Thursday, December 15, 2005

Back to the Future

Ottodrome is no more.... the facility will once again be known as Capital City Speedway. And Arnie Malcolm has returned as promoter. A drivers' meeting took place last night. More to follow.

From the website:

Well, if the turnout is any indication for what lies ahead, then look out next season, as a unreal turnout of drivers, crews, advertisers and interested parties showed up for what is really a new beginning for this area's stock car crowd. The Carleton Room at the Talisman Travel Lodge was busting at the seams with not only lots of drivers, but a large amount of enthusiasm for the track that we all have come to know as Capital City Speedway. With only a couple of weeks behind them since taking over, The Malcolm Family who where all present, laid out what they hoped would be seen next year and for many years to come. Indicating that they where in this for the long haul, and there record shows that (25 years of operating Luskville Dragway, and still going). Spokesman Arnie Malcolm made it clear to everyone present that there was a lot of work ahead for all involved, but that anything and everything was possible if everyone works hard at making it happen. Malcolm made it clear that "late models" would play a large part in the rebuilding of the track, and the entertainment package that paying spectators demand to see. That a marriage of class's would take place in an effort to make sure that no one was left out of the new beginning. It was also decided that the track would concentrate its efforts in also trying to align its class's to fit in with what is happening at other speedways in the area. It has been made clear that some forms of Stock Car Racing have just gotten to expensive for the local racer to compete in (Cascar Super Series for example). This is not a new thing for Motorsports, as almost every form of racing has undergone some sort of evolution over the years in order to survive. Smaller class meetings will take place over the month of January in order to tighten up the class rules and problems that might come out of them. The late model meeting will take place at Kenyons Race Shop In Kemptville on January 4th. at 7:30 pm. where all late model drivers and potential drivers are invited as well as current Pro Truck Drivers....

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