Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oulu The Sixth Biggest City Of Finland

Oulu is the sixth biggest city of Finland, located on the mouth of river Oulujoki, on the bank of gulf of Bothnia. Prior to the beginning of the last century trade the pitch and navigation were the basic employment of townsmen. Today it is the large scientific, industrial and cultural center. Powerful influence on a development of the city renders activity of the center of modern technologies "Technopolis" and the University, one of the leading ones in the country.

There is a hydroelectric power station and an electricity Museum in Oulu, a potter's workshop of "Kolmijalka", the open-air Museum on island Turkansaari, Geological and Zoological museums. In the Art museum modern art exhibitions are regularly held, and the region Pohyojs-Pohjanmaa/Pohjois-Pohjanmaa Museum of local lore acquaints visitors with rich history. In the Automobile museum more than 50 ancient cars and motorcycles are presented. The oldest building in the city is the House museum of the seaman constructed in 1737-1739 Island Pikisaari which in the past was the brisk craft and trade center, there was a woolen factory, factory on enamel manufacture, steel foundry and a sawmill. Now on island live handicraftsmen and artists.

"The country of knowledge" is an interactive museum visited by all family of Tietomaa/Tietomaa ("the Country of knowledge"), the oldest scientifically-informative center of Finland. While thematic exhibitions more than two hundred exhibits are presented. In Tietomaa it is possible to check up the level of knowledge by means of tests, to familiarize with work more than two hundred various devices, to visit a room of curve mirrors or to watch a film on the screen, which is 1000 times more than the screen of the house TV. And it is possible to sweep in the glass lift or to climb up a viewing tower. Cafe-restaurant Saturnus and Tietomaa-shop are also for the vosotors.

Oulu is considered tourist and province shopping center. Foot street Rotuaari is the present store oasis in the city center. On seacoast there is a floor space and the covered market, and in premises of the former port warehouses small souvenir little shops wait for buyers.
In the center of Oulu there is a park zone of Hupisaaret with magnificent and various vegetation, numerous rivulets and foot paths.
In Kuusisaari the mobile park of attractions, the biggest in Finland works. Three mega-novelties: a roller coaster, High Energy, Half Pipe (it is opened on weekdays, on Saturday - from 11.00).

Productive leisure is to go in for sports in Oulu it is possible. The Finnish baseball, football, swimming, track and field athletics, equestrian sport, golf in summer are especially popular and also driving on roller skates and bicycles. If you prefer water rest - go on a boat walk, go on fishing or try yourself in windsurfing.

Modern tourist complex Nallikari Camping is settled down on seacoast, in several kilometers from the center of Oulu. Nallikari Camping are comfortable cottages and cozy summer campings. Here it is possible to have a rest at any time of the year. In the territory of a complex there are a beach, a platform for minigolf, children's park, and also cafe, a grill and a sauna which on the sizes and the equipment quite approaches even for carrying out some corporate activities.
Near to complex Nallikari Camping the luxe-class hotel-swimming bath of "Eden"/Kylpylahotelli Eden is constructed. Pool and the jacuzzi, falls, water hills and tunnels - will goft you with unforgettable impressions

Oulu is one of the most beautifull scandinavian cities so be sure you don't miss it if you visit finland.

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