Saturday, June 25, 2011

How To Make Coffee Using a French Coffee Press

A French Coffee Press is a perfect substitute for the conventional drip coffee maker and thus you will discover it in a lot of Western European kitchens. Even though the plunge pot, how the French Coffee Press is also named, cause of the way it is designed, appears simple, preparing coffee using the French Pot is a bit more a form of art in comparison to the standard brewing technique.

The French Coffee Press contains only two major pieces, a straight-sided glass container that is long lasting and heat-resistant and also the plunger to which a filter and also the top are connected.

When making use of a French Coffee Press when it comes to brewing your pot of coffee, it is suggested to preheat the pot with hot water, letting it inside right until you will be ready to add the ground coffee as well as the hot water.

At the very first, place the French Pot on a dry, even and non-slip surface while bringing water to boil in a pot. Permit the boiled water to cool off for a minute, at the same time empty the water from your container and add coarsely ground coffee. The very best effect can be reached with freshly ground coffee beans. Put the pre-boiled water into your container by leaving just about one inch of room at the top. Go with a solid wood or perhaps plastic spoon to be able to mix the content, a metal spoon may perhaps cause harm to the glass container. Put the plunger just beneath the water line, this can help a bit retaining things warm.

Permit the coffee steep for around 4 minutes before you force the plunger unit through the water to filter out the ground coffee.

It's always best to fill the coffee right into an insulated serving pot, for a French Coffee Press is simply not effectively insulated and unfortunately your coffee will likely cool down extremely fast.

Try playing around with the brewing time along with the grind coarseness to get the best result according your liking. As soon as you identified your favorite you will discover that your French Press Coffee Pot offers you a much tastier coffee compared with the best coffee makers.

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