Thursday, June 30, 2011

Such a Beautiful Hermes Wallet Is Just For Me!

Hermes wallet, as a famous brand and a hot sale, has been cropped up in many department stores and big malls. I really like my Hermes wallet not only for its good quality and beautiful design, but for my mother's love that is contained in it. It had never occurred to me that when I was but a freshman in an unknown university, I could have a women's Hermes wallet with beautiful design. I was not a very fashionable girl and led a very common life. My tasteless life was broken by his coming in front of me. He was so handsome and gentlemen that wherever he came there would be so many sweet girls around him. I fell love in with him nearly at the first sight and had never forgotten him again. His gentle smile left a deep impression on me. When he walked past me, I usually covertly and greedily taste his slight smoke. Perhaps he knew that I loved him very much, but he took it for granted for he was loved by so many girls like me. Who cared about me --- an ugly duckling without anything good to show off? Usually I loved him so ridiculously that I forgot where I was really lost. I had swept for him until the midnight, but he even did not know it at all. My mother knew me very well, but she said nothing. One day, I was pushed by her warm hands. When I opened my eyes, she was smiling to me without any words. Then she juggled a beautiful wallet and put it in my hands. I was so moved when I found "Herms" on it. Herms, as a hot sale, is very populous with the fashionable women. My mother spent her nearly half-month's salary on it just to brace me up! Looking at its beautiful design and touching its fine leather, I could not help thinking that it really belonged to me. Such a beautiful wallet is just for me! So beautiful my mother's love was! I needed to brace myself up!
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