Monday, May 31, 2010

Gourlay Brings Expertise to River City Brass Band

James Gourlay started playing the tuba when he was ten years old.

“Because the school janitor found a tuba in the attic of the school. I was forced to play it basically because I was really bad at soccer, and nobody would have me on their team.”

Now he’s a world-famous musician and the newly-appointed Music Director of the River City Brass band.

Gourlay says after giving 12 concerts with the band this March, it was an easy choice when he was offered the position.

The Scotland native says the brass band is one of the most flexible ensembles in music.

“The River City Brass Band is capable of playing anything from jazz and pop to much more serious and contemporary music,” says Gourlay. “So I’ll be trying, in my role as Director of Music, to balance the programs so that if you come to one of our concerts, you’ll hear something you really love.”

Gourlay says he’s already made a great relationship with both the band and the city of Pittsburgh.

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