Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What Is BB Cream? Discovering The Secret Of Korean Stars

Don't you just love the glowing complexion Korean stars have? I do. If you love k-dramas like me, you would understand exactly what I mean. These stars might be doing something special to have such flawless skin. Now, I am obsessed in scouring the internet in search for answers. BB creams appeared just one too many times as I read through various articles and websites on skin care. My curiosity spurred me to go on and discover exactly what is BB cream. The internet is indeed a trove of information - I got a lot of valuable information just by typing in what is BB cream on the search bar!

My Search For Answers

Looking for information on what is BB cream, I discovered that it is believed to be the secret weapon of Korean celebrities. It has been around for over half a decade and has actually been dermatologically-tested and endorsed. Although its formulation came from Germany, BB creams were initially sold in Asia. The popularity of these creams has spread to the USA and Europe. It is now considered necessity for most women who want to have smooth, silky, and glowing skin - my make-up kit is never without my favorite BB cream. I had a bit of a dilemma at first with the different brands available. Comparing each one of these products showed that these BB creams all give the basic benefit of skin rejuvenation and protection. I found some brands to incorporate other skin benefits in their formulation as well such as anti-acne, anti-wrinkle, sun protection, and pore refining.

Seeing The Difference

My obsession with what is BB cream and how it could turn my skin glowingly beautiful like Song Hye Kyo's has not waned. I have been using my BB cream everyday as a base for my make-up. It goes on smooth and natural, as if I am not wearing make-up at all. As a tinted moisturizer it protects my skin from drying out while covering up my blemishes and pigmentation. It does make my skin feel softer and smoother and I can feel the healing benefits of the ingredients in my BB cream working right down to my pores. I do not break out with pimples quite as much as before and my skin does look younger. I am excited to see how much more my skin would improve in a couple of months.

Sharing My Discovery

I have heard of others who have had the same experience in discovering what is BB cream. It would be difficult for me to recommend my BB cream to anyone looking for an effective skin care product to try. I would advise, however, that you choose your BB cream based on your skin type. Checking with your dermatologist would also save you a lot of money trying BB creams that are not going to work for your skin type. Most of these BB creams are formulated to be safe for sensitive and acne-prone skin. Don't just take my word for it. It would also be interesting for you to read other reviews to find out more about what is BB cream.

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