Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is Past Life Regression Something You Should Try?

Only 25% of people today, believe in reincarnation. With such a low percentage believing, that does not mean that it doesn't exist. Do you have talents, or connections with something and you really have no idea why or where it came from?

There are certain things in our lives that we wonder where the connection stems from but we have no reason that we can come up with. Perhaps it was something that was important to you in your past life.

Unfortunately, its possible existence or validity is overlooked by many people and tends to be ignored. The opportunity to expand personally is missed out by that person or persons. To discover who they were in the past and who they are today, in the present.

You can hinder your own success or achievement by not getting in touch with who you were in those past lives.

Through many studies, it has been shown that past life regression could be a powerful tool to helping those people who suffer form emotional problems.

The clearing and healing trauma, is a very common benefit of life regression. We have two choices when trauma happens and we can either try to change it of face it straight on.

When we speak of (life regression and trauma) we have the option of bringing the past forward to the present and having trauma viewed by the Higher Self, as a whole.

A positive way to get in touch with your creative self is with past life regression. Every one without exception has a creative spirit and is imbued with many attributes that can help guide each individual to make better choices and decisions in the present. Practicing past life regression will help you go back to the past and visit one or more lives. This attribute can be forwarded to the present and act as an Inner Guide.

Karma.'what goes around, comes around' putting it simply and remarkable. Past life regression can assist you to correct or modify a past contract, agreement or maybe a promise. If is likely that this past transgression involved another person.

However, you need to go back to the time of the creation of the original agreement, promise or contract in order to free yourself of the original document. Then you can come to a decision, do you want to atone or perhaps see if the agreement can be changed or modified to help you in your current situation. Most often this is accomplished with the help of the Inner Guide.

There is also the most significant benefit for going through past life regression and that is grounding and affirming one's self.

When individuals practice past life regression it is not unusual for the to feel more grounded and to be more aware of themselves as a person and who they are. Mainly due to the fact they now know they have more desires, connections, passions, talents and characteristics.

Armed with this information enables them to accept themselves as a person and to live a balanced and complete life.

Experts in the field of life regression agree, if a person wants enhancement of their life they need to use past life regression. Life regression will help you to remember your past lives and allows you to become more fulfilled in this your present life.

You may not believe this, but if you believe the feelings and events you are experiencing are simply figments of your imagination, a catharsis takes place opening your mind, breaking down barriers from blocking the achievement of the goals you want to accomplish during your lifetime.

A quick recap of what was mentioned is that through the benefits of past life regression, you can deal with traumatic events from the past so that they don't bind you in your personal life today. Dealing with them from your past life will help you live a better equipped life for dealing with decisions you need to make today.

Like in history, if you know your history you are far less likely to repeat those mistakes here in the present. It's true world wide and even in your personal life. If you know you have performed a dishonest act and have paid the price you will be likely to change an old bad habit to improve yourself here in the present.

The importance of knowledge cannot be overstated. And is, in fact, the most important benefit of past life regression. Knowledge give you a better understanding of you, who you are, what you are and why you are.

You can live a more well rounded, balanced, and complete life when you are able to take advantage of your talents and skills that you once had giving you life's fullest potential. These may be talents and skills that you never knew you once had.

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