Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why Would You Choose Light Aluminum Notebook Cases

One consideration when you purchase a new laptop computer is which case will best suit your needs. Since there is such a wide selection, many of the ones that are carried in the more popular department and office supply stores will not adequately do the job that is necessary to keep your computer safe.

You choice typically comes down to a choice of a cloth computer case, one made of a plastic material, or an aluminum notebook case. There are good things about each choice, but with an aluminum case you can avoid many of the disadvantages of the other two.

The Exterior

When you get ready to leave with your computer you are putting it at the mercy of all the bumping and banging that it can get out in the world. Here aluminum notebook cases stand head and shoulders above cases made of other materials.

When you consider the case you are going to purchase you need to look at the durability of the material the case is made from, and the ability of the case to protect what is inside.

Plastic cases have a tendency to crack when they take a hard hit. After the plastic is damaged the edges around the crack can become sharp and cause damage to people or other objects it comes in contact with. It also loses its ability to keep the moisture away from your computer.

Cases made of cloth tend to tear, and they do not do a very good job of protecting your computer from getting banged around. They do a good job of protecting the laptop from getting scratched, but they will not protect it from damage if the case is dropped or hit hard.

The Inside of the Case

The interior of a laptop case needs to be able to adequately hold the computer in place, and to provide enough padding to keep it safe. Most cloth cases offer at most a thin layer of padding, and possibly a couple of velcro straps to secure the laptop.

The laptop cases with hard sides provides interior padding that is designed to keep the laptop securely in place. When the case takes a hit your computer will still be safely in its place. This is important because even though the exterior of the case is not damaged, if the computer is allowed to bang around inside the case it will become damaged. The components inside the computer are fragile, and they will become damaged if the computer is jarred too much.

Metal is Secure

The final area that needs to be considered is the security features that your laptop case offers. While many cases give you the ability to lock you computer up, only aluminum notebook cases will make it extremely difficult to get around the locks.

Cloth cases are often able to be locked, however this is just a small deterrent to a thief. It is too simple just to cut through the material and remove the computer from the bag. Plastic cases are more difficult to get through, but the plastic material can still be cracked to get to the computer.

Aluminum cases offer a material that is significantly harder to breach. This makes it a less attractive target to most thieves. Instead of having to try to get through a metal case, they are more likely to move on to an easier target, leaving your computer safely in its place.

When you shop around for a case for your new laptop computer, do not consider only the price of the case. Consider all of the advantages and disadvantages before you make your purchase. You will have peace of mind knowing that your laptop is more secure.

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