Thursday, January 19, 2006

Raceline Radio Network: Newsletter

This week’s Raceline Radio Show officially signals our 14th “season” on the air, and proud to say we’re still Canada’s only nationally syndicated motor sport voice. 17 stations strong, with more growth around the bend.

14 years ago, while working on Raceline Motorsport TV, John Massingberd asked me what a motorsport magazine radio show would sound like if we produced one. I knew immediately. I had heard lots of local shows in the States. I thought too many of them were dull, slow and too colloquial. If we were going to handle major league motorsport, NASCAR, F-1, ChampCar, etc., I believed our show had to SOUND major league.

Alan Davis, program director at CJCL Radio Toronto liked the concept and the sport. More importantly, Alan agreed with our major league theory. In fact, he insisted that if Raceline Radio was going to work, it had to sound as big and pro as their Maple Leaf and Blue Jay broadcasts. We were on the same page.

Raceline Radio had to be fast-paced, like the sport. It had to be highly produced with good music, flow and pace, and it had to have the biggest stars as regular guests. Raceline Radio went on the air on CJCL shortly before it became The FAN. TV racing pioneer Ken Squier was our first guest, and never one to blow smoke, Ken said our concept was, “On the Nickel!” Over the 14 years, we’ve been fortunate enough to consistently win international broadcast awards against the best in North America. Our theory is sound.

Of course without our sponsors, affiliate stations, operators and fans who love this sport as much as we do, none of this would have fired up when we turned the key! It’s been a great ride, and we still have a full tank of gas!

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January 22, 2006: 2nd generation star Graham Rahal, Sean McIntosh and Patrick Carpentier on their new A-1 GP pairing, plus The Raceline E-Mail Bag.

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