Sunday, June 26, 2011

Teaching English Abroad

Want some excitement in your life? Are you looking to start a profession that is nothing like the careers your parents had? Do you already have a career but find it uninteresting and, quite frankly, boring as hell! Or maybe you are just looking to utterly change up your life and add some spice. You may wish to consider carefully about Teaching ESL overseas if all that feels like you. It could be a very exciting career move to teach English as a Second Language in a foreign country.

And the perfect part is the barrier to entry could be very minimal. It doesn't matter your age, ethnicity or generally even your prior education. As long as you've got a passion for teaching and connecting with other folks because that is what matter the most. You enjoy other human interaction and the more you want to talk, the better you will be for teaching ESL. Sure, if you're a bit shy, you may still be a teacher. But is you're outgoing, spontaneous and have a gift for gab, your ESL career will profit greatly.

Now most of what I'm writing right here is directed to those of you who come from English speaking countries within the first place. If that isn't the case, but you really have a passion for teaching ESL it is still possible. There'll always be these student's with less ability than you.

Educating ESL abroad just isn't for the faint of heart. If you wish to teach overseas, you need to be looking to learn as well as teach. Learning about another culture and perhaps even their language while you work and generate income is a good opportunity that lots of people just don't have. And that chance exist simply because you were lucky enough to speak English. So use it! See the world. Learn a new language. Make new friends.

Take what you do seriously. There are a lot of backpackers that teach a month here or a few months there to make some extra cash and that's it. And to be honest, that's fine. There are colleges or student wanting one on one tutoring that folks just passing through a country are excellent for. However that doesn't mean you shouldn't give people their money's worth.

The money they pay you means much more to them then it probably does to you for a lot of the individuals you will be dealing with. The pay for foreign English teachers here in Taiwan is 3 to 5 times the amount paid to Taiwanese ESL teachers. Is it fair? That isn't part of this article and I don't want to go right into a debate right now. I'm just using this to illustrate that you ought to be giving the folks paying you something for their money. You will not be a cheap commodity to them.

So understand first that you've got a special ability. One that persons are keen to pay you for. And sometimes very well! Then understand you have an opportunity to expand your world over and over. And lastly, realize to do any of it you are going to have to take action. Check out the ESL Jobs on and discover a job teaching ESL overseas, go on, what are you waiting for. You'll thank me later!

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