Saturday, June 25, 2011

Origins Of The Pool Game

No one really is aware of the origins of billiards. The frequent belief is that the sport originated as a sport that was played outdoors which was a bit completely different from croquet that was played early within the 14th century in France. Its stated it became quite fashionable and when the cold weather did not permit the sport to be enjoyed exterior, it moved indoors and was played on a desk that was covered with inexperienced felt.

Have you learnt that when Mary, Queen of Scots, died, she was wrapped in a billiard cloth? Did you also know that pool was the first sport to have a world championship recreation in 1873? Fascinating huh

There are effectively know historical figures that liked the billiard recreation. These embrace King Louise X1V and spouse Marie Antoinette, Mozart, Abe Lincoln, Napoleon and George Washington amongst others.

Back then, billiard balls have been made from ivory and were often carved out from the middle of an elephant's tusk. The elephant tusks might only give you three to 4 billiard balls.

The pool game is said to have the best common age among its players at about 35 yrs and likewise mentioned to be one of the safest game on this planet

"Billiard" was coined from the French word "billart" which means mace. The mace was a stick to a deal with that started for use with the game called croquet.

It was illegal

In its earliest history, the pool recreation was outlawed in certain. Its funny that the church in France considered pool as immoral. Within the nineteenth century in America, the phrase "pool" room was used to mean a parlor room for horse race betting and was banned in various states in America.

Its mentioned that Thomas Jefferson had a pool table that he hid in his residence in Virginia. Nowadays, the phrases pool room and billiard room mean the same thing.

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