Monday, June 27, 2011

The Science Of Learning Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is the ability to tap into the higher levels of vibrations of the mind and its thought patterns. Several scientific studies and test prove that anyone can learn remote viewing. It is an inborn capability of all humans. However, over time many do not recall that they can do it as well as how to do it. Other individuals never received any positive reinforcement of their natural psychic abilities.

Although remote viewing is a natural occurrence for everyone, there are no scientific reasons concerning the subject or remote viewing. Much like astral traveling and lucid dreaming, remote viewing is specific types of mind control encounters and is classifiable as paranormal experiences.

Since it's not commonly done, the idea of remote viewing seems like a fantasy to many - but with some practice, even a skeptic can make use of this natural psychic ability.

For many years, various countries have made use of remote viewing for their government security and safety reasons. Many of these government programs have been discontinued since that time to be declassified and released to the general public.

These show the participants in these programs often being those who had no knowledge or experience with remote viewing beforehand.

This tells us that anyone can become a remote viewer. With practice, you can use remote viewing at will. You will have to be patient; it won't happen overnight. You need to develop this skill just as you would any other (you can't learn to walk a tightrope overnight either, after all). You'll need to be dedicated and patient to become an expert remote viewer.

Since we are using and developing mind power for remote viewing it does use a great deal of energy and can leave anyone feeling exhausted. The means of counterbalancing this is to pace ourselves while we are doing our remote viewing practices.

One of the most important things you will need to consider while you learn remote viewing is to learn how to meditate and visualize.

Remote viewing is essentially an out of body experience, a paranormal or psychic experience, and being able to meditate and visualize will help you to be more receptive to it. Learning to do these will help you to relax and help you to learn and perfect your ability to remote view.

If you want to become skilled at remote viewing, then you will need to devote the time necessary to get regular practice at it. Developing your psychic skills takes practice and dedication; but the rewards are more than worth the effort.

The way of visualizing the place, object or person while being away from them needs to be learnt and for this we need to relax and calm ourselves so that we are able to focus on the same. This is the power to feel and perceive thing while being at a place not at all close to them.

Most likely the images you will see while remote viewing appear to be out of focus and misty. However, it is very important that you mind be open to any type of image that you perceive when you are remote viewing.

The more we do the stuff called remote viewing, i.e. if we able to follow a daily routine then the easier it will be in increasing the understanding of the images coming to our mind.

This will also help you not only to grow to understand more about yourself, but also about the world in which we all live. Practicing remote viewing, as mentioned above, is important in helping you to develop you skills and the journal will help you in this regard as well.

When you learn remote viewing you can travel anywhere you want to, you can explore the galaxies, a different time period, whether it is in the future or sometime in the past. You can link into the universal mind when you are practicing remote viewing if you choose to do so.

While remote viewing we must always keep ourselves alert for the shape, sizes or colour or texture of the things we view and a pen and paper may prove useful so that we put them down whenever we feel some things may be missed.

Fortunately, there are many resources out there which are designed to help people learn remote viewing. You can find books and websites which provide a lot of useful information on remote viewing.

Help does not only come in the form of books though. You might want to listen to the 'binaural beat' audios and hypnosis recordings. These can and do assist tremendously in helping you to retrain your subconscious mind while also getting your brainwaves into the proper frequency so that remote viewing and other paranormal experiences can be possible.

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