Friday, July 1, 2011

Where To Buy Cheap Chanel Flats?

The brand that is known for the best handbags are also known for giving other products like clothes, accessories, jewelry pieces, shoes like boots, thongs and of course, the main subject of this article - the chanel flats.

When we talk about Chanel flats, we mean thongs, slippers, pumps or even ballet flats. Anyway, I will not be focusing on the different characteristics of a chanel flats because it simply all boils down to giving you a luxurious feet, a quality shoes and of course an expensive one that you can use to wow everybody around you.

I will be focusing on the ways to spot a fake or knock off product of this kind. We are all aware that a lot of people or companies - mostly not registered (for sure) who are making replica made products of designer items. Buying knock off products will not benefit you more in terms of quality and of course prestige. It is not recommended to buy a Chanel flat shoes no matter how you look at it. Personally, I will not trust fake products for my feet because for sure, they won't be as durable as the real ones.

If you are always on the lookout for big discounts, and sales for Chanel flats, you must be very careful because you might be lured by the low price of fake products.

To spot fake Chanel flats shoe, see the guidelines I have for you below:

If the shoes are sold at a not so prestigious boutiques or stores, then the pairs are likely to be fake. The brand is known to be carrying only the high class products, so they are likely to hold their boutiques in prestigious malls and establishments only.
Normally, the shoes are made of lambskin or calfskin. If you think that the material of the shoes is other than the two, then for sure, the shoes are fake!
An authentic one has the name of the brand on it. Fake shoes normally come with the wrong spelling of the brand which is often spelled as: "channel". Also, fake ones do not include the name of the brand anywhere in the shoe.
The real and authentic pair is made from "Italy" or "France". If it is labeled to be made from another origin or country, then there is a very big chance of it being fake or knock off.
The stitching of a real and authentic pair is even and does not have any fringes. But a fake pair is not very particular with this detail. You will see uneven stitching and sometimes, you will also see some stitches that overlap to one another.
The brand does not make their pairs with glue. They never put any kind of details with a glue but with stitching or snapping buttons only.
If there are scratches, don't buy it. If it is a real one, don't buy it even more because it is already damaged. This is common for lambskin that has a very smooth and delicate surface that is always prone to scratches, folds and rip offs.
If the store is not able to give you an authenticity card, then for sure - the pair is fake.
If the store is not able to give you the serial number that will validate the authenticity of the pair, then for sure - the pair is fake.

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