Monday, June 27, 2011

How To Understand Mind Over Matter For Everyone

The phrase mind over matter promotes the theory that the human mind is more powerful than the body and it has the strength to influence any matter that it so desires.

The truth of this can be ascertained from the immense power of concentration seen in impossible projects, will power tested in self development, focusing elsewhere of the mind as seen in times of intense pain or even moving physical matter with the power of thought.

The word Psychokinesis refers to the power of moving physical objects with the power of one's mind. Thus, as a concept it signifies one kind of an extreme of the term 'mind over matter'.

In the beginning 'Telekinesis' was the word coined which essentially meant physical movement of objects by spirits or ghosts. But studies and experiments by parapsychologists to assess the extent of influence of human mind on the same led to the coining of the term Psychokinesis in the 19th century.

Micro-psychokinesis and macro-Psychokinesis are the two types of the phenomena depending on its measurement. When the movement is too small to get detected without using a scientific instrument, it falls in the first category while large movements in objects, easily observable with naked eyesight fall in the second.

Other than such extreme paranormal aspects, the phrase 'mind over matter' finds extensive use in the mind centric explanations in the arena of philosophy or spirituality as well especially when it comes to responsibility assumption.

Taking responsibility of your own life and what happens in your future is what is meant by the term 'responsibility assumption.' Hence, the bottom-line to this is that your destiny is essentially a product of your own mind and its thoughts.

Other than this, other new age spirituality concepts such as the law of attraction or the mental affirmations also propose the same belief in having mind over matter.

The Law of attraction states that if you focus your entire energy into a goal that you desire to meet and have full faith that you will definitely do so in the near future, then the energy from your subconscious mind will connect with that of the universe and lead to your goal being manifested in reality. Constant positive affirmations to your mind like 'I will become successful' will result in your subconscious to actually believing it as true and thereby forcing it to happen.

There has been numerous claimants to this power of psychokinesis in the world, some of which are worthy of mention.

Of all such names, mention must be made of a few including the author of the 1972 novel Cyborg named Martin Caidin who could initiate movements in energy wheels that were placed in one or multiple table tops.

Uri Geller, an Israeli was also known for the spoon bending tactics he performed. Again, a Soviet psychic named Nina Kulagina made several short films which showed her demonstrating such abilities.

A psychokinetic celebrity in the world, Felicia Parise was only a laboratory technician in America when such abilities occurred to her spontaneously. Inspired by the Nina Kulagina films, she developed her powers through intense concentration and focus. Afterwards she was able to move objects like compass needles, plastic pill containers, aluminum foils, etc.

She was featured on the tabloid National Enquirer as the First American to Move matter with mind. After reporting immense bodily stress from psychokinesis performances, she retired from it.

Apart from all the above modern scientifically researched claims, one finds such people and such special abilities in the age old and remotest corners of massive mountain ranges like that of the Himalayas, stated to be powerhouse places of positive energy and spirituality. The sadhus and monks who renounce the world and live in such mountains of India, Nepal and Tibet are said to be experts on mind powers.

Such people and their psychokinesis and other miraculous feat demonstrations can be witnessed by others during the famous Indian pilgrimage to the holy river Ganges called Kmbh Mela (once a year), Ardh Kumbh Mela (Once in six years) and the great purna Kumbh mela (once in twelve years).

The truth of the expression 'mind over matter' can be realized when you develop and harness the power of your mind to do things like move matter with your thoughts or even attract from the universe whatever it is that you want. It can be concluded by saying that with effective use of one's power of concentration, faith and belief one can write his own destiny as he wants it to be.

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