Thursday, February 9, 2006

Acme Branding Company teams up with James Hinchcliffe

By Jim Bowie

Ludington, MI (February 9, 2006) — Acme Branding Company is stoked to announce that an agreement has been reached with 19 year old Canadian Champ Car Atlantic Series presented by Yokohama driver James Hinchcliffe. Acme Branding Company will take on the off-track marketing and branding of Hinchcliffe effective immediately.

“We believe that James has the opportunity to rewrite the model for the professional race car driver and corporate spokesman. Drivers who possess exceptional talent behind the wheel are very common. Hinchcliffe has that. Drivers who possess personality, smarts, charisma, magnetism and a burning desire to succeed outside of the car are not as common. Hinchcliffe has that too” explained Jim Bowie, Vice President of Acme Branding Company.

Acme Branding Company has some powerful resources to support the branding of Hinchcliffe, namely;

Jim Bowie – experienced, successful motorsport marketer with credibility in the paddock and in the boardroom. Strong “Circle of Influence.”

Steven Volpp – visionary marketer with automotive industry ties to leading influential brands like CAR AND DRIVER/Road & Track. Successful ‘image-maker’ in the entertainment industry who’s resume includes work with Foo Fighters, Van Halen, Eve 6, Sevendust and Lisa Loeb, to name a few. Strong “Circle of Influence”

Forsythe Racing comments
“James has a magnetic personality and it is great that he will be working with Acme Branding Company” explained Peter Davies, Senior Vice President of Forsythe Championship Racing. “Jim Bowie and his team understand the challenges facing young drivers today and James’ profile will undoubtedly benefit from this exciting new marketing strategy.”

Acme Branding Company will take Hinchcliffe to market through an extensive marketing communications program which will include media releases, an internet strategy including PodCasting, television, professional endorsements, sponsorship, strategic alliances, promotions and appearances, B2C and B2B opportunities, merchandising, corporate hospitality and a soon to be announced charitable undertaking - The Hinch Foundation.

“With this agreement, Acme Branding Company will commence with a strategy to launch the new model, and the Hinchcliffe Brand.” explained Steven Volpp, CEO at Acme Branding Company. “This strategy will allow Hinchcliffe to maintain control of his own destiny by becoming relevant to the most powerful demographic in North America – the Echo Boomers - who are 80 million strong and will spend over $170 Billion in 2006.”

This plan will create a ‘buzz’ around Hinchcliffe while continuing to grow the performance image, motorsports credibility and Hinchcliffe brand in the minds of a targeted consumer base.

“While racing continues to reduce costs, we will endeavor to increase value.” hinted Bowie. “We have a PR strategy - in the moment - that harnesses the internet, and exploits the medium to generate a ‘viral buzz’ around Hinch. James will become the voice of his generation by speaking directly to the motorsports, automotive, pop culture, fashion, technology and music influencers.”

“Well, what can I say?” said Hinchcliffe. "To instantly get the benefit of working with Jim and Steven – two guys who have been through all of this – is really quite exciting. Especially considering that they picked me over hundreds of other drivers and believe that together we can make a difference. If you look at the motorsports news over the past 18 months, it becomes obvious that I am embarking on a career path with a clear gender disadvantage and the wrong surname. With Acme Branding Company, I plan on leveling the playing field.”

About Hinch
James Hinchcliffe finished 3rd in the 2005 Star Mazda Championship. Six podiums, three poles and three wins capped a tremendous season where Hinchcliffe beat some pretty famous race car drivers - check the stats. In 2004, Hinchcliffe was named Formula BMW USA Rookie of the Year by virtue of his three wins, four poles and second place in the Championship – a fight he took the very last round – against the worthy Andreas Wirth, the overall FB USA Champ in 2004. Hinchcliffe names Greg Moore, Ayrton Senna and Gilles Villeneuve as his racing idols. James pretty much kicked butt in karting as well. If being part a cool, supportive and equally talented family led to trophies, the Hinchcliffes would already have multiple World Championships.

About Acme Branding Company
Acme Branding Company is a collection of brand rebels with mad skills. Eleven worldwide patents, dozens of Apple computers, one Indy 500 ring, multiple Gold and Platinum records and a strict "No Powerpoint" policy defines how we roll. We use technology, content, passion and street smarts to focus on marketing and sponsorship initiatives in the automotive, motorsports and entertainment sectors.

Check us out at


David Donohue, Wayne Taylor and Frank Kimmel Debuts

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (February 8, 2006) – Crown Royal International Race of Champions teamtook to the 2.5-mile high banks of Daytona International Speedway in preparation for the 30th AnniversarySeason opening event on Friday, February 17.

Newcomer to the test team, David Donohue, joined veteran Crown Royal IROC test drivers; DaveMarcis, Jim Sauter, Jay Sauter and Andy Hillenburg. Donohue’s road racing expertise coupled with hisNASCAR experience in the Busch Series and Craftsman Truck Series will add a new dimension to theSeries, which announced its return to road racing in 2006.

Representing the 2005 Grand-Am Championship will be the driver team of Wayne Taylor and MaxAngelelli, who will also drive as a team in the Crown Royal IROC Series, each competing in two of thefour races.

Wayne Taylor, a native of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, who will pilot the Taylor/Angelelli IROC machinein the Daytona opener, made his debut on the Daytona oval Wednesday. It was also Taylor’s firstexperience driving a front engine racer. Taylor said, “I was a bit anxious coming here, not knowing whatto expect having never driven a front engine car. The biggest help is that IROC has a crew of supportthat made it pretty easy for me. Also, having David Donohue as a test driver with IROC this year isespecially good for me, as we do know each other and both come from the Grand-Am Series. All of thetest drivers and crew have been very helpful and very informative.”

Taylor continued, “For the first outing it was a little daunting, but with all the coaching from the IROC testdrivers, I’ve been getting better and better. I’m really loving it.”

Of his newly appointed role as a test driver for the Crown Royal IROC Series David Donohue said, “Weended the day with all four fenders still in tact, so I think we did okay. I learned quite a bit today from theSauter’s (Jim and Jay), Dave, (Marcis), and Andy (Hillenburg) and I know Wayne (Taylor) learned a lotas well. With all their experience, they forget more knowledge in one day than I’ll ever know, so I reallylean on their experience while trying to help Wayne. It’s great to have the radio communication betweenus while we’re running, so we’re learning in real time on the racetrack.

Donohue continued, “As for Wayne, hopefully, I bring something to the table, because I know what he isfeeling due to driving the same type of car he does on a regular basis. I understand the sensations he isfeeling and the questions he has and I can help in the translation. We’ll keep on getting more and morefamiliar with it, running in the draft and hopefully end up with a good well tuned race car and a good race.”

Also in for his initial practice was seven-time ARCA champion, Frank Kimmel. Of his first run in theCrown Royal IROC cars Kimmel said, “It was pretty cool to get behind the wheel of one of those IROCcars for the first time. They have a lot of horsepower and when you are on the track with more than one,they seem to suck up really well to each other. Once I was in the race car, it didn’t feel like there was alot of difference between the IROC car and the ARCA car, but it is just a thrill to know what type of racevehicle you are in and think about who I will be racing against in these cars next week.”

Veteran test driver Jim Sauter summed up the day, “We’re used to working with drivers with variousamounts of experience. Drivers like Frank (Kimmel) who need little to no instruction, drivers that don’trace in this style all that often, or as in Wayne’s case, drivers who have never driven in this style vehicle.Wayne has never driven a racecar with a front engine and he’s never been on an oval before. Likeeveryone else we’ve worked with over the years with no experience in this type of racing, his first timeout and he feels like a fish out of water. But, Wayne is game, and very determined to get it. He hasalready improved by leaps and bounds over his first run. Each time out he’s improved 100% over the lastrun. He’s a delightful driver to be with and he is planning to be here everyday, dedicated to learning asmuch as he can before the race. He’s a pro and a champion, and knows what it takes to win. We’ve seenvery positive results in the past with drivers that come from different disciplines yet are dedicated anddetermined to win in IROC.”

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Bear’s Performance Products renews sponsorship with PMRA

“We are looking forward to another great year with the PMRA.”

Courtesy Bruce F. Mehlenbacher

February 8, 2006, Oldcastle, ON – Bear's Performance Products posting Consistent Qualifier Bonus award for The Pro Modified Racing Association’s teams in 2006.

"We are pleased to support the PMRA once again in 2006 through the Bear's Performance Products Consistent Qualifier Bonus,” said Kevin Zimmer, Marketing Manager of Bear's Performance Products. The teams in this series are among the elite in Pro Modified racing, not only in Canada but within the IHRA as well. They put on a great show and have a solid organization. We are looking forward to another great year with the PMRA."

Bear's Performance Products is a supplier and manufacturer of premium chassis, suspension, and driveline components. They have been serving racers and hot rodders since 1981. With locations in Ontario, Canada and Greensboro, North Carolina, they are able to provide the best service throughout North America.

“Bear's Performance Products was the first sponsor to come on board with the PMRA when we founded the organization,” explained Bruce F. Mehlenbacher, PMRA Director of Operations. “It says a lot about the caliber of our teams to have Bear’s renew for another year and it really helps the momentum to bring other very important sponsors into the series.”

Bear’s in-house 10,000 square foot manufacturing and warehouse facility allows it to manufacture and inventory “State of the Art” components. All Bear’s products are designed using the latest in CAD and then CNC machined to exacting standards. Bear’s is also a leading distributor of Strange Engineering product. With their dedication to quality, price, and inventory, Bear’s is able to ship promptly at an affordable cost and assures you of a winning combination.

To learn more about Bear’s extensive line of products or to find out what is new call and speak with one of their highly qualified sales personnel, or visit them online at


$10,000-to-win APC 300 Labour Day Event Highlights Revised Schedule

DELAWARE, ON (February 8, 2006): Delaware Speedway has announced that it will not be participating in the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series program in 2006. In addition, Delaware Speedway confirmed it will not be hosting a CASCAR Super Series event during the 2006 season. A revised event schedule has been unveiled for 2006. It includes a new format for the “Great Canadian Race Weekend” (September 1 – 3), which will be highlighted by the all-new “Triple-100-format” APC 300 Late Model event that will pay one driver $10,000.00 to win. Other announcements included increased year-end point-fund payouts in all weekly classes, a new entitlement sponsor on the Late Model division, other schedule revisions and more.

