Friday, July 1, 2011

Is The Manifesting Abundance Process A Waste Of Time?

The ability to manifest abundance in your life is yours, regardless of where you are from or who you are. When you are totally convinced of your desires, needs and things you truly deserve, abundance will come to you.

The basic questions are of who and what are in his life at that very moment,these reflect or express these things in abundance, regardless of the fact that he is consciously aware of it or not.

Manifesting abundance in your life comes from a simple understanding that your thoughts have the power they do. The quality of how you have thought and what you are thinking now shapes your entire life starting from birth. Of course as a baby, your thinking ability was not too high yet so it did not do much. As a baby, your thoughts are mainly focused on basic instincts for certain needs and simply just absorbing of all things seen, heard, felt, smelled, and tasted.

Your parents then taught you what to believe and how to socialize in childhood. Upon going to school, you found that life could be harsh and uncompromising. You learned that it was foolishness to manifest abundance.

You found that you may be able to do it by beating yourself down with lots of hard work or you were just lucky or even that you have to have the best genes to accomplish your desires. You learned that most likely you would not have abundance in life. Not that you will starve or cannot have a nice home, although that may happen if you are not intelligent or you are not lucky.

You can just forget about those big dreams and some sincere meaning you had, for example like marrying just anybody instead of your soul mate.

However, you can have abundance; you do not have to rely on luck, education or rare genes. You do not have to live a life of hard work, boredom and doing work that does not satisfy you.

You deserve to thrive. You have permission to thrive. You can thrive.

The key is that to manifest abundance you have to believe that you deserve it. You have to feel it deep within your soul that you deserve to have abundance, and you have to know how to make your dreams and desire a reality.

For starters, you have to understand that we are each different from one another. While the universal laws are, well, universal, they do not bring about the same results in the same manner in everyone's life. It isn't like making cookies using a cookie cutter. You also have to know that manifesting abundance is about your life, not about making you look better then the Jones's.

When one manifests abundance in his life,there's chances that he may get married or he may infact not.He may get famous or he may even basically remain unknown to the world.He may gain wealth as much as Donald Trump,or simply get the minimum fiscal needs fulfilled with his modest and quiet choice of living a life in peaceful location.

It matters most of all what you want in your heart. Manifesting abundance means manifesting all of your heart's desires. It means actually living your fantasies.

So, what does it require to gain abundance? What cosmic laws must be aligned with yourself?

You must know that you deserve to have your heart's desires come true. If you have problems believing this, start taking the time to find ways to show yourself that you are deserving. This can be done through meditation, affirmations or visualizations. You have been taught that you are not good enough your whole life, so it may take some time to change your thought process.

Always understand why it is you desire something. If you do not have this on your mind, you risk bringing things into reality that you do not want. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it.

Once he gets sure of why he is focusing for that particular need,just he should then let the fantasy world take over him..At this point he should intensely start focusing on his arising desires.

One can take all the actions he got as a boost up for bringing up his fantasies into reality.If one feels of gaining technical knowhow of manifesting abundance,one can easily opt for internet and their articles on it,books specially designed for enhancing the abundance theory,watch videos to gain knowledge.If one feels the desire to go to a place or certain website,one can also do so.

This will not happen without work but if the work is to bring about your dreams it will be a like a professional hockey player going to work. Yes, he goes to work but its all fun for him and he is making a lot of money.

Allow those things that manifest in your life, as they will, never try to force them to happen. Remember that which you most desire is on its way to you at this time. You need to be ready for it as well as be patient knowing that it is coming to you.

The life of one's dreams waits just up in front of his eyes. One should start walking in that direction.

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