Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Research Into How To Be A Gifted Clairvoyant

Our history all over the world is riddled with stories of clairvoyants. You will see examples of their acceptance, rejection, and sometimes even execution in so many different places. The reason that these things were rejected in the past was mainly a massive show of ignorance. There is no reason to fear those who have been given the gift, and they can simply see beyond what a normal person can see. A clairvoyant can see past, present and future, though no matter what type of valuable information these people can provide, they have still experienced intense jealous and fear directed at them.

Clairvoyance refers to the ability to see events, people or objects which are otherwise not visible through the ordinary five senses of man. Clairvoyants thus have a second sight, another vision which lets them see beyond the physical universe. This second sight facilitates visualizing events of the present, future as well as past, commonly known as retrocognition.

Clairvoyance is nothing new, and is a huge part of our history. Today's psychic provides readings to help others find the solutions to problems that plague their lives; everything from helping them find the right job, to finding the perfect lover.

In today's society however, you don't need to be jealous of those who have these powers, and you do not need to be afraid of them either. Every single person has the ability to turn into a clairvoyant if they so desire, as long as they have the determination to do what is necessary to access the source of those powers.

Now the question arises that are you mentally prepared to start practicing to become clairvoyant? The very first step towards this is to clear away your mind of all the negative thoughts and energies. For this you need a prolonged session of meditation.

Clearing your mind simply involves meditating and getting rid of those negative energies which blind you to the truth of the world.

With regular meditation you will see the strength that is buried within you, and you will be able to take hold of it and use it to your advantage. Make sure that you get rid of any negative parts, and attempt to keep the positive. If you do this, then it will be simpler for you, and you will have many new capabilities.

The meditation needs to be performed daily, and it needs to be done for half an hour at a time. Make sure that you are in a quiet and serene setting where you will experience minimal distractions. There are those who decide to meditate in an outdoor environment so that nature itself can rid them of the negative energies.

Focus your thoughts on your present feelings being more aware about them and use the technique of deep breathing to flush away the negative thoughts. This makes you more aware of your natural surroundings, the tingles of nature and the harmonious rhythmic presence of your own self, an essential skill that enables clairvoyants to perceive and know about things that are about to happen in the future.

It also helps to think as a child thinks. It is a fact that is not well known that every child is clairvoyant before age and logic tell them that ideas like this are non existent.

Learn to free your mind to pursue thoughts and ideas that you have always shut off before. Release your inhibitions and let all fear go, allow yourself to connect with the universe around you and realize that everything and everyone is connected.

To get control of your energy which by this point has become much more powerful, you should try buying yourself a deck of tarot cards. Why? Because tarot cards need each person to physically interact, and that will help you to develop a great deal.

There is also the option to provide free clairvoyant readings. This will help you to see the auras which surround all individuals.

This will help you to make more accurate predictions regarding them, and will also help you to see where they are going, and where they have been.

One area of clairvoyance that is not talked about often is the ability to talk with the dead. If you want to develop this ability you will have to get over any fear you may have of interacting with or seeing ghosts.

Though it may seem scary or odd to interact with a dead being there is no risk of harm or injury to you. Your clairvoyant powers have just progressed to the point where you can see and hear those who are closed off from those with undeveloped senses.

You'll note along the way that anyone can do this. Clairvoyance is not restricted to a few choice people. Anyone who desires the power already has it, they just have to be willing to unlock it.

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