A meeting was held for Delaware Speedway race teams and staff Tuesday night at the Community Centre in Delaware, Ontario.

“Over the past two-plus years, Delaware Speedway has worked diligently with NASCAR to make the Dodge Weekly Series work for our race teams, staff, fans and business partners,” said Delaware Speedway General Manager Kevin Bulmer. “In that time, there have been challenges on both sides. We’ve worked hard to overcome those challenges, and I’m sure NASCAR has too. However, at this time, we feel it’s best for Delaware Speedway and for NASCAR if we step away from the Dodge Weekly Series program for 2006.”

Delaware Speedway was the first-ever NASCAR-sanctioned weekly race track in Canada, participating in the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series in 2004 and 2005. Delaware Speedway won NASCAR’s “Best First Year Track” award for 2004, along with an award for the “Best Effort in Membership.”

“We have come to know some great people in NASCAR and at other race tracks around North America during our time as part of the Dodge Weekly Series,” said Bulmer. “We are grateful for their efforts and wish them nothing but success in 2006 and the years ahead.”

Scott Lindsay of St. Marys won the Delaware Speedway NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series championships in each year of the track’s participation.

“We may be moving away from the NASCAR sanctioning, but that in no way diminishes Scott’s achievements,” said Bulmer. “Scott Lindsay and his team have been worthy champions and great representatives of the track and the stock car racing community in Ontario and the rest of Canada. He will always have those trophies to remember his accomplishments. We’re exceptionally proud of him.”

In another announcement, Delaware Speedway confirmed it will not be hosting a CASCAR Super Series event in 2006.

“We are not saying we will not ever have another CASCAR race at Delaware Speedway, however for 2006 it is time for us to move ahead,” Bulmer said. “We couldn’t be more proud of the tradition Delaware Speedway holds with its CASCAR Super Series events. We felt we exhibited that feeling by earmarking our two traditional CASCAR weekends on our schedule last fall. In fact, we met with CASCAR last July to discuss working more proactively so that we can work together to put on bigger and better events for our race teams, sponsors and fans. But here we are again, approaching the middle of February, with no firm direction or clear plan, at least that we’ve been made aware of. All our other events were confirmed last October, about four months ago.”

Delaware Speedway has traditionally run its CASCAR Super Series races on the Victoria Day Long Weekend in May and on the Labour Day Weekend in September.

“We’re proud of our history, and we feel an incredible sense of responsibility to our friends who make up the CASCAR race teams,” Bulmer said. “Without that allegiance, we likely would have made this decision sooner. However at this time, we feel the values with which the Super Series is being administered are not consistent with those of Delaware Speedway. Nor do we feel we can support the way in which those race teams are currently being represented by the sanctioning body.

“We made a commitment to our weekly competitors in fall of 2004 that we would do better, and we have a responsibility to uphold those commitments,” Bulmer said. “We have a lot of work to do, especially heading into our 55th season, and time is not in limitless supply. We have just 53 business days until our season opens. There comes a point when you can’t wait any longer; events can only remain ‘tentative’ for so long. We’re happy to continue to work with CASCAR to help them achieve a clearer direction, but as for a race at Delaware Speedway, we’ll be talking about 2007.”

With dates on the schedule opened up, a fun mix of new events and incentives have been created for race teams to bring the excitement back for race fans at Delaware Speedway in 2006.

First, APC (Auto Parts Centres) has taken over entitlement rights on what will be known as the APC Late Models, the track’s premier division. The APC Late Models will again represent Delaware in the Weekend Warrior Series presented by Lucas Oil. APC/CANUSA, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2006, will help raise the profile of Late Model racing at Delaware Speedway, and will contribute several new promotional elements, including advanced discount ticket sales at many Southwestern Ontario APC store locations.

“APC’s partnership is a wonderful asset to the speedway and its competitors,” Bulmer said. “Their support has made it possible for us to offer some dynamic new programs for our weekly race teams.”

“We’re very excited about our involvement at Delaware Speedway,” said Luke Ramsay, Director of Motorsports with APC/CANUSA. “This is a terrific opportunity for APC and CANUSA. We’re taking what’s already a strong partnership and making it even better.”

The champion of the APC Late Model division at Delaware Speedway will receive a guaranteed $10,000.00 point-fund payout at the end of the year, in addition to any Weekend Warrior Series point funds, contingency programs or other awards.

The 2006 championship will be settled over the Great Canadian Race Weekend during the all-new APC 300, which will encourage participation from APC Late Model cars, along with Weekend Warrior Series entries and other Late Model cars from around Ontario and parts of the United States. The Sunday, September 3rd event will be run in three 100-lap segments. After the field is time trialed, half will run the first 100-lap event with the other half in the second 100-lap race. In each of the first two races, drivers will race for a starting spot in the 100-lap finale, which will pay $10,000.00 to win and a $40,000.00 purse overall. For the weekend, event purses total over $63,700.00.

“This is the most anticipated event we’ve seen in our time at Delaware Speedway,” said APC’s Ramsay. “We’re thrilled to host such an exciting format for the APC 300.”

Adding to the excitement of the Great Canadian Race Weekend will be the first-ever APC Late Model Match-Race Tournament on Friday, September 1st. The idea for the event, which will pit 16 of the top drivers in a head-to-head tournament competition, was drawn from the still-talked-about “Duel of the Decade” between Junior Hanley and Don Biederman. That event, run at Delaware over twenty years ago, featured just two cars on the track in a best-of-three format which Hanley won. This year’s event will be a little different, involving as many as sixteen drivers in a bracket-style elimination tournament featuring three-lap rounds. Drivers will qualify based on race wins in the 2006 season. After all feature-race winners are accounted for, the tournament field will be filled based on points. In addition to ultimate bragging rights, the winning driver will walk away with the trophy, along with $5,000.00.

“The Hanley versus Biederman event has always fascinated me, mostly because so many of the race fans at Delaware were here to see it, and asked me throughout last season, ‘Why couldn’t you do something like that again?’” Kevin Bulmer said. “We didn’t figure there was a reason not to. And honestly, the Great Canadian Race Weekend is the perfect home for that event. I can’t imagine how cool it would have been to have seen (2005 track champion) Pete Vanderwyst square off one-on-one against (NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series Champion) Scott Lindsay last year. Maybe we’ll get to see that this summer. And who knows who else might show up? We can’t wait.”

The APC Late Model division will also be the focus of attention on the revised Victoria Day Weekend on Friday, May 19, running Triple 55’s to commemorate the track’s 55th anniversary. Similar to the APC 300, the Triple 55’s will time trial and split the field into two 55-lap qualifying events where drivers race for position to start the 55-lap “feature” event.

The APC Enduro division will run on Saturday, May 20 in the first annual 255-lap “Queen’s Cup” event, a premier APC Enduro race that will feature an all-new trophy to celebrate Canada’s Victoria Day Weekend. Any driver who wins the event in future years will have their name inscribed onto the Cup.

“These guys have been providing some of the best entertainment all year long for our race fans,” said Bulmer. “It’s time we gave them another bigger stage and fun event to showcase what they can do.”

Sunday, May 21 will be set aside as a rain date for the Friday and Saturday events.

In two other schedule revisions, the Kendall Motor Oil Street Stocks have been added to the lineup on Friday, June 9, when the Auto Value Super Sprints come to town, along with a POWERADE Modified invitational event. On Friday, August 25, the APC Late Models have been removed from the lineup and replaced with the POWERADE Modifieds. The change was made to allow the APC Late Model teams some extra time to prepare for the Great Canadian Race Weekend (or run at another Weekend Warrior Series track) and to provide another race for the POWERADE Modified class.

In addition, the Challenger Motor Freight Trucks will run a Delaware points event at another track for the first time, running at Barrie Speedway on Saturday, June 24.

“We’re very excited about the Trucks going to Barrie,” Bulmer said. “We were astonished when the racers were pretty much unanimous in wanting to go to another track. Working with Brad Moran and the crew at Barrie Speedway has been a natural fit. Those fans will love the Challenger Motor Freight Trucks, and you can bet we’ll all be up there to watch, cheer our teams and support Barrie.”

In other point fund news, Delaware Speedway announced it will pay $5,000.00 to the POWERADE Modified champion, $1,500.00 to the Kendall Motor Oil Street Stock champion and $1,000.00 to the Challenger Motor Freight Truck champion. All three figures are separate from any other contingency or point-fund contributing programs and all mark significant increases over the current point funds, which were raised going into the 2005 season.

Further details about individual race purses, promotions, contingency programs, and more will be announced upon confirmation.

- From Delaware Speedway

Delaware dumps CASCAR & NASCAR


Jim Cressman of the London Free Press has the story in today's paper.

According to Jim's quotes from track manager Kevin Bulmer, they got tired of waiting for answers on the schedule and had to move forward. The story also confirmed that the track's two-year experiment with NASCAR is finished.

As long as I've been in racing there has always been at least two CASCAR Super Series races at Delaware. This year, there will be none.

Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Indonesia beckons - A1 Team Canada Report

Courtesy Stuart Morrison – PR Manager, A1 Team Canada

Sentul, Indonesia (February 07, 2006) – The A1 Grand Prix of Nations heads to Indonesia this weekend, 10-12th February, for Round 8 of the inaugural ‘World Cup of Motorsport’ hosted at the Sentul International Circuit.

A1 Team Canada racer Sean McIntosh arrived today along with the rest of the Canadian team to acclimatize to the heat and humidity having experienced similar conditions at the Malaysian A1GP event last November. A1 Team Canada heads into this weekend’s Indonesian round looking to steer clear of the incidents and accidents that denied them back-to-back top-ten finishes, and the resulting points haul, in South Africa last time out.

