Wednesday, June 29, 2011

E-Cigarettes the Future of Smoking

If you have been having a tough time finding the strength to quit smoking, E-Cigarettes may just be the key to your problem. Unlike nearly all other procedures offered to assist you in quitting smoking, E-Cigarettes still supply you with the addictive ingredients contained in cigarettes, signifying that your desire for "real" smokes is extinguished. Furthermore, when smoking an electronic cigarette, you'll feel no different than when smoking a "real" cigarette. Though, just like most things, taking a puff of E-cigarettes has benefits and drawbacks

For regular smokers, a beneficial factor of electronic cigarettes is that combustion does not occur which means that no real smoke is made. Instead, e-cigarette smokers take in and expel water vapor. Consequently, those guilty of smoking will never need to go out for "cigarette breaks" outside and can keep away from the trouble of bad weather and uncomfortable locations. Additionally, if a smoker has a family, the children would not be subjected to secondhand smoke. Fortunately, E-cigarettes don't actually contain any tobacco, which makes them a lot more safe than standard cigarettes.

Since E-cigarettes provide smokers with the addictive substance called nicotine, they will not be tempted to stray from the plan to quit smoking. The electronic cigarette is battery operated, meaning that lighters and matches will no longer be required. Individuals who smoke have a disgusting aroma on their breath and clothes; e-cigarettes do not leave a path of odor. E-cigarettes also come in a wide range of flavors, ranging from dr. pepper to vanilla ice cream. Generally over time, ecigarettes are also less expensive that conventional cigarettes. Of course, electronic cigarettes also have their drawbacks.

As soon as someone purchases an e-cigarette, a smoker has to get a kit that consists of items such as the actual e-cigarette, e-juice, Atomizers, and other items that are crucial for the successful operation of the e-cigarette.

The "starter" kits can be a bit steep, ranging from $50-$200. However, the electronic cigarette is pending approval from the Food and Drug Administration and certain research has shown that the electronic cigarette may contain harmful ingredients. It is of importance to consider that while the e-cigarettes minimize the exposure of harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes, it does not help smokers kick the craving for nicotine. In all truth, research has shown that the electronic cigarette in reality, contains more than twice the amount of nicotine than regular cigarettes. Even though at first it may seem like a benefit, the fact that it can be used anywhere can also become a drawback. Even though no actual smoke is made by e-cigarettes, the vapor it allows smokers to inhale and blow out looks very similar to actual smoke. If the e-cigarette is used in a public, non-smoking place, it could be seen as an actual cigarette and cause a stir. Side effects from using e-cigarettes have not been documented even though it is quickly becoming more and more popular.

When trying to contemplate the use of e-cigarettes make sure you understand the health effects of regular cigarettes, what your budget may allow, and whether you'd want to quit all together or find a safer and healthier alternative.

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