Thursday, February 9, 2006

Acme Branding Company teams up with James Hinchcliffe

By Jim Bowie

Ludington, MI (February 9, 2006) — Acme Branding Company is stoked to announce that an agreement has been reached with 19 year old Canadian Champ Car Atlantic Series presented by Yokohama driver James Hinchcliffe. Acme Branding Company will take on the off-track marketing and branding of Hinchcliffe effective immediately.

“We believe that James has the opportunity to rewrite the model for the professional race car driver and corporate spokesman. Drivers who possess exceptional talent behind the wheel are very common. Hinchcliffe has that. Drivers who possess personality, smarts, charisma, magnetism and a burning desire to succeed outside of the car are not as common. Hinchcliffe has that too” explained Jim Bowie, Vice President of Acme Branding Company.

Acme Branding Company has some powerful resources to support the branding of Hinchcliffe, namely;

Jim Bowie – experienced, successful motorsport marketer with credibility in the paddock and in the boardroom. Strong “Circle of Influence.”

Steven Volpp – visionary marketer with automotive industry ties to leading influential brands like CAR AND DRIVER/Road & Track. Successful ‘image-maker’ in the entertainment industry who’s resume includes work with Foo Fighters, Van Halen, Eve 6, Sevendust and Lisa Loeb, to name a few. Strong “Circle of Influence”

Forsythe Racing comments
“James has a magnetic personality and it is great that he will be working with Acme Branding Company” explained Peter Davies, Senior Vice President of Forsythe Championship Racing. “Jim Bowie and his team understand the challenges facing young drivers today and James’ profile will undoubtedly benefit from this exciting new marketing strategy.”

Acme Branding Company will take Hinchcliffe to market through an extensive marketing communications program which will include media releases, an internet strategy including PodCasting, television, professional endorsements, sponsorship, strategic alliances, promotions and appearances, B2C and B2B opportunities, merchandising, corporate hospitality and a soon to be announced charitable undertaking - The Hinch Foundation.

“With this agreement, Acme Branding Company will commence with a strategy to launch the new model, and the Hinchcliffe Brand.” explained Steven Volpp, CEO at Acme Branding Company. “This strategy will allow Hinchcliffe to maintain control of his own destiny by becoming relevant to the most powerful demographic in North America – the Echo Boomers - who are 80 million strong and will spend over $170 Billion in 2006.”

This plan will create a ‘buzz’ around Hinchcliffe while continuing to grow the performance image, motorsports credibility and Hinchcliffe brand in the minds of a targeted consumer base.

“While racing continues to reduce costs, we will endeavor to increase value.” hinted Bowie. “We have a PR strategy - in the moment - that harnesses the internet, and exploits the medium to generate a ‘viral buzz’ around Hinch. James will become the voice of his generation by speaking directly to the motorsports, automotive, pop culture, fashion, technology and music influencers.”

“Well, what can I say?” said Hinchcliffe. "To instantly get the benefit of working with Jim and Steven – two guys who have been through all of this – is really quite exciting. Especially considering that they picked me over hundreds of other drivers and believe that together we can make a difference. If you look at the motorsports news over the past 18 months, it becomes obvious that I am embarking on a career path with a clear gender disadvantage and the wrong surname. With Acme Branding Company, I plan on leveling the playing field.”

About Hinch
James Hinchcliffe finished 3rd in the 2005 Star Mazda Championship. Six podiums, three poles and three wins capped a tremendous season where Hinchcliffe beat some pretty famous race car drivers - check the stats. In 2004, Hinchcliffe was named Formula BMW USA Rookie of the Year by virtue of his three wins, four poles and second place in the Championship – a fight he took the very last round – against the worthy Andreas Wirth, the overall FB USA Champ in 2004. Hinchcliffe names Greg Moore, Ayrton Senna and Gilles Villeneuve as his racing idols. James pretty much kicked butt in karting as well. If being part a cool, supportive and equally talented family led to trophies, the Hinchcliffes would already have multiple World Championships.

About Acme Branding Company
Acme Branding Company is a collection of brand rebels with mad skills. Eleven worldwide patents, dozens of Apple computers, one Indy 500 ring, multiple Gold and Platinum records and a strict "No Powerpoint" policy defines how we roll. We use technology, content, passion and street smarts to focus on marketing and sponsorship initiatives in the automotive, motorsports and entertainment sectors.

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