A slow puncture robbed Sean McIntosh of a potential top-eight finish in the Sprint race before he fought to salvage a point with a tenth place finish in the Feature despite an unscheduled trip to the pits for a new nosecone and a broken steering column in the dying stages of the race. The 20-year-old’s efforts in Durban kept A1 Team Canada in the top-ten in the Nations Standings with four rounds remaining. While South Africa hosted A1GP’s first street race, this weekend’s action returns to a permanent road course, the 3.96km, 11-turn Sentul International Circuit in West Java, 45- minutes from Indonesia’s capital city Jakarta.

As the first major international open-wheel series to visit since its construction in 1994, a large turnout is expected over the weekend with the home crowd undoubtedly vocal in their support of A1 Team Indonesia’s Ananda Mikola. Indonesia marks Sean McIntosh’s eighth straight A1GP start for A1 Team Canada. The Vancouver native is set to hand over steering duties to five-time Champ Car winner Patrick Carpentier from Joliette, Québec for Rounds 9 and 10 in Mexico (24-26 February) and the USA (10-12 March).

Preparing to race on another unfamiliar circuit McIntosh commented: “I’m looking forward to getting to Sentul and learning the track. I’ve studied the layout but I’m keen to get there to evaluate it for myself. I’m hopeful it will suit my style but there’s always that element of the unknown heading into Friday’s practice sessions. The conditions will be similar to what we experienced in Malaysia with the heat and the humidity. I’ve been informed there’s a monsoon just about every day at Noon so it could add a bit of spice to the qualifying sessions and Sunday’s races. It’s my last time racing for A1 Team Canada before Patrick takes over for a couple of events so I’m hoping for another strong showing. We’re all working hard to improve our position and we want to be winning races!”

Sunday’s A1GP races can be viewed live or on demand in Canada on

Horsepower will make the difference for Mark Mitchell

“We plan to do some damage to our PMRA competitors this year.”

Courtesy Bruce F. Mehlenbacher

February 3, 2006, East Otto, NY – Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA),, series competitor Mark Mitchell vows to better his seventh place finish in the 2005 Championship points standings. To do so he has purchased some serious horsepower for the upcoming season. Coupling that with the experience gained last season Mark plans to make an all out assault on the 2006 PMRA championship.

"Our plan is to run all of the PMRA events in ‘06,” explained Mark Mitchell, driver of the Rude Stude Racing 509-cubic inch – powered 1953 Studebaker. "Unfortunately, we missed one race last year and if it wasn’t for that we would have finished the season in the top four.”

Mitchell had a strong finish at the end of the season last year in the Lakeside Auto Sales sponsored entry with a quarter-finalist finish at the second Toronto Motorsports Park race and at the final event of the season at Lancaster Raceway Park, he was a semi-finalist.

“Jim Salemi of G-Force Race Cars has been extremely helpful with our program,” said Mitchell. “We have set some goals for the team that include qualify well at each event and winning some rounds. We plan to do some damage to our competitors this year,” added Mitchell. “They are a tuff group of competitors in the PMRA, but we are way ahead of last year on the leaning curve.”

The Rude Stude Racing entry will be powered by a new 509-cubic inch Keith Black power plant, a Kobelco Superman supercharger, a G-Force Race Cars fuel system, all united to an automatic power glide transmission and converter built by R&R Racing Transmissions in Allegany, NY.

The PMRA has four events confirmed for the 2006 season, the KC Auto Parts Family Day Celebration at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, ON, Saturday, June 24, and the Pro Modified Racing Association is pleased to be running inaugural events at St. Thomas Dragway in Sparta, ON, August 5 and 6, the Eaton PMRA Challenge at Sanair near Montreal scheduled for Saturday, August 19, and at the Grand Bend Motorplex, over the Labor Day weekend.

Monday, February 6, 2006

Maxime Pelletier - Pixel site - Pixel-perfect!

By Russ Bond

Motorsports, by its very nature is about competition - both on and off the track - and technology. That technology is in abundance throughout the sport, but one young Canadian driver is using the latest, greatest, technology to project a positive image, and help those that are supporting his rise through the motorsport ranks. Quebec’s Maxime Pelletier, who is 15 years old, and the youngest driver awarded a 2006 FBMW scholarship is one of the brightest young stars of Canadian racing, and he has developed a ‘pixel’ site to help with the marketing side of his motorsports career. He is one of the first to use a pixel site in motorsports, and he is very happy with the progress so far that he has seen on the site,

"Well, the aim of the site is to give the opportunity to companies to have their logos on a page that is divided into 1 million pixels," Pelletier said. "Companies purchase pixels that then link those pixels to their website - prices start at just $100. When you buy those pixels, they stay there for three years."

That may well be the key, or the sale of the century, because as Pelletier’s fame rises, his site, could, and probably will, draw a huge number of hits, making the advertising a great investment for those that support him early on.

"I think this will work way better than asking companies to put up $50,000 or so to be involved with an Atlantic program," Pelletier added.

Also, with the pixel site, Pelletier points out that smaller companies can justify the investment, and they can get involved sooner and profit longer.

Traditionally, sponsors take space on the car or on the driver’s uniform, but Pelletier is betting that a ‘full time’ ad on a pixel site will do more for his supporters than their name on the side of his car.

Pelletier couples his site with a press release service, articles and television interviews to help draw the public to his site, and thus, provides his supporters with access to the public.

It really is a revolutionary idea to promote a young driver, simply because as his worth, or profile goes up in the motorsports community and the general public, all his supporters will benefit.

"Every press release we do during the season will have the sponsor list on them, and all of those can be accessed from," Pelletier says. "I must work very hard to get as many people as I can to visit The site is constantly updated with all the latest news, and we have some other exciting ideas for the site that will be coming online soon."

Another main difference is Pelletier has already a signed deal with Gelles Racing to compete it the Formula BMW USA series in 2006, so there is no risk to potential supporters - Pelletier will race in 2006.

So, now he has to get out there and generate traffic to his site, and the best way to do that is to be at the front of the Formula BMW races that he will run in 2006.

"This is all about exposure," Pelletier says. "The higher profile I have, the more people will visit my site, and that translates into more traffic to my supporter’s sites and their products."Clearly this is a very good option for anyone that wants to get involved with one of the brightest young stars of Canadian motorsport, just sign up for some pixels on and watch your investment grow for years to come.


Iain Hayden a perfect 6 for 6 in Finals on the Season!

Courtesy Mark Fries

In a virtual carbon copy of last weeks events, the Royal Distributing / Factory Recreation Pro Xtreme Team took home the same three trophies as the week before. Pro Iain Hayden #93 , and Semi-Pro Joey Sagan were again near perfect in the heat races, which all adds up in points for the national championships. Iain blasted through his heats Friday night with wins in Pro Open Mod, and Pro Stock 440. Joey, not to be outdone, ripped off a couple of wins in his Semi-Pro Stock 440, and Semi-Pro Open heats. The huge weekend crowd in Barrie saw much of the same thing on Saturday, with the #93 Wayne Legge tuned Rev's grabbing holeshot after holeshot, and staying out front in time and again. Joey's #202 Rev's were also holeshotting and leading the heats; and someone thought they actually saw Wayne Legge smile trackside on a race day-it turned out to be untrue afterall.

Joey bumped to Pro 440 as well again this weekend; won a couple Pro heats, and nailed a 2nd behind Hayden in the process. For the finals on Sunday, the Barrie fairgrounds were packed full inside and out on a blustery winter day. In Semi-Pro Open, Joey Sagan was out front as some the of top competitors got mired in a midpack start. Joey slipped a little on the rough track and Peter Raymer slipped by on his Cat. As Joey worked to chase him back down, certain to catch him, he bobbled in the treachorous whoop section and crashed hard. Joey got up and was in obvious pain to the crowd. Sagan is becoming a crowd favourite for his lunchbox work ethic, combined with obvious talent. In another gut-check effort from Joey, he went to the hauler to have the injured hand taped up, and got ready to go out and run Semi-Pro Stock 440. Sagan dealt with the pain and fought hard to a win, suprising his whole team, who expected Joey to go out and collect points with a slow lap or two.

In the Pro finals it was all Hayden, as he lead both Pro Open and Pro Stock 440 wire to wire. In the Pro Open final Hayden opened up a half track lead as he was the only competitor in any class to decipher the tricky and dangerous whoop section. Iain is now a perfect 6 for 6 on the season, and proving why he is the number one rider in Canada! Another weekend, another great effort from the Pro Xtreme team!

Pete Shepherd signed by Roush to "Driver Development Program"

Congratulations to Canadian racer Pete Shepherd III who, it was just announced, has been signed by Roush Racing to a driver development contract.

Shepherd, the 2004 CASCAR Super Series rookie of the year, impressed Jack Roush during his participation in the Roush Racing Driver X competition, last summer.

The 19-year-old racer, who lives in Brampton, ON, was featured on the cover of Inside Track Motorsport News at the age of 13, when he was winning races in the Thunder Car division at Flamboro Speedway.

Coming Fall 2006: SportsCentre in High Definition Landmark Announcement Confirms TSN First in Canada to Deliver News Programming in HD

Courtesy Andrea Goldstein

TORONTO (February 6, 2006) - Representing its single biggest commitment to High Definition yet, TSN today announced a landmark decision to transition its flagship news and information program, SportsCentre, to High Definition. The switch to HD will happen Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2006, beginning with the delivery of its entire studio portion in HD as well as the rollout of select reports and highlights from the field. Over time, the entire SportsCentre production will hit its target of 100 per cent High Definition. The groundbreaking announcement means TSN becomes the first Canadian broadcaster to commit to the delivery of its daily news program - sports or non-sports - in High Definition.

With the addition of SportsCentre in HD, TSN now projects that by September 2006, nearly 50 per cent of its broadcast schedule will be presented in High Definition for broadcast on TSN HD. With the 2006 broadcast year underway, TSN is in the midst of its most intensive HD slate yet, with HD programming confirmed for all of its popular properties including the NHL, NFL, NBA, CFL, IIHF World Junior Championship, Blue Jays baseball, Golf, NASCAR, U.S. College Football, poker and more. In all, TSN offers more overall sports coverage, hockey coverage, Canadian and internationally produced sports events and more hours of HD sports coverage than any other Canadian broadcaster, reinforcing its position as Canada's Sports Leader in High Definition.

