Saturday, June 25, 2011

Introduction to the Nikon Monarch Rifle Scopes

Get a bunch of hunters around a wood stove talking hunting and the conversation will inevitably turn to scopes. Most everyone has an opinion on their "best" rifle scope, but few seem to offer an opinion on the best rifle scope value. Having owned a hunting and shooting store for over 15 years, I feel that the Nikon Monarch series is the best rifle scope for the money on the market today.

What makes me say that? The following reasons:

One of the vital aspects of any scope is the caliber of the glass employed in the lenses. Cheaper condition glass suggests reduced quality clarity as well as picture. Various competitors employ glass or lenses which are produced overseas. Nikon only makes use of glass manufactured in the US. The Monarch optics boasts a 95% rate of light transmission. This means that out of 100% of the light source that passes along the lenses, the Monarch transmits 95% to your eye. Even though several scope makers boast a 95% or higher level of light transmission, Nikon means it. The sight picture and depth of clarity are superior.

The Nikon Monarch models also offers a standard diameter objective lens of 42mm, while the market standard for objective lens is 40mm. That additional 2mm helps more light to pass through the scope and provides a lot better efficiency in low light situations.

All Monarch scopes which are a 3X12 or greater use a side focus adjustment. If you haven't used side focus, you honestly should give it a try. After using an SF Nikon, I've never gone back to the more conventional bell focus. Side focus allows you to put your eye on the target while focusing in. This task is particularly problematic using a bell focus.

One other reason I genuinely think the Monarch's are a best buy entail the longer eye relief. The Monarch's have extremely good eye relief when wanting to line up the shot. This makes for very fast target acquisition under any circumstances. Scopes with a lower eye relief threshold make the shooter to adjust his or her head back and forth in an effort to find the best eye relief. With the Monarch, you simply shoulder, focus, and shoot.

In addition to the lifetime warranty extended by Nikon, the Monarch is nitrogen purged so it is fog proof. The main tube of every Monarch is manufactured from forged aluminum which offers a strength to weight ratio greater than steel.

Nikon produces the Monarch is nine different configurations ranging from a 2- 8X all the way up to a 8- 32X, so one is likely to fulfill your hunting needs.

If you truly evaluate all the features of the Monarch in opposition to matching competitors, and then factor in the price points, the Nikon constantly seems to come out a winner in my book.

With all the different rifle scope models on the market today, choosing a rifle scope can be a challenge. If you are looking for a nice rifle scope with excellent glass and features under $500.00, then you might want to consider a Nikon Monarch scope.

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