Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Find the Best Nook Prices

If you have been checking online regarding good nook prices, you've located the right spot. The Nook Color has increased in popularity with book lovers all over the world. From the time the nook color hit the market it has snagged the attention of shoppers with it's innovative technology. I'll share with you exactly why the nook color is worth the cost, along with how you can obtain the best bargain on the nook.

Nook Prices: Features Making the Value Worthy of the Cost

In my opinion, the nook color value is completely worth its reported selling price of $249. From each of the positive reviews contributed through owners, the nook color has exceptionally satisfied the expectations of their users.

The 7-inch touch screen on the nook displays premium quality imagery and written text. It shows 16 million colors that will make an individual's reading experience exactly like reading the actual published page. The 7-inch touch screen generates 169 PPI (pixels per inch), additionally, the screen resolution is 1024x600.

With more than 2 million publications available, you'll never run out items to read. Get your nook color and visit your local Barnes and Noble retail store to take advantage of the "Read in Store" feature. While you're there you can then choose between a selection of more than a million books to read for approximately one hour 100% free. You will be able to exchange and borrow ebooks from your pals making use of the "LendMe" feature. With an easy tap of the display screen, it is easy to look up words and highlight paragraphs all while reading your favorite book.

The nook color has eight gigabytes of memory built-in. The nook color has the capacity of saving many books plus more. Need more storage? By placing a MicroSD card into your nook color, you can easily add more memory.

It's quite light and compact.Whether you happen to be on the shuttle, train, at the park, or on your lunch time break, the nook is handy to take with you wherever. The no-glare screen is easy on the eyes, and it is designed to be read inside your home or outdoors. No need to concern yourself with the battery going out while reading your favorite book. From a single charge the battery life of the nook can last up to two months.

Watch YouTube videos, send e-mails, browse the net using your favorite internet browser. This all can be achieved when using the built-in Wi-Fi feature and email application. You can easily switch between using the internet and reading your book easily. The nook automatically remembers where you left off in your book so you will never have to lose your place.

With so many features just for kids, it's no wonder why children have fallen in love with the nook. They can play games or enjoy interactive books that include the "Read to Me" functionality. Books come to life with merely the touch of their small fingertips. Your children should never run out of things to do with the nook color. They can play games, enjoy interactive books, and more even during lengthy trips out of town.

I can go on and on concerning the various functionalties of the nook color, but I will not cover them all here today. How can you get a great deal on the nook color? Why don't we discuss this further.

Where to Locate a Good Deal for the Nook Color

By browsing the online market place, quite often you'll find the best offers on the Nook color. Why get the nook via the internet? Not needing to drive around to many different shops does not just help you save valuable time, but it will also save you from putting money and gas into your car. Be it a new or an used nook you are considering I guarantee you it can be found on the internet. By shopping online you will be surprised at what you can find like free shipping, nook discount coupons, and other bargains for the nook.

I've obtained addiitional information for you about the nook prices. Just look it up at: http://www.buyebook-reader.com/ and you might find it there.

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