Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tony Novotny on WindTunnel earlier tonight

CASCAR founder / president Tony Novotny was on WindTunnel with Dave Despain on Sunday evening. Although many were hoping to hear the news that CASCAR has been sold to NASCAR, no sale was announced.

Novotny sounded somewhat frustrated when he said that NASCAR would be better able to give an answer on their timeline for buying CASCAR. He also said that it's still his goal to have someone with the resources to take CASCAR to a higher level buy the series... be it NASCAR or another entity.

To his credit, Novotny hasn't been the one feeding the "NASCAR buying CASCAR" frenzy. But it has been fed nonetheless, to the point that many people will be very disappointed if it doesn't happen.

Novotny appears to be preparing the drivers, teams and sponsors for the sale NOT to happen, at least not in time to help them sell their programs in 2006. We are already well past the date by which a NASCAR official close to the situation told me that something had to be done for the teams to take advantage of the news.

The bottom line is that budgets are being set right now, and that things have to move forward - with or without NASCAR - so that people can 'get off the fence' and build for next season.

Continuing to leave everyone in limbo is the worst thing that can happen. Tonight, Novotny demonstrated that he understands that.

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