Friday, July 1, 2011

Selecting Unique Wedding Invitations

While you are considering opting for unique wedding invitations, you need to keep this point in your mind that the invitations are useful in setting the tone of your wedding and also helpful in informing the guests about the wedding that you are actually planning. Innovative and unique wedding invitations can be easily created with a little imaginations, great ideas, and creativity which is going to make your special and big day exiting one.
To make sure that your invitations are unique and appealing, you need to think out of the box other than the traditional paper invitations. For instance, you can come up with something like creating your own CD with your favorite songs along the invitation details mentioned on the cover; it is a novel manner of introducing your wedding and also extremely thoughtful.
Consider the shape you want to have for your wedding invitations. You certainly do not want them to be rectangular or square. In case you are considering having a butterfly theme for your wedding invitations then you should be cutting the invitations into the shape of a butterfly. Moreover, you can cut them into the shape of a groom or bride or even a wedding cake in case you are not having any particular theme for your wedding.
In case you are going to have children at your wedding then you can ask each one of them to draw a picture of the groom and the bride that you can print onto your wedding invitation covers. This is certainly going to amuse the guests as they would be thinking that they would be coming across something different when it comes to your wedding.
Another significant idea is to base your wedding invitation on the venue of your wedding. You can ask a photographer to take some amazing shots of either the reception or church venue to mount onto the front of your wedding invitations. This is surely going to be a lovely and appealing introduction to your wedding day.
On the other hand, you could also be using your initials as the foundation of your unique wedding invitation designs. In case you are making invitations on your own, make sure that you are choosing an elaborated font to create a simple design when it comes to the front of your invitations. This happens to be an affordable yet effective manner to come up with unique wedding invitations.

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