"TSN is committed to providing the best and most expansive HD sports broadcast schedule in Canada and so, the natural next step was the transformation of SportsCentre to HD," said Phil King, President, TSN. "It's a benchmark announcement that represents a significant reinvestment in our news operation and marks a new frontier for sports coverage in Canada."

On September 5, viewers can witness the evolution of news when SportsCentre signs on in High Definition. Between now and then, SportsCentre will transition its newsroom operations to employ state-of the-art HD equipment, including upgrades to its studio and control room. All studio cameras will shoot in HD and an HD server will record and edit available HD events for highlights from around North America. As well, SportsCentre will deploy its first HD cameras in the field to shoot features and reports. Included in the relaunch of SportsCentre HD will be a new HD animation package, as well as new set elements within the SportsCentre working newsroom.

With SportsCentre's Evening, Late, Overnight and Morning loop broadcasts, HD viewers are guaranteed at least nine hours of SportsCentre HD coverage each weekday, with an additional 15 hours on weekends.

Thursday, February 2, 2006

St. Thomas Dragway Releases 2006 Racing Schedule

Courtesy Dave Mathers

Sparta, Ont. - January 31, 2006 – St. Thomas Dragway, an NHRA sanctioned drag strip located in Sparta, Ont, is releasing its tentative 2006 racing schedule. The track operates from the first weekend in April until the last weekend in October each year. Weekend racing starts with Friday Night Street Legal Racing. Saturdays feature club racing, test and tune and special events. Saturday nights see the return of the rapidly growing Run What Ya Brung format. Sundays feature Bracket Races, Club Races and Special events. The bracket series has been expanded to 18 events for 2006.

Featured events for 2006 include the return of the NHRA King of the Hill on May 28 at which an NHRA Wally trophy is up for grabs to the bracket racers. OSCA will be coming July 29 & 30 for their first visit to the track.

The CANUSA Hot Rod Reunion, August 5 & 6 will see the first visit of the PMRA Pro Mods, the return of the wildly popular ONDR Nostalgia classes, the crowd thrilling jet dragsters as well as full bracket racing.

Also new for 2006 is the Windsor Shootout for Essex County residents September 15 -17. All comers will be taking a run at the bounty placed on 2004 Track Champion Dave Fantinato’s wild street legal 8 second wheel standing 555 CID 70 Nova.

The annual Thanksgiving weekend race returns as the National Dragster Challenge on October 7 & 8 with more Wallys up for grabs. Full bracket action along with the Pro Comp class will be racing over the two days.

The ONDR Nostalgia cars will be returning, fighting for their own Wally. The Lightning Power Sports Bike Nationals returns Labour Day weekend and the St. Thomas All Truck

Nationals will return August 19 & 20 raising funds for the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation. This year’s event will include light trucks as well as heavy trucks.

For further information, contact the track at 519-775-2263 or visit the website at


Courtesy Erik Tomas

February 1, 2006, Burlington, ON: RACELINE RADIO, Canada’s only nationally syndicated motorsport magazine radio program has scored another major international broadcast journalism award, winning the “Best Radio Show” category in the 2005 Journalism Contest staged annually by the Eastern Motorsport Press Association, and sponsored by Performance Racing Industry Magazine.

The entry: “2005 ChampCar Molson Indy Toronto Preview Special” took top honours in the EMPA contest against entries from radio stations and networks across Canada and The United States.

“Since RACELINE RADIO launched in 1993, we’ve entered this very prestigious contest and we’ve been lucky enough to win the radio side or at least finish second in the judging at least a dozen times. Over 14 years on the air, it’s an accomplishment we’re extremely proud of! ”, boasted RACELINE RADIO Anchor, Writer and Producer Erik Tomas. “It’s an award we share with every one of our 18 affiliate stations along the RACELINE RADIO NETWORK. Special thanks also goes to our head Technical Producer Brad Hoffman, Programmers Jeff Storey, Bob Sherwin and the Production and Engineering staff at our Network Flagship station AM 900 CHML Hamilton, and of course to Affiliate Coordinator Wendy Taylor!”, Tomas added.

“As most know by now, we enter these contests to gauge RACELINE RADIO against some of the best motorsport radio shows on the air. Erik and everyone involved has sustained the excellence of the show over an extremely long period of time. Our EMPA contest results over the years speak for themselves!” commented RACELINE RADIO NETWORK Executive Producer John Massingberd. “We also know our sponsors love it when we win these awards. They remind them we never exaggerate when we say we produce the best broadcast properties in the business!”, joked Massingberd.

The RACELINE RADIO NETWORK is aired on 18 radio stations coast-to-coast in Canada. Flagshipped out of AM 900 CHML Hamilton, the show is also heard in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal, Fredericton, Windsor, London, Kitchener, Sudbury, Niagara Falls, Sarnia, Peterborough, Truro, New Maryland and Oromocto.


Courtesy Dave Mathers

Sparta, Ont. - January 30, 2006 - St. Thomas Dragway, Canada’s first purpose built drag strip, is returning to National Hot Rod Association sanctioning for the 2006 season. The track was NHRA sanctioned from it’s opening in 1962 until 2002. However, the events of September 11, 2001 changed the insurance situation with the result that K&K Insurance was derated by NHRA. The track went with Bill Bader’s IHRA sanction but with the retirement of Bader it elected to return to NHRA, the number one sanctioning body for drag racing in the world.

St. Thomas Dragway operates from the first weekend in April until the last weekend in October. It features bracket racing on the one quarter mile track, Street Legal Racing on Friday nights, Run What Ya Brung racing on Saturday nights, Test and Tune days, club racing and special events featuring such popular classes as Pro Mods (PMRA), Nostalgia cars (ONDR), Pro Comp, Street Machines (OSCA) and Sports Compacts (CSCS). As well, the National Dragster Challenge and NHRA King of the Track races will return to the track.

The switch will allow bracket racers to attend the Summit Racing Series Division Three Bracket Finals in Indianapolis. Winners qualify to run in November at the World Finals in Pomona, California to become world Champion, a race won by Les Belle of Springfield in 2002.

For further information, contact the track at 519-775-2263 or visit the website at

World First to Finance Racing Career

Courtesy Michel Poirier-Defoy

Montreal, January 31st 2006. – A 15 year-old professional driver will be the next of a few Canadian racers to reach an open wheel championship in 2006. Maxime Pelletier will enter the Formula BMW USA series, a state-of-the-art single seater that has become the entry-level racing series in North America over the last three years. Even if his racing career started a mere three years ago, the young man who hails out of a Montreal suburb was the youngest selected BMW scholar in North America after training camps that were held at the racing facility in Valencia, Spain. He will be one of the five Junior drivers who will be supervised with a special training program by the series officials all along the season.

In order to help him secure part of his 2006 budget, Maxime Pelletier offers a new and innovative concept in America. Instead of the usual sponsor solicitation, Maxime will be providing pixel blocks on his web site,, to eventual sponsors and investors who seek publicity in return. This concept was launched in United Kingdom et and was an overnight success. This is the first time a race car driver uses his web site to help support his racing career. This is a very interesting opportunity for sponsors who seek more visibility for the money they invest. Maxime’s web site shows a lot of traffic and the number of visitors will necessarily grow with his successes when he takes to the track.

‘‘This is really a turning point in my career, states the Canadian karting 2005 vice-champion. Since I was awarded the prestigious BMW scholar, I underwent a complete physical program and tested the FB2 Bimmer for many days with Virginia-based Gelles Racing, the team I’ll be racing with this season. I think we have a 15-day testing schedule before a test ban applies before the start of the season. Hopes are high as I enter this series but I still want to spend another year with a kart because I want to get as much experience out of this demanding discipline.’’

‘‘Meanwhile, I think what we offer corporations and supporters on our web site,, is a great value for their money. For them, it’s a whole new way of getting involved in motorsports.’’

Pixel blocks available
For those who want to find out about the new pixel block procedure, just log on and discover how you can advertise on the front page for three years for a minimal amount of money. A pixel block is available for as little as 100$ and the sponsor will be able to post on one or many pixel blocks a company or association logo or picture, a message and a link to another web site. It provides a simple and innovative opportunity to advertise while helping Maxime go on with his racing career. Some pixel blocks are already chosen, but many others are available

A busy 2006 schedule
With training camp attendance with BMW and many testing days coming with Gelles Racing, Maxime will have a busy schedule. He is also entering the Florida Winter Tour with the best karting drivers in North America: the Sunoco Ron Fellows Rotax champion will drive in the very competitive ICC class and Top Ten finishes show the determination of this young man entering a new class. Beginning in March, he will be part of the official BMW test days, will enter Stars of Karting and Sunoco Ron Fellows Canadian series selected events. He also,plans to be part of the Canadian championships later in the season.


Courtesy Erica Bicknell

Thorold, Ontario ... Inaugural Duel on the Dirt Overall Champion Mike Dooley of St. Catharines will lead his Daytona Automotive Equipment Challenge Championship Team Merrittville into a new look series against the Brighton Speedway Pro Stocks in 2006.

The new format will see two Home Track events at Merrittville, (Monday May 22 and Monday August 7) and two at Brighton (Saturday June 10 and Saturday July 1). There will also be two combined events - Saturday September 3rd and Saturday September 10th at Brighton and Merrittville Speedways respectively.

"There will be points awarded to drivers for all 6 events," relates (Merrittville Speedway GM) Erica Bicknell, just in from shoveling around the flagpole proudly flying the Daytona Champions Banner, " our drivers were really proud of their achievement ...they'll be tough to beat again this year."

"I don't know," adds Brighton's Operations Manager Mark Rinaldi, " the D-shape at Merrittville is different ... but my Pro Stocks are quick learners and they'll be back with quite a vengeance."

"I knew this would happen ... as soon as last year's event ended - my guys were at each other all over again," says Joe Dennison, President of Daytona Automotive Equipment in Brighton Ontario.

Dennison's employees are two very big racing enthusiasts. Terry Kaiser is the Niagara area representative for Daytona Automotive Equipment while Dave Culford - who races a car at Brighton, is a Daytona Service Advisor.

