Monday, March 1, 2010

DIRTca: Danny O'Brien plays a waiting game

If you’re not prepared, you might just as well stay home.  Visit any race track and talk to the drivers.  They’ll all tell you that preparation is the key to winning at every level.  Whatever they race, wherever they’re racing you need to be prepared before you roll the car onto the trailer and head to the track.

After finishing no worse than 4th in the Mr. DIRTcar championship series in the past 3 years – with back to back runner-up showings in 2007 and 2008 – and 9 overall Brockville Ontario Speedway 358 modified track titles – including the last 4 in a row – Danny O’Brien and his team know a thing or 2 about being prepared.  In 13 starts, his 8 wins and a top 5 run every time he fastened the belts, O’Brien set a mark DIRTcar small block modified runners will find hard to equal.

“The guys and I are in the garage at least a couple of nights a week, even during the off-season,” said O’Brien.  “Sometimes there is a lot to do and sometimes we get the luxury of sitting around yakking about racing and relaxing with a pop.  When something on the car needs attention, my team is the best there is and I’m always confident in my equipment when the green flag waves.”

With the Kingston area racing preview – March 25th to 27th – at Frontenac Mall and Super DIRTcar 358 modified tour stops – April 9th  and 17th – at Fulton and Can Am Speedways – as well as a triple 50 program at Merrittville Saturday, April 24th the #7-Star Global Warranty/1000 Islands RV Centre/Pat’s Radiator/Stover Bus Lines/103.7 BOB-FM/Jackson’s Landscaping & Property Maintenance/Murdock’s Cement Finishing/Kendrick Racing team will need to get a pair of cars ready to start the year.  One for show and one for go.  O’Brien says one of the projects will be easier than the other.

“We can put the car in the mall with last year’s engine – or no engine at all if we want,” said O’Brien.  “When it comes to the early season races, we’re still waiting on the final version of the DIRTcar rulebook to be released to all the teams.  From a workload standpoint, we’re obviously hoping there won’t be too many changes compared to what we did last year, but we can’t be sure until we see everything laid out in black and white.”

At the end of each season, DIRTcar officials review the rulebooks from each division looking for ways to level the overall playing field and save money for competitors.  Changes in technology happen all the time and the sanctioning body is constantly looking for ways to keep up and make for better racing at all of its member tracks.

With some tracks still working on their 2010 schedules, the 42 year-old Kingston, Ontario racer knows things will eventually fall nicely into place.  Still, stock car drivers have never been known for their patience and Danny O’Brien is definitely one who doesn’t like to wait.

Photo attachment:  Jim Clarke – Clarke Motorsports Communications
Danny O’Brien scored 13 top 5 finishes – including 8 wins – in 13 starts during Brockville Speedway’s 2009 season.

Prepared by:  Jim Clarke – Clarke Motorsports Communications

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