp Motorsports preparing their race cars for another grueling season in the NASCAR Canadian Tire series. Ron Beauchamp Jr and the #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries team are ready to make their charge for the 2010 championship.

The busy off season for the #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries crew had them in the race shop regularly to prepare the cars for the upcoming season. Once the weather allowed out the teams was at the race track to begin their pre season testing program. The final results won’t be in until the end of the race schedule, but what the team has accomplished during the testing process has them excited about the possibilities. “My Crew Chief Chris Couvillion and I worked on the cars all winter” said driver Ron Beauchamp Jr. “We were fast right off the truck and really pleased with how the car performed. We also know that we have to find ways to improve for this season and I think we’re on the right track” said the driver.

While finishing tied for second in the overall point standings and scoring eight top-five finishes including four podium finishes there is still a feeling they left something on the table. Despite always being in the hunt the #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge Team was unable to score a race victory last year, something they intend on correcting this season. “It still frustrates me and the whole team that we were so close in a bunch of races but things just didn’t quite work out for us” said Beauchamp. “We know we’ll have a strong car every weekend and if we get that win early in the season that will really give this team a boost. Then watch out” added the excited driver.

Beauchamp Motorsports continues their long term partnership with Mopar Parts, Mobil 1 and Exide Batteries in 2010. And everyone involved agrees it is a union that has provided a tremendous foundation for the team’s success. “Working together with such good people who are incredibly supportive of our program is very special” said Ron Jr. “Everyone at Mopar & Dodge, Mobil 1, Exide Batteries they’re not just sponsors, they are partners in what we do. At all of the special events and appearances that we do so a lot of the race fans that come out are employees from these companies, and when they take the time to show their support it’s really something special” he added.

Ron Beauchamp Jr and the #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge Team will compete in all thirteen races on the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series schedule beginning with round one taking place June 5th at Delaware Speedway near London, Ontario. All events this season will again be broadcast on TSN. For more information about Team Mopar go online to and for series information check out

Attached photo: The #60 Mopar Parts/Mobil 1/Exide Batteries Dodge on track at test session.

Indy 500: Mike Conway and Ryan Hunter-Reay medical updates

Indy Racing League Director of Medical Services Dr. Michael Olinger gave the following update regarding IZOD IndyCar Series drivers Mike Conway and Ryan Hunter-Reay:

Mike Conway had surgery Sunday night to repair fractures to his lower left leg. He also has a soft tissue injury to his lower left leg and is anticipated to have another surgical procedure later this week. Additionally, Conway has a compression fracture of one of his thoracic vertebrae and is being fitted for a back brace, which he will wear for three months and will prevent him from racing.

Ryan Hunter-Reay is scheduled to have surgery today on his left thumb.  After surgery, he will be fitted with a carbon fiber splint, which should allow him to participate at Texas Motor Speedway this weekend.

Further medical updates will be given when available.

Media Contact:  Amy Konrath, Indy Racing League, (317) 492-6453,  // World Wide Web:

Snap-on introduces new bulk storage of EPIQ proportions

KENOSHA, WI - May 21st, 2010 - Looking for new bulk storage of EPIQ proportions? Snap-on’s new KELN301AR Series (right side attachment) and KELN301AL Series (left side attachment) for its EPIQ tool storage units are the largest and strongest lockers ever made by Snap-on.

Features and benefits include:

• EPIQ Storage Capacity
-Over 4,300 square inches
-Almost 33,000 cubic inches

• EPIQ Strength
-Features Snap-on standing seam and corner gusset design
-Load capacity of 4,000 lbs.
-Includes two ISO-ride 7”x 2” Casters

• EPIQ Functionality
-Includes six pull-out bins
-Expandable to 13 bins from top to bottom
-Reversible door with over swing opening
-Add lockers to lockers
-Ability to add overhead on top of locker(s)
-Add an optional KEWLED2 LED light

“Our new locker attachments greatly expand the storage capacity of our EPIQ tool storage units, allowing technicians to keep even more tools and equipment in their service bays, right at their fingertips,” said Chris Potter, president of tool storage for Snap-on Tools. “At Snap-on, we’re always thinking of new and innovative ways to revolutionize the way that technicians work; better organization and less wasted time equal improved productivity.”

