Monday, June 27, 2011

The Pros and Cons of the Sony Vaio EC Notebook

The Vaio EC Notebook is really an outstanding addition to Sony's line of quality computers and, with its user-friendly pricing, they are not within the reach of many more consumers. Some of the nice features in this line of Vaio EC Notebooks are a normal sized monitor and keyboard. It also gives you pre-installed software that enables you to get started right out of the box. In this review, we will give you the information you need to decide if the Vaio EC is a good choice for your computer needs.

The reliability of Sony electronic products was recognized years before the introduction of the personal computer. However, Sony products are also considered a little pricey, which is why the EC line, which stands for economy class, was welcomed by many consumers You can now take advantage of the affordable pricing of these Sony avant-garde computers - you can find them for under $800 - and own your very own Sony Notebook to put in place of a desktop computer. Of course you can find notebooks that are priced less than the Vaio EC, but they won't give you the same quality features and performance you need if you're a gamer or like to watch movies online.

Sony, known for its exceptional customer service, also provides the same level of support for all Vaio EC customers. Most new computers come with a warranty that covers parts and labor, but you must remember to register within a certain amount of time or the warranty may be invalid. Many people frown upon purchasing additional coverage, but extended warranties are actually a good idea depending upon what they offer and the price that they charge for it. Sony has actually set up a great community forum where users and paid staff can answer your questions very quickly.

If you do a price comparison between Sony's computers and those of other top-name brands, you will quickly notice that Sony does, indeed, charge higher prices for their equipment. Actually, the only computer products that are more expensive than the ones from Sony Corporation are those produced by Apple. So even the EC, or economy class, line is less expensive than other Sony notebooks, you can find cheaper models made by other brands. Nonetheless, you cannot discount the great reputation that Sony has built up in this very competitive market. They consistently offer great customer care, and the quality and reliability of their products is legendary. If price is an important factor for you, however, you may want to at least look at some comparable notebooks made by other brands to see how they measure up.

In conclusion, the Sony Vaio EC Notebook is a powerful computer that gives you quite a bit of capability for the price. The Vaio EC Notebook computer wasn't really designed as a notebook you can take to class or Starbucks. The best-case scenario for its use is to take the place of, or complement, your conventional desktop system. The design of this series is fairly classical rather than flashy or glossy, and whether or not you like this depends on your preferences. However, if the main reason you want a notebook computer is reliability, mainstream performance, and multimedia features - coupled with an impressive 17" monitor - then the Sony Vaio EC Notebook is perfect for you.

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