Friday, July 1, 2011

Where To Buy Cheap Chanel Totes?

A Chanel Tote is a kind of medium to a large size of bag that can accommodate a lot of paraphernalia that you will need for the whole day. You will normally see this kind of bag carried by socialites when they are doing their shopping or going on a vacation trip to store in your makeup, digital camera, their iPad, perfume bottles, organizer, and wallet and there is still room for more. Of course you cannot use a Chanel Tote bag for a normal grocery shopping or using it for school (unless you are the daughter or wife of a filthy rich person, unless you don't really care about damaging the inner linings of a three thousand dollars worth of a bag at the very minimum).

A Chanel Tote bag is used for special occasions when you want to show it off. The bag can speak for itself and no words can ever describe the beauty of this piece. Every woman in the world would love to have it and in fact, this has been a craze to many. Since there are a lot of designs to choose from, and every season there will be a new release, women will like to have more than one of it - if they can.

The most distinct feature of a Chanel Tote is the straps made of leather and metal chains. Chains come in different finish like gold and silver. This is really a convenient bag to carry, thanks to the genius idea of Coco Chanel who thought of including straps so that women can carry it by hand or simple wear it around your body. No matter how you like to carry it, you will still look fashionably sophisticated and elegant.

Once a woman carries the Chanel Tote, you will instantly look good no matter what you wear. Actually, they might not notice you at all because of the bag - not joking! If you can't afford to buy every color the design have, I suggest that you get the neutral colors like black, tan and white which can go perfectly well with your different wardrobes. Just make sure that you have the matching color shoes - not all women knows this, but your shoes and bag should always match just like how men wears the same colored socks for the slacks.

The Persian fashion house has it all in terms of style, elegance and glamour. Wherever you are, when you mention the name "Chanel" everybody will associate it with luxury bags and prestige. You can never get this bag at dirt cheap unless you were lucky to win an auction. But then, that rarely happens because one Chanel Tote cost around 2,000 dollars to 4,000 dollars from boutiques.

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