Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Top Strangest Ways To Use An Attache Case

Metal briefcases are automatically associated with executives using cell phones. Still, there are other uses for metal briefcases. With a little thought, there are many uses for a metal briefcase.

Ideas for Women to Try

Almost every woman loves makeup and a whole lot of it too! With that said, woman do not have to settle for tiny makeup cases any more when they can settle for just about any type of lipstick, blush and eyeliner from the different brands worldwide. You can use a briefcase for your makeup and never run out of room. Compartments in the case can be used to hold the smaller makeup items in the case.

If you are a mom that always has sick little ones to take care of whether it be allergies, pains or irritations you can use a metal briefcase to store a wide range of medicines. A briefcase to go will let you carry all of the medical items you need to keep the family healthy during a trip. As always you should never try to cure any sickness just with pills and medication if you have not consulted a doctor about the cause of the ailment.

Stuffing a metal briefcase with items that men can use makes a great gift idea. Whether tickets to see a game, books, video games ( yes, there are still men out there that play these) you name it- instead of the same old thing, give them something new this time.

Ideas for Men

There is a better place to keep all of the magazines and videos you stash than under your mattress. If you are still living with your mom, chances are she has already stumbled across them and is just pretending that she did not even see them. If you have already moved out of your parent's house, avoid trouble with the lady by keeping them well hidden. You may use a metal briefcase to safeguard your privacy by storing all the private stuff that you know many people like to dig out. Of course if you live with really nosy people, then get a metal briefcase that has combinations locks.

For a little romance, fill the briefcase with things she adores. From chocolates, teddy bears, cooks books, lingerie, cashmere sweaters you name it. For a little fun, send the case locked by combination and only tell her the combination when she guesses what is inside. The best part is that when all the treats have ended she will still keep the metal briefcase and you would have made her happy! A great way to be romantic for men that are not into the 'I love you' thing every time.

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