Designed for auto repair in the 21st Century, the EPIQ tool storage unit is a complete productivity system that brings together sophisticated PC-based diagnostics and cordless tools, with reliable security and Snap-on’s heritage of rugged durability. It was designed with innovative features that set it apart from all of the other tool storage units that are on the market today.

To see full details and specs on EPIQ, contact a local Snap-on franchisee or visit

About Snap-on Tools: Snap-on Tools is a subsidiary of Snap-on Incorporated, a leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of tools, diagnostics and equipment solutions for professional users. Product lines include hand and power tools, tool storage, diagnostics software, information and management systems, shop equipment and other solutions which are used by technicians and professionals at vehicle dealerships and repair centers and in the marine, powersports and aviation industries.  Snap-on Tools is one of the largest non-food franchise companies in the world, selling its products through more than 4,500 franchisees worldwide and through company-direct sales and over the Internet. Snap-on Incorporated, which was founded in 1920, is a $2.9 billion, S&P 500 company located in Kenosha, Wis. with operations throughout the world.  For additional information visit

From Ray Lavender //

PHOTO GALLERY: Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR Sprint Cup Race (5/30/2010) by

This is a photo gallery from Charlotte Motor Speedway's Coca-Cola 600 on Sunday, May 30, 2010. Thanks to Dave Franks for sharing his work. You can see Dave's website here.

Photo Galleries: Boys Lacrosse - Northwest Regionals - Osbourn Park vs. Loudoun Valley and Brooke Point vs. Loudoun Valley

We have two photo galleries from the Northwest Region boys lacrosse at Loudoun Valley last week including the semifinal Brooke Point vs. Vikings and the finals with Osbourn Park vs. Valley. Click on any photo to go to that full gallery.

Finals: Osbourn Park vs. Loudoun Valley - May 28

Semifinals: Brooke Point vs. Loudoun Valley - May 26

Paddle at the Point: Call for Kayakers

Outdoor adventure group Venture Outdoors is making an attempt to break a Guinness World Record. On June 5, at their Paddle at the Point event, they plan to create a “raft” of canoes and kayaks, called a flotilla.
“You pull up to each other, and you hold each other’s boats,” says Sean Brady, Assistant Executive Director at Venture Outdoors. “What that creates is a very stable raft of boats.”
He says it’s normally used in times of emergency, such as a storm, in order to make a safe environment for boaters. However, their goal is to have 1,500 participants create a raft near Point State Park, breaking the previous record of 1,104 held by Inlet, New York.
It’s free to sign up, but Brady says rental kayaks and canoes are limited. He especially encourages people to participate if they already own a boat to take out. However, inflatable boats are not permitted, and the giant raft must be held together with hands only, no ropes.
“This is not going to be easy,” Brady says, referring to the world record attempt. “We’re going to need everybody in the region to perk up and get involved.”
For more information or to sign up, go to

Bill Seeks to Help Small Business Growth

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has approved and sent to the Senate a bill that would divert $20 million from a brownfield revitalization program to the Small Business Incubator program.
The measure's sponsor, Democratic Representative Rick Mirabito of Williamsport says the state's Tax Increment Financing Loan Guarantee Program to revitalize brownfield and greenfield sites is underused, and the current economic climate requires as many tools as possible to build jobs.

Mirabito says the incubator program was created in 1984 to allow several small start-up companies to pool resources and share resources such as clerical support and equipment like office space, fax machines, copiers, etc. to lower costs.
Mirabito's bill would also increase the subsidy amount and lower the match requirement for small businesses participating in the program and eliminate the seed capital requirement for assistance, which can be difficult to secure.
The Lycoming County lawmaker says many Small Business Incubator Program businesses have lasted for decades, creating jobs and helping to spark entrepreneurship in the Commonwealth.

PHOTOS: Cornwall Motor Speedway - May 30, 2010 from Rick Young

Cornwall Motor Speedway photos from May 30, 2010 courtesy of Rick Young -