Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Mystery Of Out Of Body Experience

Anytime an individual experiences the sensation of floating outside of their body, this is called an OBE or out of body experience. This is an experience that has been scientifically proven to occur and ordinarily happens when a person is very close to death.

The concept of feeling the body out of its original sphere is termed as an astral projection or even as the out of body experience.

An out of body experience is also called astral projection, especially when it is done intentionally. There have been numerous substantiated reports of people on death's door leaving their bodies and looking down upon them while medical workers rushed about the room in an attempt to save their lives. After their lives are spared they are able to describe the activities in detail from a perspective in a location other than their physical body lying on a hospital bed.

Astral travel used to be referred to as 'spirit walking.' It was in 1943 that the term out of body experience started being used to take away from the former more belief centered term. To this day scientists are still doing research on the phenomena, as they do not consider it to be a made up event.

An average of one person out of ten have experienced this phenomenon of out of body,in someway or the other halves of life.The no.of people experiencing such is so large,so one cannot look at this term with skepticism.

Not all out of the body experiences happen near death. There are a number of OBEs that are spontaneous or are done on purpose. They can also be brought on by mental or physical trauma, drug use, or trance or coma state.

There are a plethora of websites on the net that promise a person astral travel and astral projection joys. Astral projection is not a difficult thing for one to do, as long as that person does it the right way. It is believed that astral projection is a natural process, a process that has been since ancient times by ancient people.

But this kind of power has been unfortunately forgotten or unutilized by the preachers of this modern world.As such one doesnot need to be so much spiritually or mentally focused into attaining out of body experience.

You do need to focus on one thing, however. The conscious part of your mind restrains you from having an OBE because it fears that once you project yourself out from your body you will not be able to return. This fear often prevents astral projection and astral travel.

It's believed that a person's astral body is able to leave the physical body for a short period of time. When a person truly believes that he is able to project his astral body from his physical body, he is on his well on his way to succeeding. This is because he has already auto suggested to his conscious mind to completely 'let go'.

Even the slightest fear or doubt that the astral body is going to be able to make it back is reason enough for you to now attempt any sort of out of the body experience on purpose.

If you've silenced your mind and truly believe, you will have to use some meditation in addition to self hypnosis to successfully go through an out of body experience. Think positively, telling yourself that you truly want to complete an out of body experience or astral projection. Once you allow your mind to take over, you will find that you're very receptive to the idea of astral travel.

Set aside a time when you will not be disturbed. Stretch out and make yourself comfortable. Place your arms at your side. Take slow deep breaths and work on total relaxation of your physical body. When your physical body and mind are in a state of deep relaxation, your astral body can depart and explore new dimensions of reality that exist beyond your present mental and physical awareness.

At this stage one would show the symptoms of tigling body expression.If conscious thoughts keep interrupting in the mind,one should brush them away,keeping concentration on breathing gently and deeply.

Normally an out of body experience begins with vibrations and a rapid heartbeat. Allow these vibrations to completely engulf you. Make sure you remain calm. Don't allow yourself to become over excited, but the vibrations take over your body, soul, and heart. Before long you find that you have left your physical body and are beginning an exciting astral journey.

Many who have had an out of body experience say that their OBE ended because they were afraid of leaving their physical body too far behind. These people say their experience was clearly not a dream.

They report that the experience was not a dream because they were existing in another sphere or realm and going through experiences there. If you want to experience the excitement of astral travel and really believe that its possible, then you CAN do it.

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