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LANGHORNE, PA (December 10, 2005)

For those wanting to be successful in their efforts to secure marketing partners for their auto racing efforts, Ernie Saxton Communications, Inc., publisher of the monthly newsletter on sponsorship marketing titled Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing News, has come up with a special offer for their most popular sponsorship marketing kit.

"This is a package that can help a racer secure sponsorship. Racers should be working on securing serious sponsorship support for 2006 by now," said Ernie Saxton. "In fact if racers are just now getting starting on their sponsorship efforts and are looking for serious financial support they are running way behind."

The kit includes a video of a sponsorship seminar that Ernie Saxton presented recently. The two hour video covers much of the information that racers need to know in order to be successful in securing sponsorship/marketing partners.

In the video Saxton is also found answering many questions from seminar attendees. There is also a generic proposal that has been created by Saxton to give sponsorship seekers some idea of what a potential sponsor is looking for when a proposal is presented.

It is loaded with ideas that will help get the attention of potential sponsors. And there is a generic sponsorship marketing brochure included that can be used as a direct mail piece or as a handout.

WINNING SPONSORSHIPS, a great book on sponsorship marketing, written by Andrew Waite is also part of the kit as is a one year subscription to Saxton's Motorsports Sponsorship Marketing News. The monthly newsletter, now in its 22nd year of publication, has helped many with their sponsorship efforts and continues to provide tips, helps, contacts, latest sponsorship news and much more.

If purchased separately the package would cost more than $450. For a short time, at a time when race teams have completed their seasons and should anxious be started on the 2006 season plans and are looking to secure sponsorship support, the package is being offered at a very special price of $199.95 plus $15.00 for postage and handling.

More information may be found at The Ultimate Sponsorship Kit, a more in-depth package of sponsorship marketing materials along with telephone consultation, is also available and is described at the website.

An ESC, Inc. brochure of services and self help materials is available upon request. The sponsorship marketing kit may be ordered by telephoning Saxton at 215.752.7797 or 215.752.2392.

Email All major credit cards are accepted. Saxton is also available to present a sponsorship seminar for your speedway, organization or race team that can be used as a fund raiser.

Ernie Saxton Communications, Inc., located in Langhorne, PA, offers more than 35 years of motorsports marketing experience. Saxton offers a variety of marketing services for racer teams and event organizers seeking sponsorship and media relations.

His firm represents teams and events seeking sponsorship and works on a retainer and commission basis. Saxton also offers his expertise as a consultant to businesses looking to benefit from marketing through motorsports.

Media Contact: Ernie Saxton Communications, Inc.

Ernie or Marilyn Saxton 215.752.7797 or 215.752.2392


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