"The new format should provide some great action at both tracks," says Dennison, "the excitement's going to build all season."

"Merrittville Speedway is celebrating its 55th season this year and the Hoosier Stocks will surely want their efforts to be a highlight of the year," boasts Kaiser, "last year we saw quite an exciting group of drivers ... both events were first class."

"But Terry you're forgetting," Culford steps in," you aren't a real driver until you have won a Pro Stock feature at Brighton Speedway ... the fans at both tracks were overwhelming and the finale - what a race ... 36 laps before caution slowed the hectic pace"

To date, drivers participating in the 6 event Duel on the Dirt Series will share in more than $15,000.00 in purse and point fund money monies. In addition to the Daytona Automotive Equipment $1000 Team Award, two other Brighton-area businesses Environmental Remediation Contractor D.L. Services and Lawns We Do provided funding in 2005.

"The corporate support for this event has just been phenomenal and it keeps getting bigger," relates Merrittville co-owner Nancy Bicknell, " Mark and I are proud that the Daytona Automotive Equipment Team Award is returning - drivers and fans from both tracks rallied together and made some new friends - the team concept is just awesome."

Daytona Automotive Equipment - with Head Offices and a warehouse facility in Brighton, Ontario - manufactures a line of automotive lifts, tire changers, wheel balancers and auto body frame machines for the automotive service and repair industry.

Merrittville Speedway's Duel in the Dirt portion September 9th is part of a 3 day Season Finale that features Friday Night and Sunday Afternoon action. The Rose Webber Memorial presented by J&S Heating attracts top Mod Lite and Dwarf Car teams from across Canada and the US for Friday and Saturday's events while a 100 lap Enduro and Demo Derby close out the weekend Sunday - a presentation of Konzelmann Estates Winery.

Brighton Speedway Pro Stocks are welcome to come up for Friday's Hoosier Stock Event - although not part of the Series - it will provide the eastern Ontario race teams with some valuable track time. The 25 lap event pays $300 to win and boasts a total purse of more than $1,500.

Free Camping is available for the entire weekend.

"I was up for the Friday night event last year," relates Rinaldi, " but had to return to Brighton ... from what I saw though - the camping area resembled that of a Super Speedway ... and the party continued all weekend."

Shouldice Stone ALSTAR Series on the Radio

Courtesy Sauble Speedway

Great news race fans, the SHOULDICE STONE ALSTAR SERIES Super Event Weekends will be broadcast live on AM 560 CFOS, and 98 The Beach FM, and on the internet

Each lap of the 100 lap feature events will be covered live. Listen to your hosts in 2006 ALSTAR Announcer Dave Middleton, and Sports Director of Bayshore Broadcasting Fred Wallace, for Canada’s only Live Racing Broadcast.

Dave and Fred have been calling the action of the ALSTAR Series since 2000. If you can't be there, you won’t miss a lap of the excitement at Steelback Sauble Speedway. For more details see:

Speedorama back where it all began

Courtesy Gary “The Big Kahuna” Wallace, Speedorama Shows

February 1, 2006, Toronto, ON - Once again, the wheels of some of Canada’s finest Hot Rods, Street Machines, and Custom Cars will grace the fabled floors of the Automotive Building at Exhibition Place in Toronto.

On February 3 - 5, 2006, Speedorama returns to its roots, the Automotive Building, the place where it all began. In the early 60s, car shows were in their infancy but the events held here were legendary. The greatest cars of the time were displayed in this building. “We are going to celebrate those early triumphs with our return to this venue,” said Gary Wallace the Big Kahuna of Speedorama Shows “this years event will offer our car owners, enthusiasts and fans the greatest show on wheels”.

The Automotive Building was constructed in 1929 by architect Douglas Kertland at a cost of one million dollars, an astounding sum at the time. It was purpose built to display the fruits of the growing automotive industry and in the years since has been the home to many unique automotive events. “Our return to this fabulous building with two display levels will allow us a more intimate and exciting presentation that will only enhance our show,” noted Gary.

To ensure that Speedorama 2006 is a huge success, and to kick off what will be a full year celebration, the Roadmates, celebrating 50 years as one of Canada’s oldest functioning car clubs, will also return to the building where they hosted many of the shows during the 60s and 70s. Once again, the club will be out in full force, displaying many of their vehicles and acting as host for this memorable event. “We are proud to be able to host once again in the place where it all began for both our club and the car show industry in general,” said Derek “Duke” Brown, president of the Roadmates Car Club.” We invite all our friends and car enthusiasts to come out to see what we have in store for the whole year”.

Speedorama, always a car crazy event, will continue its leadership as the event to see and be seen at. Once again car owners will vie for the BIG PRIZE,” The Dean” a tribute to the pioneer of Canadian Custom Car Show Promoters, with a whopping $10,000.00 in cash. There will be an additional $20,000.00 in other cash awards and prizes up for grabs.

Speedorama is famous for bringing to Toronto first, the very finest and the hottest cars and celebrities of the year. 2006 is no different.

For information about Speedorama call 416.462.0132 or visit online at WWW.SPEEDORAMACARSHOWS.COM

FEBRUARY 3, 4 and 5, 2006


- CHIP FOOSE, World Famous award winning designer and builder, Host of the hit TV series OVERHAULIN’ appearing Saturday and Sunday
- COURTNEY HANSEN, Former co-host of hit TV series OVERHAULIN’ and now Host of Spike TVs weekend Power Block automotive shows, and present FHM superstar and monthly writer of Courtney’s Garage
- Relive Harvey’s “The original Home of the Hot Ones”, the place to be cool in the late sixties and seventies
- A nostalgic walk back in time of the first car shows in Toronto, club jackets, pictures, trophies, t-shirt, and other nostalgic novelties
- The original General Lee from the hit TV series “The Dukes of Hazard”
- Limited FREE Parking
- Reduced ticket prices with Themed Days:
Friday - Guy’s Night Out
Saturday - Take a Kid to the Car Show
Sunday - Guys and Gals
- Each day with a coupon, you can enter the show at a reduced rate of $15.00 - Except for Sunday, it is $15.00 a COUPLE (one male one female)
- Kids 12 and under get in FREE with paid adult
- FREE collectible Hot Wheels to the first 1000 kids under 12 Saturday and Sunday
- FREE collectible Hot Wheels to the first 500 adults Saturday and Sunday
- FREE posters
- Friday night the 21st Annual Miss Auto World Bikini Pageant
- Saturday night Miss Legs Competition
- HO scale replica of the world famous Lemans track
- Over 100 commercial exhibitors including 12 Speed and Performance Shops
- More rods and customs than the Automotive Building has ever seen before

Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Courtesy Marjorie Mulligan Fay

Waterbury, VT - The 8" tire short track special tire developed by the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company with input from Tom Curley and the American-Canadian Tour (ACT), has been selected for use in 2006 by the 14-event Serie National Castrol (Quebec, Canada) and by the Late Model weekly divisions at both Maine's Oxford Plains Speedway and Seekonk Speedway in MA.

"Having two more historic New England tracks and more than 50 additional race teams moving to the Goodyear tire in 2006 is in keeping with the universal rules concept formulated by ACT. The tire transition is the final step in effecting the rules package which will simplify cost efficient weekly and Tour racing across the Northeast United States and eastern Canada. Unifying a state of the art tire with the Late Model community in our region will certainly be a great benefit to both the teams and tracks," ACT President Curley explained. In only two years under ACT's leadership, the inclusion of Quebec's Serie Castrol brings the number of Touring series to two, and the addition of Oxford and Seekonk brings the number of tracks to five, who have chosen to convert exclusively to this Goodyear product.

Vermont's Thunder Road Int'l Speedbowl, along with New Hampshire's White Mountain Motorsports Park and Lee USA Speedway, and the ACT Tour, helped pioneer the Goodyear D2472 and D2682 tire in 2005.

Cris Michaud, who will look for his third consecutive Late Model "King of the Road" title at Thunder Road in 2006 enthusiastically stated, "The Goodyear tires were awesome!" The Williamstown, VT driver continued, "I think they're especially good for weekly racing where there's apt to be more contact. We found that we could rub each other, and Thunder Road's infamous front stretch wall, and not cut down tires - they held up well."

Quinney Welch, a regular competitor at White Mountain in N. Woodstock, NH agreed, "The Goodyears are quite durable, they lasted longer than other tires I've run, plus they showed good repeatability." Welch, who also tested the ACT Tour waters five times in 2005 added, "As a team we found it easier to find set-up problems with our chassis, the tires were so consistent we knew we had to look elsewhere. I know there are other teams from White Mountain who found that true as well," the Lancaster, NH resident concluded.

Steve Reny from Boothbay, ME first put the Goodyear tire on his car in an ACT Tour event at his home track, Oxford Plains Speedway. "I was impressed by the numbering system on the tires - you don't have to measure every tire, which makes race day much easier and allows for more time to work on the car." Reny, who has filed a full season entry with the ACT Tour in '06 continued, "The tires we ran in the ACT 100 lapper at Oxford lasted forever, they're really durable and I picked up quite a bit of time on them. I really liked the tires and so did the other drivers from Oxford who ran that race and the other Tour show later last year."

The ACT Late Model Tour's 12-race season will be highlighted by three $10,000 to win ACTion Super Series events including a return to Quebec's Sanair Super Speedway, July 8-9. The Tour opens at Thunder Road, April 29-30 with the seventh annual Merchants Bank 150.


Courtesy Mark Royal

The CSRA national tour unloaded in Peterborough, ON for a three day event this past weekend. Friday night heats were run under the lights and provided all kinds of excitement.

Team spirit in the hauler was high all week after a clean sweep in the opener at Owen Sound the previous weekend. The HUGE Peterborough Friday night crowd was all the motivation the boys needed as Joey Sagan and Iain Hayden piloted both their stock 440 and Open Mod Factory Recreation Ski-Doo Rev's to 4 out of 4 heat wins. It was a great night for Team Royal, with Joey taking his SEMI-PRO 440, and OPEN MOD heats, and IAIN dominating his PRO 440 and PRO-OPEN Heats in front of a huge crowd. Joey headed straight from the track to bed at the hotel, feeling like he was coming down with something.

