Friday, July 1, 2011

History And Foundation Of Charm Bracelets

If there is one piece of jewelry that is timeless and does not lose its stylishness, it is the charm bracelet. It is an accent piece worn around the wrist, mostly by females but it can also be worn by males if they want to. It is called a charm bracelet because the bracelet that is usually made of silver holds and contains charms, which can be cute pendants or dazzling gems. These charms usually denote significant things in the life of an individual.

There are studies that suggest that during the pre-historic era, charm bracelets have already been a part of the lives of the ancient people. There were also evidences that have shown that animal bones, clay, and shells have been used as their jewelry charms. In Africa, pieces of evidence like shells where found to be used as a decoration for bracelets by the Africans 75,000 years ago. Also, the charms were used to symbolize faith and luck of a person in Egypt during ancient times. In Dark Ages, the charms are used to signify family origin, political, and religious beliefs.

Charm bracelets have gone through several trend waves from the ancient times up to the modern times. There are actually lots of types of charm bracelets around the world. It can be classified by the purpose, the design and style, and place of origin of the charm bracelets.According to the purpose, the charm bracelets can be classified into the following: wedding, memories, birthstone, sacraments, hobbies, and parenthood charm bracelets. Each of the aforesaid types of charm bracelets are typically made of a silver chain bracelet with charms symbolizing specific things in regards to its purpose.

There are a number of makes of charm Italian charm bracelets. However, there two makes that are very popular around the world. These are the Zoppini and Nomination charm bracelets. other popular ones include the line from Disney. These sports popular cartoon domestic characters such Mickey Mouse and the rest. One of the coolest things about charm bracelets is that the charms are usually interchangeable with different bracelets that come from different manufacturers.

The charm bracelets, such as Chamilia charm bracelets and Pandora bracelets and charms, are awesome gifts at any day and time of the year. Italian charm bracelets and charms are a lot more expensive. However, you will find other manufactured bracelets with other components, usually without the 18K gold. These a lot less expensive. The best tip here is to always ensure you do your due diligence by reading the small print and then deciding which charms are the best suited for you.

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