Sunday, June 26, 2011

Can Monavie Really Help You Achieve Financial Freedom?

This is a realistic review about the Monavie products and the Monavie home business. Is this a good occupation for yourself? Can you benefit as a distributor? Learn the facts and determine for yourself.

Monavie is a multilevel marketing company that promotes health juice products taken from the Acai berry. This is considered a Super-Fruit, due to its considerably high degree of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients, noted for their amazing healing and anti-aging properties. These juice products are placed within in very classy looking wine-style containers, which are sold by the case. The enterprise was founded in January of 2005, they have locations in over half a dozen countries around the world, and they continue to experience rapid expansion.

An aspiring business owner can become a representative for Monavie, and also create a team of representatives. This allows a representative to earn commissions on both his or her own customers, and the sales of the total downline, which can expand into quite a profit producing stream of on going cash flow. To become a representative of Monavie wellness products, there is a base nominal license fee, and a juice auto-ship requirement, which means automatically being charged for monthly delivery of Monavie juice products for personal use.

Monavie pays its distributors through both commissions and bonuses. The commissions are taken from a Binary compensation model. This means that your team of distributors will be sperated into two separate legs, left and right. Your commissions from Monavie will be a percentage of the entire cash reserve from your lesser-volume side. Additionally, there are a number of other ways within the Monavie earnings program to gain substantial income.

As you move up in income in Monavie, your rank description will change, and the kind of earnings that you qualify for will grow. This is referred to as your Rank Qualification, which comes along with lables like Star, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond.


One: Monavie promotes health and wellness products, which is an expanding billion-dollar industry.

Two: Monavie has confirmed its strength as a company, and it will probably not be going out of business any time soon.

Three: People who are drawn to health and wellness products are normally very passionate about them. This helps create momentum, which then turns into greater cash reserve.

Four: As with any strong network marketing enterprise, in Monavie there is potentiality for unlimited personal cash reserve and lifelong residual commissions.


One: The bill for autoship in Monavie is over a hundred dollars monthly, which is often quite high for some business owners. People who first have trouble enlarging their organization many times spend themselves out of business trying to pay for their autoship payments every month.

Two: Monavie really only generates one product, with quite a few variations: juice extracted from the Acai berry. Quite a few other nutrition multi-level marketing enterprises have more of a variety of products.

Three: The company works with an old fashioned word-of -mouth form of network marketing, which worked all right in the 70s, but people often battle with this procedure in the computer age.

There were many rich people created in Monavie, but also quite a few representative have spent more funds on the products then they ever made in earnings. If you do get involved with Monavie, the one thing that I recommend is that you acquire information to grow your business with professional Internet marketing strategies, in addition to the relationship technique that they promote. For details dealing with how to do this, follow the link below to Kevin Thomas Marketing.

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