Monday, March 1, 2010

GOP, Dems Plan to Pick Candidates for Murtha Seat

Republicans and Democrats will select their candidates for the special election to fill John Murtha’s Congressional seat in the coming weeks.
Democrats from the 12th Congressional District will convene in Delmont, Westmoreland County on March 6th to recommend a candidate for the May 18th special election.
But, as State Party Chairman TJ Rooney points out, their choice won’t be binding.

"It is, at the end of the day, the responsibility of the executive committee. And members of the executive committee will receive and weigh information from a myriad of sources, including polling that’s been done in the district."

Rooney says Democratic party officials will make the final decision on March 8th.
A few days later, Republicans will convene in Latrobe, Westmoreland County, to select their candidate. Republican spokesman Michael Barley says the GOP conference will be made up of representatives selected by county parties.

"Their county party bylaws dictate. They do not need to be committee members at all. It’s up to the counties. Different counties have different ways of selecting conferees. Some, the county chair selects them. The only requirement we have is that they’re Republicans living in the district."

Unlike the Democrats, that session’s pick will be final.
When voting to fill Murtha’s seat May 18, 12th District residents will also select general election nominees for the next Congressional term.
Rooney says Democrats will try to make sure they have the same candidate in each race.
Republican spokesman Mike Barley says it’s too early to know whether the GOP will do the same.

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