On Saturday under bright sunny skies, both Joey and Iain were fighting some sort of flu bug, but soldiered on. Iain fought his way to a 5th in a PRO 440 heat, got some rest and then promptly laid down 3 more 1st's in the remaining PRO 440 and PRO OPEN heats in the afternoon. Joey fought with very hard charging Peter Raymer and his Cat to muscle out a 1st and 3 2nds in his remaining heats on Saturday. The Sunday finals were marred by rainfall and overall bad weather conditions.

Joey Sagan #202 and Peter Raymer had a battle in SEMI-PRO OPEN that saw a few lead changes and on the last lap Joey, still fighting the flu, ran out of steam and crashed hard while under pressure in a tough section trying to stay in the lead. Joey came back to win SEMI PRO 440 to cap off the weekend. Iain toughed out the day and a strong competitor in Carl Kuster to win both the PRO 440 and PRO OPEN classes.

Overall a great weekend for the Royal Pro Xtreme Team as they took home 3 of 4 premier classes. Thanks to Factory Recreation, Ski-Doo, Kimpex, FXR clothing, SPY goggles, IPONE oil, HMK boots, and Stud Boy Traction.

Round 7 – A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Durban, South Africa

Courtesy A1 Team Canada

Qualified: 9th / Sprint Race Finish: 12th / Feature Race Finish: 10th / Series standing: 10th (32pts)

A1 Team Canada salvaged a point with tenth place from this afternoon’s Feature race as President Thabo Mbeki joined 22,000 fellow South African’s to witness a lively afternoon of A1 Grand Prix action on the streets of Durban in Round 7 of the ‘World Cup of Motorsport’. Canadian racer Sean McIntosh missed out on back-to-back top-ten finishes for A1 Team Canada as a puncture in the earlier Sprint race left the Feature as the sole opportunity for points. A1 Team Canada remains tenth in the A1GP Nations Standings with 32 points.

Sprint Race (Winner – A1 Team France)

Having qualified ninth on the grid for the 20-lap Sprint race Sean held station for the majority of what was a fairly processional opener on the 3.2km temporary street circuit. Wrestling an ill-handling car since the second lap, the cause of which was later determined to be a slow puncture, McIntosh fought valiantly to keep ahead of Germany directly behind in tenth. Despite briefly dropping out of the top-ten in the latter stages Sean successfully climbed back to sit tenth overall with one lap remaining until the puncture blew his front right tire, demoting him to 12th at the checkered flag and out of the points.

Feature Race (Winner – A1 Team Netherlands)

A1 Team Canada’s decision to take their mandatory pit stop on just the second tour of the 40-lap Feature race looked set to pay dividends for Sean McIntosh as he ran third on track behind Switzerland and Germany of the team’s already pitted. The 20-year-old’s hopes of a second career A1GP podium finish were dashed early on lap nine however as contact with Portugal at Turn1resulted in a second trip to the pits, this time for a new nose cone. Back on track Sean set to work climbing up the order, looking to recover something from what had so far been a luckless weekend. Pushing hard, racing wheel to wheel with his A1 rivals, Sean guided A1 Team Canada’s entry as high as eighth before a broken steering column relegated him to a tenth place classified finish and a solitary point for his efforts.

Sean McIntosh:

“An unfortunate series of events really cost us here today because all things considered I think we had a good package. The car had pace and the team worked really well. We had an awesome strategy for the Feature race and it could have paid off if the Portuguese car hadn’t surprised me at the first turn and taken out my front wing. At least we came away with a point! I was sidelined out at Turn4 for the last couple of laps in the Feature but we had done enough to claim tenth. Hopefully we can piece everything together next time out in Indonesia and improve our standing.”

Indonesia hosts Round 8 of the A1 Grand Prix of Nations at the Sentul Circuit, 10-12 February 2006.

Standings: 1st France (120), 2nd Switzerland (92), 3rd Brazil (63), 4th Great Britain (58), 5th New Zealand (54), 10th Canada (32)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sauble's 2006 Schedule is here!

Courtesy Sauble Speedway

The ultimate entertainment centre continues to build for 2006, with a great mix of cars, stars and Guitars. Sauble Speedway President Joe Chisholm is very pleased to announce that the “STEELBACK Canada Day Music Fest” will be held on Friday June 30th, and Saturday July 1st - Canada Day at Steelback Sauble Speedway. This popular music festival is in its 3 year and for the first time will be held at the speedway.

The Steelback Canada Day Music Fest will feature 2 days of blockbuster international music artists. In the near future president and CEO of Steelback Brewery Frank D’Angelo will announce details of this Steelback Canada Day Music Fest.

Also please find enclosed a copy of the Steelback Sauble Speedway Schedule of events for 2006.

Direct Link to 2006 Schedule:


Courtesy Stuart Morrison Public Relations

Durban - The A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Durban, South Africa, attended by President Thabo Mbecki and just over 100,000 people over the course of the weekend provided one of the most spectacular races of the season to date.

As the cars left the starting grid and streamed down to the first corner, it was A1 Team Switzerland who got the best start and led A1 Team France out of the tight hairpin. However, the best start was definitely made by A1 Team Netherlands who were up to XX by from sixteenth on the grid by the end of lap one. The start wasn't without dramas as A1 Team Czech Republic stalled on his fifth position on the grid and so causing the cars behind him to take avoiding action.

The pit stops started early with the leader and second placed A1 Team France coming in at the end of lap two. This pit stop proved the start of an uncharacteristically troublesome race for Series point's leader France as a 53 second pit stop dropped them down the field and this was not helped by the fact that later in the race the team were given a drive through penalty for a pit lane infringement.

Unfortunately the first safety car period was when the race was only three laps old. This was to remove the cars of A1 Teams USA and Australia that had tangled in turn one when the American driver tried what proved to be an unsuccessful overtaking manoeuvre. A1 Team Great Britain didn't have any better luck than France as a slow pit stop was followed by a second one on the next lap because the air gun had become wedged in the back of the car and this obviously had to be removed.

When the safety car came in at the end of lap six it was A1 Team New Zealand leading helped by the fact they had yet to make their compulsory pit stop.

Despite the tightness of the track, there was plenty of overtaking but A1 Team Canada suffered when the racing was a little too close and they lost their front wing in turn one only to run over the debris a lap later before having the opportunity to pit for a new nose which they did at the end of lap 10.

The second safety car period started on lap 12 when A1 Teams India and Indonesia collided. The cars were removed and racing began at the end of lap 15 with Brazil leading at this point although again due to not having pitted. At this point in the race, A1 Team Ireland's hopes of a finish disappeared after lying as high as second on lap two and then spending time in the pits with a problem. On lap 15 Ralph Firman parked the car on the side of the track after developed a severe handling problem caused by a broken anti-roll bar.

The crowds witnessed A1 Team Malaysia overtaking A1 Team South Africa on lap 16 and after the re-start the racing continued with at one point, three cars abreast trying to go into a corner with A1 Team Lebanon being the filling in the sandwich. A1 Team Malaysia were the next culprits to bring out a safety car after spinning and partly blocking the track on lap 26, narrowly being missed by A1 Team New Zealand. This period lasted for three laps with Brazil still leading when the safety car pulled off at the end of lap 29.

A podium position for A1 Team Germany looked certain until the car hit a wall on lap 36. However, A1 Team Switzerland looked set to notch up win number two as when Brazil pitted at the end of lap 37 they moved into the lead. Jos Verstappen was in an amazing second place but it was obvious again he was not going to give up the chance of a win until the chequered flag. As the cars were on their last lap, Jos took his opportunity and passed the car with the red and white flag on it which seemed to be slowing although not enough to allow third place A1 Team Portugal to get by.

Race winner Jos Verstappen said 'I'm very happy. I had a fantastic start, and was battling with people all the way through. Both I and Alvaro made mistakes but I managed to get past and stay ahead, then Germany went into the wall and I know Brazil still had to pit.'

Speaking about his courageous overtaking manoeuvre on the last lap of the Feature race, Verstappen said: 'In the Sprint race second position was good, but I tried to overtake and it didn't work out as I wanted. This time I was in the same position, and Neel was running wide. I used my PowerBoost and managed to overtake. I'm really pleased for the guys because they worked very hard and the fans as well. It was quite tough to come here with a new mechanic and a new race engineer, there were quite a few things different, but right from the start when I got in the car, it felt good here and I felt confident.'

A disappointed Neel Jani said: 'It looks like we always have problems in the race, I had no brakes at all in the last few laps. What can I say? For sure I am disappointed; we lost in Dubai through bad strategy and here through brake failure. I'm not too happy. Out of the last six races we could have won 5. When you have made a mistake it is bad enough but when it isn't your fault it is even worse. I probably won't sleep very much tonight.'

Portugal's Alvaro Parente commented: 'I'm very pleased, especially after qualifying. We had really good pace in free practice and qualifying was a disappointment. I attacked the Sprint race and managed to finish eighth, a good position for the start of the Feature race. It was an interesting fight and overtaking is hard on a street track like this. It's great to have so many people watching the race, thanks to the crowd for their support. I'm delighted for the team who have worked really hard. Now we have to work for a win.'

A1 Team South Africa finished fifth which equalled Alex Yoong's record for best finish at a home race. For all their efforts, Brazil gained the bonus point for the fastest lap being the only driver to record a sub 1.19 time of 1.18.178 which obviously is now the official lap record for this circuit at an average speed of 151.2km/h.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Joe Lilienthal ready to defend PMRA title in 2006

“It's always nice to win a championship.”

Courtesy Bruce F. Mehlenbacher

January 27, 2006, Kenmore, NY – Pro Modified Racing Association (PMRA),, series champion driver Joe Lilienthal has a lot to prove this year as he goes out to defend his PMRA championship. In 2005, with 22 teams in the series, Joe Lilienthal of Kenmore, NY won the first PMRA title over his Ontario, New York, and Pennsylvania competitors.

