Monday, June 27, 2011

Learning Chinese Gifting Traditions

Chinese are a very fascinating people with their culture, customs and taboos. They are very conservative people especially when it comes to exchanging of gifts. It is both respectful and courteous to give presents to friends and family. Chinese gifts are very popular all over the world, so it is important to learn a few things about this art.

When visiting an Asian friend it is customary to present them with a gift. They may decline to receive it a couple of times but do not worry about it since it is part of their etiquette. You do not want to insist if a person really does not want it.

Some presents are considered taboo in Asian culture like clocks. Shape objects like knives and scissors are also not welcome as these are considered bad signs. Also avoid giving items in multiples of four as this symbolizes death. The pronunciation is almost the same as death.

A good idea would be to come with a fruit basket, oranges and apples. When offering fruits, avoid cutting them in half. Though your idea might be noble, this implies that you want to break up or end your relationship. For a business partner, you can offer fine liqueur or an ink pen just not red ink.

New born babies are considered a blessing and gifts are usually given during these occasions. In most cases, eggs dyed red are normally given. This is because red is considered to show happiness. Money and other presents wrapped in red are also given.

Chinese gifts are very creative in many ways varying from the cuisine to the attires. However, if you are giving to an Asian, it can help to make the present yourself. You will end up with a personalized gifts that shows that you really care about the person you are gifting.

Do your homework before you choose a Chinese gift. You'll want to understand the Chinese gifting customs and choose a very personalized gift that is fitting and welcome.

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