Monday, June 27, 2011

Roller Aluminum Laptop Cases: Perfect for Business or Pleasure

With all the electronic gadgetry we have to carry with us today, old fashioned carrying cases are just so out of date. What the modern traveler needs is a roller aluminum laptop case. These cases have been designed for business or pleasure. They give you the best of a laptop briefcase and a travel bag, all "rolled" into one.

Before you get an image of an old fashioned roller case like your grandmother might carry, check out roller aluminum laptop cases. They look like something James Bond or Steve Jobs might carry with him. Even if you're just Joe Blow, if you have one of these at your side, you will look like an internet billionaire or a diplomat. If it's the superspy look you're after or you like sophisticated elegance, then go for the black case. If it's the internet guru or glamorous look you're after, choose silver and aluminum finishes.

Style is of little use without substance, though. Don't worry, roller aluminum laptop cases are designed for maximum functionality, no matter what you're using them for. You can only see the inside of the box if you have the right combinations, though. The double combination locks come with tamper-proof latches, so nobody who isn't supposed to be inside can get inside, no matter how hard they try.

There are three ways you can transport a roller aluminum laptop case. You can attach the rollers in an instant; you can choose to use the detachable, ergonomically designed handle; or you can attach the cushioned shoulder strap. The fact that you can detach or attach these as you like means that there will never be an annoying attachment when you don't need it.

Now it's time to check out the inside of your case. The first thing you will notice is the beautiful black nylon lining. It is padded, to protect the contents of the case. You will see that the inside of the lid is designed to securely carry a laptop up to 18 inches, so you're not going to have to buy a new laptop to fit inside.

The real genius of roller aluminum laptop cases is in the way the deep base is designed. Instead of having just one big area or having fixed compartments, it comes with customizable interior features. There are enough dividers that if you want to, you can set it up to be a full sized briefcase. If you prefer, you can remove the dividers and use it as a suitcase. Then again, you can make one section for business documents and another for clothes. In a matter of seconds, you can customized your case for your needs, whether it's for a business trip or a vacation.

You're not going to have any trouble convincing yourself to buy a roller aluminum laptop case, but you may have some trouble deciding on which one to buy. That's a decision you're going to have to make on your own. Don't worry, though. You can't make a mistake.

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