"It's always nice to win a championship,” explained Joe Lilienthal, driver of the Lilienthal Racing 526-cubic inch Keith Black-constructed 1968 Jeep. "We were in three finals last year and won one of them.”

Lilienthal won the Luskville Dragway event in the JSL Automotive sponsored entry and took runner-up spots at the second Toronto Motorsports Park race and at the final event of the season at Lancaster Raceway Park.

“Kasey Janzen and I will compete as team-mates this year. That should help improve our program and hopefully we will be able to defend our title,” said Lilienthal. “If it wasn’t for the help from Kasey and Mike Swinarski it would be much more difficult to get out and run with these guys. The PMRA series has a bunch of real stout competitors.”

The Lilienthal Racing entry is powered by an Oddy’s Racing Keith Black power plant, a Littlefield supercharger, an Oddy’s fuel system, all coupled to a Lenco three-speed transmission and clutch.

The PMRA has four events confirmed for the 2006 season, the KC Auto Parts Family Day Celebration at Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, ON, Saturday, June 24, and the Pro Modified Racing Association is pleased to be running inaugural events at St. Thomas Dragway in Sparta, ON, August 5 and 6, the Eaton PMRA Challenge at Sanair near Montreal scheduled for Saturday, August 19, and at the Grand Bend Motorplex, over the Labor Day weekend.


CONCORD, N.C. (January 27, 2006) - David Reutimann is a third generation driver. His father Emil "Buzzie" Reutimann is a racing legend and so is his team owner Darrell Waltrip. This Saturday, both legendary drivers will be inducted into the Eastern Motorsport Press Association Hall of Fame during the annual convention at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center in Trevose, Pennsylvania.

"It's a huge honor and I'm really proud that they are recognizing my dad and team owner," said David Reutimann, driver of the No. 17 Darrell Waltrip Motorsports Toyota. "I think they've both given a lot to the sport. It is really special that they are being inducted into the EMPA Hall of Fame together. My dad's still racing at 64 years of age and he's still just as competitive as he ever was. I'm so proud of them."

To be inducted into the EMPA Hall of Fame, is a special honor for Waltrip and the elder Reutimann.

"It is always flattering when people want to recognize your accomplishments that you worked so hard to earn," said Waltrip, a three-time NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series champion with 84 career wins. "I'm thrilled Buzzie and I are both winners together. The Reutimann family is a class act and I am excited about the opportunities that lie before Buzzie's son, David, for the future with my team."

The 64-year-old echoes Waltrip's sentiment.

"I would like to thank the press for telling our stories over the years," said Reutimann. "If it wasn't for them writing the stories, we wouldn't be anywhere. Without them, Buzzie Reutimann wouldn't be Buzzie Reutimann. I wouldn't be receiving an award tomorrow night if it wasn't for them. What they write is what you save in your scrapbooks. It is the memories you have. They write the memories we have and I know DW feels the same."

As Waltrip supposedly competed in his final NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race at Martinsville Speedway last October, Reutimann continues to race and win championships at age 64.

"When we started running at East Bay Raceway last year, I didn't think about winning a track championship," said Reutimann. "Right there towards the end, I was leading the points. That's when I thought I had a shot at another championship. We ended up winning the Open Wheel Modified championship. I don't know how many more championships this little body's got left in it. I'm 64 and I'll be 65 in May, but I've got a few years to go."

Reutimann's won so many races and championships in his lifetime that he can't seem to keep up.

"I have a friend that comes down each year and he's sort of our historian," said Reutimann. "He's telling me I've got somewhere around 1,200 feature wins in all types of cars. It goes back to when I started with my old Flathead Ford and then onto whenever I moved to Sportsman. I won like 20 features in a row at one time in Florida. As far as how many championships I have, gosh, I don't know. I've won all over at places like Sunshine Speedway, Golden Gate Speedway, East Bay Raceway and up north at places like Middletown, Nazareth, East Windsor, Syracuse and Fullerton to just name a few. We've won championships in all those places. When you race and pay attention to what you are doing, the championship comes along with it."

As Reutimann accepts his award, he will be also accepting on behalf of Waltrip in his absence.
"I want to thank my dear friend Buzzie Reutimann for filling in for me," said Waltrip. "I am so thankful for this honor, but I do have one concern. Buzzie is a racer and he always has been and always will be. He is like me and he is always racing for the trophy. So, I'm a little concerned that Buzzie is taking two trophies to his house tomorrow tonight and that I will never see mine."

"He'll get his trophy some day," laughed Reutimann. "It may just take me a while to give it to him. I've got an extra special place on my mantle to keep it for him until I see him in person. It's an honor for me to accept this award on his behalf. He's got big shoes to fill. I don't know about the speech he gave me to tell everyone. Here I am going to be in front of a few hundred people and I have to make a speech for him. How do you top Darrell Waltrip?"

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Darrell Waltrip Motorsports

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Derhaag Motorsports Qualifies for Rolex 24 At Daytona

Courtesy Cristi Brumm

Daytona Beach, FL (January 26, 2006) – The #40 Preformed Line Products Daytona Prototype is ready to take the start of ultimate American endurance challenge, the Rolex 24 At Daytona, with 70 cars scheduled to take the the green flag. Qualifying safely in the twelfth row for Saturday's noon start of this twenty-four hour racing marathon, the Derhaag Motorsports Pontiac Riley carries primary sponsorship from Preformed Line Products with additional sponsorship logos of Coyote Closures®, Park Place Ltd, KeyBank and McDonald Financial Group.

The driver lineup for the 2006 Rolex24 looks like a veritable "who's who in racing" and joining that esteemed group for the Rolex24 will be Derhaag Motorsports full season drivers, Chris Bingham and Randy Ruhlman, along with top Canadian Chevrolet factory driver Ron Fellows and endurance specialist Justin Bell. All four of the drivers are veteran endurance drivers, as well as experienced drivers in other sprint and endurance series.

Ron Fellows has an overall Daytona24 win to his credit (in 2001), as well as multiple wins at LeMans (in 2001 and 2002). Bell and Bingham have extensive experience at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, and Bell is a LeMans winner, as well. Ruhlman, having competed in endurance racing early in his career and most recently concentrating on the Trans-Am Series Championship, will be competing in his first Rolex24 at Daytona.

The Rolex 24 at Daytona weekend got under today Thursday January 26th with both day and night practices and qualifying. Driver and pit crew practices continue on Friday with the race scheduled to start at 12 PM on Saturday, January 28th and run a full 24 hours, ending at noon on Sunday. Television coverage on SPEED is scheduled for Saturday, January 28th from Noon until 6PM, and 8PM until 11PM, with continuing coverage from 8AM until 12:30PM on Sunday. The Rolex24 at Daytona is the premier endurance race in the United States and has been held at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida for the past 44 years.


Olympic Fundraiser Puts NASCAR Drivers Behind the Wheel of the Sleds

Many of NASCAR’s drivers shifted gears early this month when they gave up racing stock cars in favor of bobsleds at the Chevrolet Geoff Bodine Bobsled Challenge in Lake Placid. The event, which raised research and development funds for the US Men’s and Women’s Bobsled teams, will be televised on ESPN2 on Jan. 29 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and on the Speed Channel on Feb. 4 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and on Feb. 9 from noon to 2 p.m.

The event pitted NASCAR drivers Steve Park, Kevin Lepage, Dick Trickle, Todd Bodine, Boris Said, Stanton Barrett, Joel Kauffman, former driver Brad Noffsinger, Busch Series driver Tim Fedewa and the project’s creator, former NASCAR driver Geoff Bodine, against one another in two races at the Verizon Sports Complex in Lake Placid.

The drivers quickly rose to the challenge of driving on ice instead of asphalt as both races produced different winners, though one driver, Trickle, crashed in turn 18 during both heats of the first race. He later managed to successfully navigate that turn in the second race.

Organizer Geoff Bodine began the Bo-Dyn Bobsled Project, which seeks to build high-quality, American-made bobsleds, after watching Americans finish poorly while driving foreign-made sleds in the 1992 Winter Olympics. The project began showing results at the 2002 Winter Olympics when Americans won a gold medal in the women’s bobsledding competition and silver and bronze medals in the men’s four-man competition.

For more information on winter vacation activities in New York State, visit or call, toll-free, 1-800 CALL-NYS. I LOVE NEW YORK, Whelen Engineering and Columbia Sportswear joined Chevrolet in the event’s family of sponsors.

For more information on the Chevrolet Geoff Bodine Bobsled Challenge, visit

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Schedule highlights include Daytona 500, Indy 500, Canadian Grand Prix

Courtesy Andrea Goldstein, Director of Communications

TORONTO (January 25, 2006) - Auto racing fans have plenty to look forward to this season as TSN today unveiled its comprehensive 2006 auto racing broadcast schedule with 180 hours of coverage. TSN's schedule features 21 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup races - all of which are available in High Definition on TSN HD, all 19 Formula One races, and eight races from the Indy Racing League. (Please see below for broadcast schedules.)

TSN's 21-race NASCAR NEXTEL Cup broadcast schedule gets underway on February 11 at 8 p.m. ET with the first race of the season - the Budweiser Shootout from Daytona International Speedway. TSN's coverage also features the highly anticipated Daytona 500, which will air the following weekend (February 19). A SportsCentre correspondent will be on-site from Daytona International Speedway to cover all the action from the day's events and race. Last year, TSN's coverage of the Daytona 500 attracted a national average minute audience of 550,000 viewers*, making it the most-watched motorsport race in TSN's 21-year history. TSN's average audience for NASCAR in 2005 was 294,000 viewers, a 37 per cent increase from 2004.

From Bahrain to Brazil, Formula One fans can take a ride around the globe in 2006 as TSN presents all 19 F-1 races this season, including pre-race and qualifying coverage. The highlight of TSN's F-1 broadcast schedule is the highly anticipated Canadian stop on the circuit - the Canadian Grand Prix from Montreal's Circuit Gilles Villeneuve (June 24/25). The 2006 F-1 season gets underway Sunday, Mar. 12 at 6 a.m. ET with the Bahrain Grand Prix (Qualifying on March 11 at 6 a.m. ET).

