Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How to Build a Closet

If you develop a closet yourself you may find it is a great method to not just cut costs but also create the exact type and amount of storage that you need. A few years back a great friend decided to build a log cabin on a lake within the North. He did a great job in designing and building it. It was a beautiful structure having a fireplace and large windows overlooking the lake. Once the day found move into the cabin for the summer his wife asked where the closets were. Yes that's right he left them out of the design.

My friend called me as well as in the background I could plainly hear his spouse extolling his building abilities. With our assistance he quickly discovered that you can develop a closet yourself. Because this was a vacation cabin he decided that constructing several walk in closets was impractical. However since the cabin would be used in both the summer months and for snowmobiling in the winter there was a need to keep both summer and winter apparel the use of free-standing and wardrobe closet furniture alone wouldn't provide all of the needed closet space.

Among the best places to find closet ideas and designs is on the web. Many closet manufactures and installers have great closet layouts design software on the websites. Many of those software packages are specially design that will help you choose the company's products but they frequently may be used to develop a closet yourself. Basically there are only three closet possibilities plus they include the walk-in, reach in and free standing or wardrobe closet furniture. Since space was limited we decided on using 36 inch deep reach in and free-standing designs.

Once you have your closet ideas and design you can start looking for building materials. When it comes to my friend whose log cabin had no closet space we select half log siding that was very similar to the existing log structure. We roughed in the closets from the interior stud walls of each bedroom after which lined each with white cedar. This cedar closet lining basically works just like a cedar chest. The inside shelves were also constructed of cedar. Half from the closets were dedicated to standard half and complete clothes hanging and also the rest to spread out shelves. Open selves allow one to quickly find everything stored inside the closet.

We used exactly the same sealer utilized on the cabins interior log surfaces to finish the exterior of our new reach in closets. My friend's wife did her part as well by finding wardrobe closet furniture that would accent the natural look of the vacation cabin. We visited the furnishings store and made several measurements and noted the type of construction and material. It wasn't well before we were back in our shop designing and building two copies.

You are able to build a closet yourself that will function as well as any product located on the market today. Additionally the total cost of designing and building 3 standard and two free standing closets was less than $1000. Should you purchase the two wardrobe furnishings it might have cost more than twice as much alone. Our total project time involved 30 days that was reasonable considering all of us had regular jobs to operate too. As you can tell you really can develop a closet yourself.

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