Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What sort of broadband (world wide web) are you?

This isn't one of those 'what type of tree are you' questions, this one that most people have to ask themselves when they are looking at new broadband (web) plans. Perhaps you are moving home or much more folks are moving in with you, or maybe you are sick of your provider and want to find a far better one, discovering the answer to this question will save you a lot of time and money.

There are numerous aspects to think about when you want to discover out what sort of broadband (world wide web) you are, and most consist of asking what you use the web for: downloading movies or Television series, listening to the radio, talking with friends online via face chat, or reading e-mails. All of these uses use a various quantity of megabytes, so you need to know how a lot you plan on making use of prior to you pick a plan. There are various sorts of broadband (web) individuals: music individuals, movie folks, and social individuals.

Music folks invest a lot of their time online listening to and downloading music. Music files are smaller than movie files, some music files are one hundred times smaller than movie files, but these folks also invest a lot of time listening to online radio shows and listening to music tracks just before they buy them. If you are a music person by this definition then you will require around 40 to 50 gigabytes per month.

Movie folks invest a lot of their time buying and downloading movies and Television series online, as well as viewing every new trailer and talking about what they have seen. Movie individuals will often want a bigger world wide web plan than music people because of the size of the movie files: one song is around 7 megabytes, an one 1 hour Tv episode is around 350 megabytes, and an excellent high quality movie is around 700 megabytes. You will require around 100 gigabytes per month if you are a movie individual, but pay close attention to the penalties if you go over the limit. It can't hurt to invest a little bit additional money to upgrade to a 150GB or 200GB plan per month to save your self achingly slow speeds if you go other the limit.
Also bear in mind that the off peak speeds are usually a lot higher limit (40 on peak, 60 off for example) and this time is typically over night, so set up your downloads to go from midnight to 6 am and you might by no means have an issue going over your limit once again.

Social people use the Web mostly for communicating with their friends and family, but they also upload a lot of videos and photos so it's very best not to underestimate your quantity if you are a social individual. You fit into this category if you invest a lot of time on voice or face-to-face online chats, making use of social media, or playing online games. You may not use a lot of web at house, around 20 GB per month, so see if you can get a plan that will give you access on your smart phone or mobile device.
To get an excellent broadband internet plan that suits you see pick which one of these folks you are and then look online or go in store to see which organizations will give you the amount that you require for the value you want.

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