Sunday, June 26, 2011

Are Zeiss Scopes Really Worth the Investment?

A century and a half of history backs the fine optical equipment Zeiss Optics has provided from the town of Jena in Germany. Established by Carl Zeiss and Ernst Abbe in 1855, Zeiss was the very first supplier to create lenses from the scientific principles of physics and the wave theory of optics.

Throughout the time period of the second world war, Zeiss Optics provided most of the optical products employed by the German military - such as periscopes, field glasses, and lastly riflescopes. A pair of Zeiss Optics binoculars were famously used by the infamous German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, and several hundreds of WWII collectors claim to own that very set of field glasses.

With the dividing of Germany in the aftermath of the war, Zeiss separated into the Carl Zeiss Optics company in Oberkochen, Germany and the Schott Glaswerke in Mainz, Germany. Carl Zeiss maintained control of the the Zeiss business, while Ernst Abbe directed the Glasswerke business. Until 1990, the businesses worked in a largely self-sufficient style, but within weeks of the reunification of Germany, they came together again underneath the name of Zeiss Germany.

The designs stemming from Zeiss Optics drew a significant amount of public and media interest in the scientific realm, with the design of new telescopy and microscopy technologies, including significant advancements to the electron microscope and instruments used in the space probe "Galileo."

Less obvious and well known, however, were the innovations Zeiss Optics made to military services equipment - which includes a number of the very best sniper rifle optics ever produced, and exceptional night vision accessories.

Zeiss Optics riflescopes offer the same high-quality qualities you expect in a rifle scope; O-ring seals, nitrogen fill for fogproofing, and truly waterproof seals. Additionally, they offer a lifetime transferable guarantee, allowing even secondary owners to hold on to the advantages of Zeiss warranty service.

When the topic is rifle scopes, Zeiss Optics offers unparalleled quality; lower weights, elevated fields of vision, and greater ranges of magnification are par for the course in every Zeiss Optics unit.

Zeiss rifle scopes are one of the oldest and most well respected scope makers in the world with a rifle scope making background that dates back to World War I. You cannot be in business that long without manufacturing some amazing rifle scopes. To see if a Zeiss could be for you, kindly visit:=> Zeiss Rifle Scopes.

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