Throughout the season, open wheel racing fans can switch gears from F-1 to the Indy Racing League as TSN has coverage of eight IRL races. The 90th running of the Indianapolis 500 - the crown jewel of auto racing - airs May 28. Last year's Indy 500 attracted a national average audience of 311,000 viewers, a 159 per cent increase from 2004, while TSN's 2005 IRL broadcasts attracted an average audience of 113,000 viewers, a 79 per cent increase from 2004. TSN's IRL coverage gets underway with the first event of the season from Homestead-Miami Speedway on Sunday, Apr. 2 at 11:30 p.m. ET.

TSN's 2006 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup broadcast schedule:
* February 11 - Budweiser Shootout (Daytona International Speedway)
* February 16 - Gatorade Duel at Daytona (Daytona International Speedway)
* February 19 - Daytona 500 (Daytona International Speedway)
* May 6 - Chevy American Revolution 400 (Richmond International Speedway)
* May 20 - NASCAR Nextel All-Star Challenge (Lowe's Motor Speedway)
* May 28 - Coca-Cola 600 (Lowe's Motor Speedway)
* June 4 - MBNA 400 (Dover International Speedway)
* July 1 - Pepsi 400 (Daytona International Speedway)
* July 9 - USG Sheetrock 400 (Chicagoland Speedway)
* July 16 - New England 300 (New Hampshire International Speedway)
* July 23 - Pennsylvania 600 (Pocono Raceway)
* August 6 - Allstate 400 at the Brickyard (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)
* August 26 - Sharpie 500 (Bristol Motor Speedway)
* September 9 - Chevy Rock & Roll 400 (Richmond International Speedway)
* September 17 - Sylvania 300 (New Hampshire International Speedway)
* October 8 - Talladega 500 (Talladega Superspeedway)
* October 14 - UAW-GM Quality 500 (Lowe's Motor Speedway)
* October 22 - Subway 500 (Martinsville Speedway)
* October 29 - Bass Pro Shops MBNA 500 (Atlanta Motor Speedway)
* November 12 - Checker Auto Parts 500 (Phoenix International Speedway)
* November 19 - Ford 400 (Homestead-Miami Speedway)
All NASCAR races in High Definition on TSN HD

TSN's 2006 Formula One broadcast schedule:
* March 12 - Bahrain Grand Prix (Bahrain International Circuit)
* March 19 - Malaysian Grand Prix (Sepang International Circuit)
* April 1 - Australian Grand Prix (Albert Park)
* April 23 - San Marino Grand Prix (Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari)
* May 7 - European Grand Prix (Nürburgring)
* May 14 - Spanish Grand Prix (Circuit de Catalunya)
* May 28 - Monaco Grand Prix (Circuit de Monaco)
* June 11 - British Grand Prix (Silverstone Circuit)
* June 25 - Canadian Grand Prix (Gilles Villeneuve Circuit)
* July 2 - United States Grand Prix (Indianapolis Motor Speedway)
* July 16 - French Grand Prix (Circuit de Nevers Magny Cours)
* July 30 - German Grand Prix (Hockenheimring)
* August 6 - Hungarian Grand Prix (Hungaroring)
* August 27 - Turkish Grand Prix (Istanbul Park)
* September 10 - Italian Grand Prix (Autodromo Nazionale di Monza)
* September 17 - Belgian Grand Prix (Circuit of Spa Francorchamps)
* October 1 - Chinese Grand Prix (Shanghai International Circuit)
* October 8 - Japanese Grand Prix (Suzuka International Racing Course)
* October 22 - Brazilian Grand Prix (Autodromo Carlos Pace)

TSN's 2006 IRL broadcast schedule:
* April 2 - Streets of St. Petersburg
* April 22 - Twin Ring Motegi
* May 28 - Indianapolis 500
* June 10 - Texas Motor Speedway
* June 25 - Richmond International Speedway
* July 15 - Nashville Superspeedway
* July 23 - The Milwaukee Mile
* August 27 - Infineon Raceway
Schedules subject to change


Courtesy Stuart Morrison Public Relations

Durban, South Africa (January 25, 2006) – The streets of Durban, South Africa have the honor of hosting the first A1 Grand Prix of Nations event of 2006 as the ‘World Cup of Motorsport’ resumes this weekend, 27th-29th January, following a six-week break. A1 Team Canada’s Sean McIntosh is particularly keen to hit the temporary 3.2-km track in Durban having experienced the excitement of street racing earlier in his career in North America.

With the first six rounds of the A1 Grand Prix Series visiting established permanent circuits such as Brands Hatch in England or Sepang in Malaysia, Sunday’s Sprint and Feature races will provide the competing nations a whole new perspective as they tackle the streets of Durban’s spectacular ocean front developments. The track, purpose built for the seventh round of the A1 Grand Prix Series, looks set to test even the most experienced drivers but A1 Team Canada’s Sean McIntosh has already proven himself a winner in street racing.

Victory in the Molson Indy Vancouver Fran-Am 2000 support race back in 2002 proved especially sweet for Sean as it was his first win in the category and he triumphed in front of his home crowd. With additional street starts in Toronto and Denver, the 20-year-old Canadian is hoping to put his experience to good use when he takes to the Durban track for the first time on Friday morning.

Previewing the South African round Sean commented:
“I’m looking forward to getting my first viewing of the track as all I’ve seen so far are pictures. From what I can tell it looks like a pretty interesting configuration and to be racing by the ocean is quite spectacular. I’ve obviously sampled street racing from my time competing in North America and I always enjoyed those races and had some success. Ultimately the principles remain the same but there’s a lot more to take in while learning the circuit, the margin for error is significantly reduced by the confines of the track!

“The South African’s are serious about their racing so I’m expecting a good crowd and a great atmosphere this weekend. Our layoff since we last raced in Dubai was slightly longer than expected with the postponement of the Indonesian round but I’m raring to go and can’t wait to get back into the A1 Team Canada car and build on our tenth place standing in the championship points.”

Last week it was announced that Sean McIntosh will be joined in representing A1 Team Canada by Patrick Carpentier (Joliette, Québec). Carpentier, a five-time Champ Car winner, will race for Canada in Rounds 9 and 10 of the A1GP Series in Mexico and the USA.

Honda / Michelin Series "Terminated"

Date: January 24 2006

To: All Honda/Michelin Challenge Series Competitors, Entrants, Sponsors


Subject: Termination of Series

This is to confirm any rumours you may have heard that the Series has been terminated by
Honda Canada Inc.

Upon reviewing financial requirements for the Series and looking at the return on the investment, Honda has made the decision to no longer support the program. Concern was also expressed about the small field of cars in the first two seasons and the feeling that this would continue with the increased cost of preparing the new model cars for competition.

I want to thank all of you for your support and participation and congratulate you on what I feel
was a very valuable contribution to motorsport in Canada. You provided an extremely
entertaining and crowd-pleasing presentation at every event you raced. The competition was
close and was a delight to watch as you displayed tremendous driving ability at each and every
event. I know the crowds are going to miss you.

To our sponsors, and to the sponsors that partnered with the teams, our sincere thanks for being a key part of the program as your contribution was important and very much appreciated.
Thank you, again, for your support.

Ralph Luciw
Series Director
Honda/Michelin Challenge Series

Uh oh... don't tell Jimmy Spencer....


MOORESVILLE, N.C. (January 24, 2006) - Michael Waltrip announced today that Michael Waltrip Racing will field multiple Toyota Camry entries in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series when the green flag waves for the 2007 Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway.

"Toyota is a leader in the automotive industry and has quickly become a consistent winner in the NASCAR Truck Series," Waltrip said. "The logical step is for them to come into the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series and I am honored to be a part of their entrance into the sport."

Driving the No. 55 NAPA Toyota Camry, Waltrip has support from all of his sponsors and he has the resources in place to chase the coveted NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series championship. In addition to NAPA supporting Waltrip's efforts, Best Western, Klaussner (Sofa Express and More) and Coca-Cola will be heavily involved in his racing endeavors during Toyota's inaugural year in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series.

"Toyota's standards are high and their approach into the sport is well thought out," said Waltrip. "Michael Waltrip Racing's sponsors have also taken their own methodical steps into the NASCAR industry and I am grateful that they are making this march with me and that they share my eagerness in today's announcement. As my new NASCAR NEXTEL CUP organization is formally born today, it's interesting to note that there is already a strong connection with my new partner. Both Toyota and I have Kentucky roots -- I was born in Owensboro, Kentucky and the Camry is assembled in Toyota's plant in Georgetown, Kentucky."

"We are pleased about being a part of Toyota's entry into the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series," said NAPA President Bob Susor. "NAPA shares Toyota's enthusiasm for motor sports and through our sponsorship we want to be one of the first to welcome them into the top level of the sport. This partnership is an excellent match for NAPA. We are equally excited about our new partnership with Michael Waltrip Racing. Michael has been synonymous with the NAPA brand since 2001 and we could not be more pleased to have a person of Michael's qualities representing our brand."

"We are an established leader in providing quality aftermarket automotive parts and service," continued Susor. "NAPA AUTO PARTS has coverage and availability of over 300,000 part numbers to service the North American market needs of both domestic and imported name plate vehicles."

To prepare for the future of Michael Waltrip Racing, Waltrip devised a plan to achieve his goal of becoming a successful owner in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series. Setting the stage in August of 2005, Waltrip announced his plans to design and create Waltrip Racing World, an interactive high-tech race shop designed for the ultimate fan experience.

"Since 1996, we have operated Michael Waltrip Racing out of our backyard," Michael Waltrip explained. "I have always dreamed of constructing the perfect building for a race team. Waltrip Racing World will be just that. NASCAR is a family sport and this, in our opinion, is the definitive family destination. We see the fans packing up their cars and motorhomes and setting out to experience Waltrip Racing World and the area that surrounds it. The value of letting the fans touch, hear and smell the workings of our NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Toyota teams seven days a week not only benefits the fans, but gives our sponsors and manufacturer more exposure. We believe the fans will come during the week to watch our Toyota teams prepare for the races and on the weekends to watch NASCAR action on one of the giant movie screens as part of the experience."