Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Navy Seal Vs Six Million, Two Hundred Thousand Volt Stun Gun

After one of our self-defense weapon demonstrations at a trade show in Jacksonville, Florida. I was approached by a very polite, well dressed young man who looked like a body builder.

He requested I actually shock him with our six million, two hundred thousand volt stun gun as a demonstration to the public. I told him it was a silly idea as I had seen people dropped before. I simply had nothing to prove.

The young man again politely asks for a "zap" explaining he was a Navy Seal and they are trained to withstand almost anything. If they find anything they cannot handle they train themselves to be able to handle it. He had been stunned before, but with nothing of this magnitude of power. He wanted to expand his limits, to see what he needed to do to handle the pain of a 6.2. Again, I said no.

He did not give up. "Let me make you a deal," he said...

The Navy Seal's Deal

1. If your 6.2 Million Volt Stun gun will drop me, I will buy one.
2. If it does not drop me, you will give me the stun gun at half price.
3. Since it was an experiment, he wanted a full five second non-stop skin contact blast.

(This is no problem with our Shock 'n Awe Stun Gun's pulse technology. A normal stun gun would overheat with a continuous blast. Our unit can sustain a long blast as it is making contact with the assailant. Otherwise "dry air firing" should not be longer than a half a second.)

It was an interesting proposition. And besides, I knew he would drop before the one second blast.

By that time we had drawn a small crowd, who were rooting for the Seal.

The Event: Navy Seal vs 6.2 million volt stun gun.

I said okay and recruited two big men on either side of the Navy Seal and showed them how to stand to catch him. I knew he would drop. The Seal wore a T-shirt and his arm was bare; the upper arm muscle is a perfect spot.

I firmly placed the firing electrodes on his arm with a perfect contact, then firing six million, two hundred thousand volts into his arm for five full seconds.

He didn't drop. I was wondering if the stun gun was working. His only movement was he simply closed his eyes.

After five seconds I removed the stun gun. He opened his eyes and said "WOW! That was really powerful. Five seconds may not seem long, but while you are being stunned each second is a lifetime."

"Yeah", I said "and that stun gun is the same one we have been firing all day for demonstration." (I was still in a state of shock that he did not drop).

He asked "Do you have a new one fully charged up, if so let's try it."

Second Change To Drop The Navy Seal.

Yes, I had a unit ready-to-sell with a fresh charge. Okay, I thought I get another chance at this guy; the first try had to be a fluke.

The Navy Seal said "I'm ready when you are." I pulled out a freshly charged six million, two hundred thousand volt Shock 'N Awe Stun Gun. I asked if I could make "contact" on the muscle on the side of his neck. Can't miss, I thought. Note, at this point I avoided the word "blasting." But blast I did, at the perfect drop point on his neck for FIVE FULL SECONDS. Again his only motion was slowing closing his eyes. I was amazed. I must explain, stun guns cannot kill regardless what you have heard. Although high voltage is awfully painful, the stun gun amperage is very low. Ours in only .oo2 Amps (Amps kill - Volts do not). That is so low it cannot do any permanent damage, not even effect a PACE Maker.

Afterwards, I asked him if he did not feel anything. He said "Are you kidding? Each plusing blast felt like a jack-hammer hitting my insides for five seconds. You did not see this," he showed two blisters on his arm. It had almost burned a hole in his arm! I could also now see the two blisters on his neck. He confessed, "I have been using these so-called five million volt stun guns to build up muscle mass, so I'm used to stun gun shock but this 6.2 million packs quite a jolt, much stronger than any of the others."

He said "Now do I still get the half price deal on the 6.2?" Sure, I stammered. I was still in shock; I should have given it to him for free. At this point I thought he was able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

But really what do you need it for? I asked. "It's for my sister; she really needs a real stun gun like this one. But before I give it to her, I am going to do additional training with the 6.2. Today I was able to withstand the pain using some Seal training and concentration techniques."

"But I want to be able to withstand the pain during any action event without concentration. I want to perform to my highest ability at any time, any place upon command."

I thought, I am glad to be an American to have this quality young man volunteer to put his life in harm's way to defend me and my family. We are all blessed!

The Super Seal came back after lunch. He said he wanted us to know how strong it really was... He could still feel the pulsing through his body, it was that powerful.

The Bottom Line: Don't worry; the 6.2 will take down a big attacker in case all the Navy Seals are busy defending us elsewhere.

Dr. Tag Powell and his wife, Dr. Judith Powell is self-protection experts and Certified Taser International Dealers. They have trained thousands of people in the use of self-protection tools, devices and techniques. His year of research and experience has allowed him to design 12 state-of-the-art stun gun models currently on the market.

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