Monday, June 27, 2011

What Is Pyxism And Why Should I Care?

Pyxism is a product-oriented company. By becoming a partner, you buy products such as Compass, Horizon or Navigator. With this purchase you get direct access to wholesale vacation at thousands of stations worldwide. The product line actually gives access to two different wholesale suppliers. This is the largest inventory of resorts, condominiums, homes and hotels around the world. Using the Compass product only once you can easily save 2 or 3 times the purchase price and in fact even thousands of dollars. This is a phenomenal product that we highly recommend purchasing the compass product for anyone who is going to take at least a vacation, and paid for itself. For example, you can book your vacation to the island of choice in Hawaii and stay in a one bedroom apartment 1 or 2 of 7 nights for under $ 400, a saving of at least $ 1,500. No stops in Hawaii, with thousands of locations worldwide. Other opportunities offer discount vacation packages, but Pyxism is by far the top of the line.

Pyxism Each partner can also have their own store front to travel around the world can travel book exactly as they do through Obitz, Expedia and as the only difference is that associated Pyxism receive half of the commissions earned by the booking agent. Several of our partners offer opportunities for review of a travel portal to book your travel and earn commissions, but is not available to the public in a big way. Also in this store is also associated to earn commissions selling exclusive product line Pyxism.

Use of the product once again that can cover your entire initial cost.

Marketing Systems:

Pyxism provides a complete marketing services with training provided has become standard with most business opportunities.

Pyxism has been a leader in the industry over the past two years. The recent addition of India has completely distinguish Pyxism. With the explosion of a variety of tools and marketing in multiple languages.

The startup costs:

$ 50 Annual Fee Partners
Compass Level $ 299 Purchase Products (To make money or make a purchase or make a retail product only).
Optional subscription $ 39.99 retail store front. (This subscription offers multiple sources of income).

A total of $ 349 or $ 388.99

Full implementation of less than $ 400. With this, you receive a product that when used once, if you can easily save twice what you paid initially. Along with the energy compensation plan stairs of the new member can begin earning a multiple six figure income by sponsoring fewer than 10 people who do the same.

Compensation Plan:

Pyxism has a unique compensation plan. This compensation plan uses a ladder structure. There are three steps to complete a straight and the associate earns $ 750, $ 2,250 or $ 9,000. Whenever a complete staircase is the partner is automatically re-enter the same ladder system that allows them to constantly earn commissions of $ 12,000

Pyxism sponsor also pays bonuses to three levels deep. The three levels refers to the genealogy of sponsorship. First level would be funded directly associated. Secondly, partners sponsored class partners and the third would be people they sponsor.

Each time a partner anywhere on the three levels or win a prize Compass Horizon wins $ 75 bonus by the compass of the matrix and $ 150 for the matrix horizon.


Pyxism is our highest priority rating and the business opportunity at home is recommended for several reasons:

A. The market: Pyxism is the leader in what has become the dominant trend in the home business industry, low entry cost - high yield discount travel clubs. Home based businesses are thriving in today's economy with an important change in approach for low cost of entry, but fast and high performance opportunities with companies discount travel-related, such as TVI, Dream Vacations style Breeze Club Sea and others.

B. Products: A great product that actully pay for themselves. Pyxism the best in its class, all based travel opportunities we have reviewed.

C. Plan Pyxism 's special compensation realistically offers the new partner's average ability to achieve a six figure income quickly.

D. Home Cost: Less than $ 400 initial startup, including a product that will save you more money than the total cost starup.

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