Tuesday, November 29, 2005

CASCAR: Great videos from the Robinsons / JRA

Joel Robinson has passed along a few video files that were run at the CASCAR Super Series / Sportsman Series banquet on Saturday night in London.

The first is a compilation video that Joel prepares for every banquet, featuring race action and shots of everyone that makes up the CASCAR community.

Click here to watch the 2005 CASCAR Banquet Video. (NOTE: This file is 7.5 Mb)

The second video comes from the Robinsons' final show of the season, from Kawartha. It includes footage from the 2005 season as well as some scenes from Don Thomson's incredible five-season CASCAR Super Series National Championship streak.

Click here to watch the video honouring Don Thomson's Super Series National Championship dynasty. (NOTE: This file is 2 Mb)

Thanks again to Joel and Jim Robinson for letting me show these videos on this site.

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