Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Law Of Attraction and Chakra Balancing

It is said that if man is able to make the Law of Attraction work for him by using the power hidden within his own mind, the he can attain anything he desires in life from the universe into manifestation in reality.

A new age spiritual concept having the human mind power in its core, this universal law propagates the tapping into and harnessing of the human subconscious. We only use a mere fraction of the total brain capacity that we have, so if we can use it in totality, then nothing is impossible.

The popularity of this law in recent times is due to the 2006 movie 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne which was about using the power of the human mind to achieve anything man desires in life. The author also has a book by the same name.

In the movie the technique of ask-believe-receive was shown which had the power to manifest nay and every object of desire that a person might harbor in his mind.

'Ask' means asking yourself what your object of desire is. It might be a grand mansion, an island of your own, immense wealth or anything else for that matter.

'Believe' means developing true belief within that you object of desire is coming your way. This is the main core of the law of attraction since you cannot leave a doubt in your mind regarding this.

The third step is 'Receiving' wherein you are ready with open arms to receive the object of desire that you have successfully attracted from the universe into manifesting in reality in your life.

The core concept of the law is contained in the 'believe' part wherein you need to have complete faith that your object of desire is soon coming to you, without leaving any room for doubt in your mind at all.

The technique that works the best for inducing the law of attraction is visualization. Suppose you want to become the head of the organization you work in, you need to believe that this desire of yours is coming your way. So what you do is, visualize yourself sitting in that chair and being in that position.

With intense concentration and focus on what you truly believe is going to happen, you are radiating energy that is flowing to the infinite energy of the cosmos and attracting your object of desire from the universe in reality.

The surest and the best way to tap into the hidden powers of one's own subconscious mind and develop them is via meditation and this is the second technique that can be used to induce the law of attraction as well.

Search for a quiet place to practice your meditation session. A calm and quiet corner of your room or a tranquil spot in a nearby park will do good enough. Just make sure to stay light and don't have heavy meal just before meditating as this will make you fall asleep.

One must wear loose and comfortable clothing while sitting or lying down for meditation. Your first task is to be at peace with yourself and for this become aware of your own breathing and your existence per se and try to remove all negativity from your mind.

Bring your mind to a calm state and cleanse it by practicing deep breathing exercise. For bodily relaxation, clench each of your body parts and release them after a few moments and keep doing this for sometime so as to attain heightened relaxation.

Now that you are relaxed, practice visualization by visualizing yourself in a position where you have already achieved your object of desire. Intensely concentrate and focus on this vision and let all your emotions of happiness, joy, excitement or sense of achievement flow out.

The infinite energy of the cosmos is an all pervasive force that exists all around and within us. In fact, the universe, the world, the different planes of consciousness and our very existence is a manifestation of energy in one form or the other.

While you let your emotions flow from you abundantly and unknowingly strengthen it by having true belief that your visualization will come true, the energy flow from you connects to the infinite energy of the cosmos and attracts that very object of desire to occurring in your real life.

Concluding, it can be said that if one gives a bit of effort towards regular practice of this universal law, one can be rest assured that his mind power would develop to such an extent that he would be in a position to attract all his desires in life from the universe to manifestation in his real life.

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