Saturday, August 4, 2007

NCATS: Micks beat Ranger for dramatic win in Montreal

On Saturday afternoon, Kerry Micks used a late-race pass on crowd favourite Andrew Ranger to win the 23-lap NASCAR Canadian Tire Series race. Robin Buck was third. JR Fitzpatrick went out with a blown motor on lap 13.
FINISH: Kerry Micks, Andrew Ranger, Robin Buck, DJ Kennington, Scott Steckly, Don Thomson Jr., Peter Gibbons, Jeff Lapcevich, Jim Lapcevich, Trevor Seibert, Dave Whitlock, Pierre Bourque, Joey McColm, Ron Van Es, Doug Brown, Derek Lynch, Kent Nuhn, Andre Coursol, Brad Graham, Jason Hathaway, Mark Dilley, JR Fitzpatrick, John Gaunt, Dave Thorndyke, Alex Tagliani, Peter Klutt, Dave Connelly, Ron Beauchamp Jr., Michel Disdier, Richard Durivage, Kevin Dowler (DNS)

... more to come.

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