Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Arnie Malcolm, the new (and past) promoter of Capital City Speedway (formerly Ottodrome), sent us a link to the track's new website.

The site contains news and information regarding the Ottawa-area oval, including a note that 'Motor Mouth' Brian Goudge is returning as the announcer.

"ANOTHER PIECE TO THE PUZZLE, BRIAN GOUDGE WILL RETURN AS TRACK ANNOUNCER IN 2006: Well there doesn't seem to be a day that goes by that another piece to the puzzle doesn't fall into place, and another big piece did just that this past week. A person who for years was considered the voice of Capital City Speedway, Brian Goudge will return in 2006 as the track's official announcer. Brian worked as the announcer for many years, while Dave Booth ran the track and all through the time that Penny Bell was involved. Brian was not at the track for the last four years, but is very excited about coming back to the track he calls home. Brian who lives in Kanata, has kept busy announcing though as he is the track announcer at Brockville Speedway, a dirt track just outside Brockville, Ontario. He has also for the past 8-10 years been the official announcer for the Great American Race, which is owned by stock car icon Jack Roush. "Motor "Mouth which is his signature, spend most of his life as a school teacher, but is now retired or at least that's what he says, although you would never know that if you where to check his calendar. We believe that Brian will play an important role in helping us rebuild this famous Ottawa land mark, and yes I'm sure we will get a mention or two at Brockville Speedway every Saturday night, plus many other functions that Goudge is involved in. Our main goal right now is to get the word out, that Capital City Speedway is open for business and ready to rock and we believe that besides being a great announcer, Brian is also a great communicator and promoter of the sport of stock car racing. There is no question that right now everyone is looking forward to opening night 2006, and none more than the tracks "new" old" announcer."

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