Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do You Drink Alcohol? Discover 4 Everyday Facts Concerning Alcohol Absorption

It is not uncommon at all for someone to drink alcohol in the western world. We all know of the many dangers that alcohol has on a person's driving ability but do you know how the body handles the alcohol you drink?

Below I am going to list 4 facts about alcohol absorption. I feel you should know this for the next you decide to have a drink you will have a better idea how the alcohol affects your body.

First, the BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of a 100 pound person will be twice as high as it would be for a 200 pound person who drank the same amount. This is just simple common sense as the smaller you are the more your BAC is affected. Do not get this confused with a person's alcohol tolerance rate. Seasoned drinkers can consume large amounts of alcohol no matter what their size. Just because they have a high tolerance for alcohol dos not mean their BAC is not affected.

Second, if you mix plain water mixed with your alcohol it then is absorbed into the body more slowly. So, instead of having a rum and coke have a run and water as it makes a big difference. Alcohol mixed with a carbonated drink enters the bloodstream faster and increases your chances on getting drunk greatly.

Third, if you are a heavy drinker, have a poor diet, cirrhosis (liver disease), or simply older, your liver is probably not functioning as well as it could and thus alcohol is not being metabolized at an optimal rate. Think about this next time you see an older hobo type of person who is drunk off one beer.

Fourth and last, in most cases the BAC is higher for women because women generally weigh less, have less fluid in their bodies and only produce half as much of the stomach enzymes that breaks down the alcohol. Yes men have an unfair advantage as this would explain why we always see in the movies how a guy tries to get an attractive woman drunk to have his way with her.

There you have 4 simple facts about alcohol absorption. Use this information wisely and remember to never mix drinking with driving, the risks are just too great.

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