Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Good news for the Tiemersma clan!

Not much to report on racing, Tony raced last weekend in the Limited Late Model at Flamboro Speedway. The biggest news of the week is that Tony and Kim Tiemersma welcomed the addition of a new baby boy to the family today (Oct 4th, 2005). Nathaniel (spelling) was born around 1pm this afternoon in Newmarket.

Derrick and Steve will be in action starting this Friday at Peterborough Speedway for Autumn Colors. The main features will start on Sunday afternoon, while qualifiing will be Saturday night. We do not expect the Limited Late Model to be there though with the birth of Kim and Tony's new baby boy.

I will keep everyone updated on news from Tiemersma Motorsports after thsi weekend.

Thank you

Mike Sutton
Crew Chief
Tiemersma Motorsports

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