Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What If I Don't Believe In The Cosmic Ordering Service?

Many people are starting to think about being able to place an order with the universe for what you really want and actually receiving it. This is no surprise since there has been a significant increase in the publicity that cosmic ordering has received recently.

Since a number of celebrities are showing support for cosmic ordering people everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon. There is one question that still looms, what are the chances that an average person will find success with cosmic ordering?

The truth of the matter is that it really does work for everyone, and the people who can't make it work are unknowingly sabotaging themselves. When you think you can't, remember that the result is going to be that you really can't1

The cosmic ordering service allows you to have anything you desire. This is of course something with which some people disagree, saying they have never had the desire to be ill or to become seriously injured for example and yes, they are absolutely right.

The problem does not lie with the cosmic ordering service, but with the way that the desires are channeled. Try not to say things like, 'I really don't want to become ill'. This is an example of a negative way of seeking what you want.

Approach your request from a more positive aspect, asking for what you really want, rather than stating what you don't want. For example, saying 'I'm in such good health it's no surprise that I have never gotten ill'.

One of the most fundamental mistakes people make at this stage, is to portray or project themselves as they currently are, rather than as they could be. By falling into this trap, you are simply reinforcing your current standing rather than a successful future standing.

In life we often adopt the belief systems of others. For example, when your classmates in elementary school teased you because you were skinny fat, wore glasses or wore cheap clothing, this changed the beliefs that you have in yourself.

If we lived in a perfect world, every child would be given the support and knowledge to understand that they deserve everything that they desire. Instead we teach our children that it is wrong to want too many things in this life. We are conditioned to believe that we don't deserve to receive the things we want unless we work really hard for them, and even then we should have a special reason for receiving the reward.

This is all wrong. There is more than enough for everyone. The fact that you exist means you're allowed to order. You cannot take from others. This actually negates the system.

If you really think that there is not enough for everyone and that you have to fight and covet to get even what you have, you are putting the idea out there that there are people who have and that you need to take what they have. Be happy for others and recognize that there is, in fact, lots to go around.

When you are looking at quantum physics, you will find that it backs this up. Your brain creates powerful energy waves and you will find that these waves influence the tiniest particle, the quark. With positive energy come positive feedback!

Remember that it isn't necessarily easy to change your old thought patterns. Unless you use the right tools, getting rid of them is going to be difficult.

These tools are binaural frequency waves, subliminal suggestion, self-hypnosis, and affirmations. These move beyond the logic area of the brain into the area where belief is, the subconscious. These tools assist you is ridding yourself of the outdated beliefs that keep you from utilizing a cosmic ordering service to receive anything that you desire.

You are able to control your own future, but you have to belief this with every fiber in your being. With the help of some powerful tools you will be able to clear any blockages that have been standing the way of using cosmic ordering to receive what you desire.

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