Friday, July 1, 2011

Thieves want your water pipes and backkflow! Protect it with a backflow hotbox enclosure

A backflow protection enclosure hotbox is a must own component in keeping water backflow protection devices safe and out of reach from thugs and vandals. Without a backflow preventer your water supply can become tainted easily. Scrap metal thieves look for backflow devices, taking them from the earth and transporting them into scrap yards for cold hard cash. DekoRRa Backflow protection enclosures form a barrier around the backflow protection device. These enclosures can be padlocked for security and insulated to provide a hot box of freeze protection in cold seasons. With a hotbox enclosure in place it can be challenging for thieves to gain access to the actual backflow preventer. A DekoRRa backflow hotbox also keeps the actual backflow preventer hidden from view: Out of sight, out of mind!

DekoRRa backflow covers are available in 3 ASSE classes:

1) ASSE Class I Backflow Insulation Hotbox cover - These feature R-13 backflow insulation and an electric heat source that provides total backflow protection from pipes freeze.
2) ASSE Class 2 Insulated backflow Hotbox cover - This insulated backflow enclosure provides R-13 protection from frost.
3) ASSE Class 3 backflow Enclosure - This backflowenclosure provides protection from wind and theft.

As many homeowners are aware, backflow devices aren't going to win any beauty pageants. Having them standing out of the ground on your turf can be a site for sore eyes. DekoRRa backflow covers are designed with looks in mind to blend in totally to the natural ambience and enhance the total value of the yard while also creating backflow protection. And these hotbox enclosures are lightweight and easy to install. Simply place the bottom piece over the backflow prevention device, secure it using the ground stakes or concrete anchor lag bolts, then put the highly durable cover over the backflow device and lock it securely in place using one or two locks.

There's never been a quicker, simpler, more secure and aesthetically pleasing solution to hiding backflow devices until now. Backflow enclosure hotboxes by DekoRRa are popular with house owners, builders, and architects looking to specify the most durable and attractive backflow enclosure solutions.

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