Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Who Knows What Astral Projection Techniques Are?

There are numerous astral projection techniques that individuals can use to assist them with astral project. Due to the fact of people being individuals, what is successful for one may not be for another.

Sometimes people have some difficulties with some methods and because they aren't able to relax, not because the technique doesn't work.

Relaxation must be total, complete. It's essential for any of the seven techniques of astral projection to be successful. The inability to relax is caused by fear. It's common among those just learning these techniques.

This fear is because of beliefs that are false that people could be harmed or die due to the astral projection. In an attempt to help wipe out these fears a research study was conducted by the Canterbury Institute, which happens to be known in the field of occult studies.

Two thousand people were included in this study, all of the two thousand participated in the studies of the seven techniques of astral projection.. The findings of the institute confirmed that not one person, using the seven techniques of astral projection, were harmed in anyway. Even more important, the people in this study have also been followed during the past three years and not one person has complained of any problems.

Now all concerns and fears can be put aside to rest. Lets take a look at seven of the techniques of astral projection that are pretty easy. These techniques have been successful for quite a few people, many in fact. One popular method consists of seven steps of astral projection or the seven techniques of astral projections:-

* Relaxing mind and body. The simplest way to achieve this is by practicing deep breathing, in addition to relaxing all the muscles of the body one at a time. You can do this by tensing and then the releasing them, starting with your toes and then working your way up through the rest of your body.

* Next a hypnotic state is now necessary and this is where your body and mind border on going to sleep. You don't want to go to sleep. Use the gazing method to do this and focus on any object, while you lay in bed. Keep staring at this object, until your eyes close, but you are still seeing (with your eyes closed) the object you have been focusing on.

* Then once you are able to accomplish seeing the item with your eyes shut you have to go deeper into the state you are in. To accomplish this stage just close your eyes and start looking around to view what you can visualize. There is a possibility of you seeing a variety of light patterns, you could by chance notice a purple light cloaking the room. Do not spend too much attention to this, when you quit viewing this light you will have found that you have entered a state that is deeper. At this point you are so thoroughly relaxed that you have become unaware of your body physically. This part of the process is very crucial in the astral projection technique.

* The most important stage when you are looking to get involved with astral projection is when you start to feel Vibrations. Feel for the vibrations that you will get when you leave the physical body. This is not something to be alarmed by; you should simply feel it and embrace it. Remember that the more familiar you get with these vibrations, the better off you will be. As always, take it at your own pace.

* Now you need to control the state of vibrations. You need to focus on the vibrations, move them all through your body. This is done with your mind. You want the vibrations felt all over your body. Like waves of the ocean washing over you. Practice until you succeed in bringing these waves on as desired. Once you accomplish this and create these waves on demand, you're ready to leave your body.

* One of the most vital components to astral projection is having sufficient control in order to ensure that it's your mind that is in power. In order to strengthen your existing level of control, one should focus on leaving your physical body although in this case, you should only allow your hand or foot to go. Try to stretch your hand or foot out to towards an object which is nearby and then go ahead and push your hand or foot straight through the object. Once you manage to do that successfully, you can allow your hand or foot to return to your physical body and then you can go ahead and begin slowing down the vibrations in order to end your session.

* With this step you will finally leave your body. Follow steps one through six. This time your whole body will be used, not just a foot. Move completely into your astral body. A simple adjustment to step six is required. This time you are focusing on releasing the astral body instead of one appendage. Focus on releasing the astral body Thinking how light it feels. As weightless as a cloud, you can float like a feather in a light breeze. Now the astral body should move out and away from the physical body, you feel as though you are floating, or even flying.

You may also try other astral projection techniques like the Anchor Technique, the Rope Technique, and the Gazing Method. Try all of these to see which gives you the highest quality results for you. The right astral projection technique exist out there for everyone that tries it.

You will see though that not all people are able to do astral project right off the bat using the techniques listed and a lot of practice is required for some of these.

Fortunately a short cut is out there. The recent developments in sound technology, has produced a lot of audio tools which can help you. The new techniques have special sound frequencies called Binaural beats. These sound frequencies synchronize both hemispheres of the brain. And put you quickly into a meditative state needed for astral projection.

You may also find that you can get some great use out of good astral projection techniques hypnosis recordings, and you will find that they can encourage your subconscious mind that it is really okay to let your astral body out and to let it travel.

Astral projection is a real life changing happening for everyone that attempts it and by utilizing these techniques anyone who wants to can experience it.

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