Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chiropractic Marketing Party

Much has been said about chiropractic marketing even among chiropractors themselves. Controversy and debate abound but this is not about arguing whether vertebral subluxation really does interfere with the body's innate intelligence. That is a discussion better done over a couple of drinks and a whole lot of peanuts. What we are concerned with right now is how to drive patients in your doorstep with effective chiropractic marketing strategies and techniques. People could really care less about the scientific implications of your methods so long as you get the job done and land solid objective results. And if you do get the job done, which this article assumes correctly or else you won't be reading this, your problem is not on nominal jargons but in actually getting people to understand that you can help them, rather than just covering up their symptoms.
The challenge for chiropractors is the same for every other doctor in whatever field and industry. It's getting patients through that door. Because you are in a different type of field, and one that is not usually explored, it requires thinking that goes beyond the norm. Extraordinary results require extraordinary measures, after all. The naive will put up an ad and think that with that one ad, people will come lining up in front of their doorstep. You're better than that. You're smarter than that.
Chiropractic marketing entails using every means available, whether it's traditional media or new media. However, in order to be truly effective, you must learn how to experiment. And you can do this by chiropractic marketing in the internet. Now, before you go and put up a video of yourself on youtube, remember that your actions must have definitive goal. You can build credibility online where word of mouth is King. One way to do this is to schedule chiropractic seminars that would enlighten people on the benefits of your service. A seminar is a good idea because it invites a conference and it allows you to address apprehensions that people might have.
Nowadays chiropractic educators perform online webinars webinar - that is a form of seminar done online. You can do this quite simply these days of YouTube and Facebook and connect with potential patients from the get go. This is an important first step as it gives potential patients the impression that you are knowledgeable in your craft and they will be in good hands. Once you have a certain following, you can also use the internet to publish credible testimonials from your patients.
You may start with a small number of patients but by getting their testimonials and publishing them, you will get to have the credibility that most doctors who never go into internet marketing ever get. It is an advantage that you have and that you must explore! People use the internet for everything these days. It pays to have an excellent online presence. Put photos of yourself, blog about your craft and join online communities.
Only when you step out of your chiropractic marketing comfort zone and embrace the hustle and bustle of the internet community will you get to have patients lining up to meet with you.

To learn more ways for effective chiropractic marketing and practice building, be sure to attend one of our chiropractic seminars. To learn more about our effective chiropractic marketing services and programs, give us a jingle at the Chiropractic Business Academy at 1-888-989-0855 or visit us online.

Dr Eric Huntington, DC is a national chiropractic speaker, ICA State Assemby Representative, Maryland Chiropractic Association Board Member and President of the Chiropractic Business Academy

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